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Alphabetical listing of booksellers/dealers who are known to have sold copies of our books. Arranged in one list of both individuals and firms (individuals listed in surname order).


Andrews, Richard George (fl. late 19th century)
Bookseller: 8 Red Lion Passage, London.


Arthur, Thomas (fl. 1856-1876)
Bookseller.4 5 Booksellers' Row, The Strand, London;  succeeded by William Ridler.

An-y.4; BD7-c.6; BD7-d.11; BD7-d.14BD7-d.19; BD7-e.1; BD7-e.2BD7-e.16; BD7-e.17; BD7-f.13 (item 1); BD7-f.13 (item 2); BD7-f.13 (item 3); BD7-f.13 (item 4); BD9-b.5BD9-c.7; BD9-d.5; BD9-d.12; BD9-d.14; BD9-e.6; Dp-e.4; T.C.L. f1T.C.L. f3; T.C.L. f9

Asher & Co.
Booksellers, Berlin & London

BD9-b.1; BD15-a.26; BD15-c.25; BD15-i.20


Baer, Joseph,  & Co.
Booksellers, Frankfurt


Barry, John (fl. 1778)
Bookseller, Glasgow

Bk7-e.11; Bn7-b.4

Bauermeister, Friedrich (fl. 1860-1917)
Bookseller, Glasgow 

RCPSG: Bookstore BAR

Bocca, Carlo (19th century)
Bookseller, Turin


Bocca, Charles -- see Bocca, Carlo 

Bohn, Henry George (1796-1884)
Bookseller, 17 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London


Bohn, John Henry (ca. 1757-1843)
Bookseller, London

BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BD9-e.2

Braidwood, James (fl. 1836-78)
Bookseller, 26 George Street, Edinburgh 

167515; 167516

Breslauer & Meyer
Booksellers, 134 Leipzigerstrasse, Berlin


Brown (fl. 1852)


Bumstead, George (fl. 1850s)
Bookseller, London



Chatto, Thomas -- see Pickering & Chatto

Claudin, Anatole (1833-1906)
Bookseller, Paris

Af-a.45Af-b.54; Al-b.54; An-y.1

Cohn, Albert (1827-1905)
Bookseller, Berlin



Darling, James (1797-1862)
Bookseller and bibliographer, London


Dessain, Jean-Baptiste (1730-1782)
Bookseller, Paris;  acted as William Hunter’s agent at the sales in Paris of the libraries of the Duc de la Vallière (1767) and of Louis Jean Gaignat (1769);  manuscript correspondence (“Dessain-Hunter correspondence”) relating to Dessain’s purchases for Hunter at these sales preserved in University of Glasgow Library (MS Gen. 36).

Be.1.4Be.1.6; Be.1.7; Be.1.11; Be.1.14; Be.2.3; Be.2.4Be.2.5; Be.2.6; Be.2.12; Be.2.14Be.2.15Be.2.16; Be.2.17; Be.3.5Be.3.6; Be.3.7, 8Be.3.9 (item 1) & Be.3.9 (item 2); Be.3.10; Be.3.12Be.3.14 (item 1); Be.3.14 (item 2); Be.3.16 (item 1); Be.3.16 (item 2); Be.3.16 (item 3); Be.3.18; Be.3.19Be.3.20; Be.3.22; Be.3.23 (item 1); Be.3.23 (item 2); Be.3.24; Be.3.26Bf.1.1; Bf.1.2; Bf.1.3Bf.1.4; Bf.1.5; Bf.1.6; Bf.1.9Bf.1.10; Bf.1.12; Bf.1.13Bf.1.15Bf.1.16; Bf.1.17; Bf.1.18Bf.2.4; Bf.2.5; Bf.2.6; Bf.2.7; Bf.2.8; Bf.2.11Bf.2.13; Bf.2.14; Bf.3.2Bf.3.11Bg.1.4; Bg.1.5; Bg.1.7; Bg.1.8Bg.1.9; Bg.1.10; Bg.1.11Bg.2.6; Bg.2.7Bg.2.8; Bg.2.9; Bg.2.10Bg.2.11; Bg.2.12; Bg.2.17, 18; Bg.2.19; Bg.2.20 (item 1); Bg.2.20 (item 2); Bg.2.20 (item 3); Bg.2.21; Bg.2.22; Bg.2.25; Bg.2.26; Bg.2.27Bg.3.22; Bh.2.4Bh.2.5; Bh.2.6; Bh.2.7, 8Bh.2.9Bh.2.11 (item 1); Bh.2.11 (item 2); Bh2.11 (item 3); Bh.2.11 (item 4); Bv.1.5 (2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); Bv.1.7Bv.1.9; Bv.1.10, 11Bw.1.7; Bw.1.8-9; Bw.1.10Bw.1.11Bw.2.7; Bw.2.8Bw.2.9; Bw.2.10; Bw.2.11; Bw.2.12; Bw.2.16; Bw.2.17; Bw.2.18; Bw.2.19; Bw.2.20; Bw.2.22; Bw.2.24Bw.3.15; Bw.3.16; Bw.3.17Bw.3.18; Bw.3.19; Bw.3.20; Bw.3.23Bw.3.26; Bw.3.27; Bx.1.5 (2 copies); Bx.1.6; Bx.1.7; Bx.1.8; Bx.1.9Bx.1.11Bx.1.12; Bx.2.3 (plus 2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); Bx.2.4; Bx.2.7; Bx.2.10; Bx.2.12; Bx.2.13; Bx.2.19; Bx.2.21; Bx.3.4; Bx.3.8; Bx.3.12 (item 1); Bx.3.12 (item 2); Bx.3.12 (item 3); Bx.3.13Bx.3.18Bx.3.20; Bx.3.25Bx.3.28Bx.3.29; Bx.3.30; Bx.3.31 (item 1); Bx.3.31 (item 2); Bx.3.31 (item 3); Bx.3.31 (item 4); Bx.3.31 (item 5); Bx.3.33; Bx.3.36; By.1.1By.1.3 (plus 2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); By.1.4; By.1.5; By.1.6; By.1.7By.1.9, 10; By.1.12, 13By.2.3; By.2.4; By.2.5; By.2.9 (2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); By.2.12; By.2.13; By.2.16; By.2.18; By.3.3By.3.7; By.3.9; By.3.10By.3.11 (item 1); By.3.11 (item 2); By.3.11 (item 3); By.3.11 (item 4); By.3.12; By.3.17By.3.24 (item 1) & By.3.24 (item 2); By.3.25; By.3.26 (item 1); By.3.26 (item 2); By.3.27By.3.34; By.3.36; Ds.2.5

Dorbon, Lucien (late 19th/early 20th century)
Bookseller, Paris



Edwards, Francis (19th Century)
Bookseller, London (firm founded 1855)


Edwards, James (1757-1816)
Bookseller and auctioneer, Halifax and London (see ODNB)


Ellis & Elvey
Booksellers, 29 New Bond Street, London

Ag-y.8; Ag-y.9; Al-a.71; An-y.30BD9-a.12


Faulder, Robert (1747-1815)
Bookseller, New Bond Street, London


Foulis, Robert (1707-1776) and Foulis, Andrew (1712-1775)
Printers and booksellers, Glasgow

Bh3-e.13 (item 1); Bh3-e.13 (item 2); Bh3-e.13 (item 3); Bh7-b.8Bh8-d.4Bh9-d.9 (item 1) & Bh9-d.9 (item 2); Bi2-b.4Bl9-g.15, 16Bl10-c.11Bl10-d.10


Gourlay, Robert (fl. 1839)
Bookseller and stationer, 85 Main Street, Anderston, Glasgow



Hodgson & Co.
Booksellers, London


Hopkins, Hugh (b. 1831)
Bookseller, Glasgow

Al-c.7; Al-c.9


Johnston, George Pyper (d. 1938)
Bibliographer and bookseller, 33 George Street, Edinburgh

Ag.y.21Ai-a.11; Mu50-e.33

Joseph Baer & Co. -- see Baer, Joseph,  & Co.


Kerslake, Thomas (1812-1891)
Bookseller, Bristol


Knight, Edward  (fl. 1857-1874)
Bookseller, 3 Union Street, Union Square, Islington, London (address cited in letter to William Euing dated 1866: MS Euing 32/5)

167504BD1-c.41; BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2); BD7-b.17BD7-c.2BD7-c.14BD7-d.7; BD7-d.8; BD7-d.10; BD7-d.15; BD7-d.23BD7-e.5BD7-e.7; BD7-e.8; BD7-e.9; BD7-f.18; BD9-a.1; BD9-d.15; BD9-e.10; BD9-e.19; BD12-a.11Df-b.28E.c.43E.c.44; E.c.63; T.C.L. 451


Laing, William (1764-1832)
Edinburgh bookseller

BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 6); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8)

Leclerc, Henri (fl. early 20th century)
Bookseller, Paris

Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.26 (item 3)

Lilly, Joseph (1804-1870)
Bookseller, 19 King St., Covent Garden, London

167502BD7-b.4; BD9-d.11; BD9-e.4; BD12-a.12

Los-Rios, Jean-François de -- see Los-Rios, François de

Los-Rios, François de (1727-1820)
Bookseller in Lyon



MacLehose, James J. (1857-1943)
Bookseller and publisher, Glasgow


Maggs Brothers Ltd.
Booksellers, London, established 1855


Maurice Ogle & Son -- see Ogle, Maurice, & Son

Molini, Peter (fl. 1770-1804?)
Bookseller, London (Molini was William Hunter's agent at the Brancas de Lauraguais sale, 1770 (and other sales); details of items secured and prices paid are contained in Molini’s bill to Hunter (Hunter Papers H214))

Be.1.10; Be.1.12 (item 1) & Be.1.12 (item 2); Be.2.8 (item 1); Be.2.8 (item 2); Be.3.11; Be.3.17 (2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); Bf.2.12; Bf.3.1 (?); Bf.3.9; Bf.3.15 (item 1); Bf.3.15 (item 2); Bf.3.19Bg.1.4 (2nd copy, no longer in Hunterian Library); Bh.2.12; Bw.3.30Bx.2.6Bx.2.11 (item 1); Bx.2.11 (item 2); Bx.2.11 (item 3); Bx.3.34; Bx.3.35; By.2.11; By.2.19; By.3.2By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.20 (item 2); By.3.22; By.3.28; By.3.30; By.3.35


Nattali and Bond (2nd half of 19th century)
Publishers and booksellers, Covent Garden, London


Nicol, George (1740?-1828)
Bookseller and publisher, London (see ODNB)


Nock, Samuel & Benjamin (mid 19th century)
Booksellers, 16, Bloomsbury Street, London

RCPSG: Bookstore BER


Ogle, Maurice, & Son (1832-1871)
Booksellers, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow

167502; 167505167509167530BD7-b.13BD7-d.21; BD9-d.1; BD9-d.13; BD12-a.7

Olschki, Leo Samuel (1861-1940)
Bookseller, Verona, Venice, Florence


Osborne, Thomas (d. 1767)
Bookseller (see ODNB)

Be.1.2, 3Be.1.5; Be.1.7; Be.1.14; Be.2.2Be.2.9; Be.2.11; Be.2.19; Be.2.20; Be.3.4Be.3.21; Be.3.25; Be.3.27; Bf.1.7, 8Bf.2.1; Bf.2.9; Bf.2.10Bf.2.15 (item 1); Bf.2.15 (item 2); Bf.2.15 (item 3); Bf.2.16 (probable); Bf.3.3; Bf.3.4; Bf.3.5; Bf.3.6, 7Bg.1.6; Bg.2.24Bv.1.1Bv.1.2; Bv.1.3; Bv.1.4; Bv.2.16Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.2.21Bv.2.24; Bw.1.2, 3Bw.1.6Bw.2.3; Bw.2.4; Bw.2.6; Bw.2.13; Bw.2.14, 15; Bw.3.1 (item 1); Bw.3.1 (item 2); Bx.2.9; Bx.2.16Bx.2.17; Bx.2.18; Bx.2.20; Bx.3.27(?); By.2.7; By.2.10; By.2.15; Cm.1.4Ds.2.6-7


Palmer, Ebenezer (19th century)
Bookseller, 18, Paternoster Row, London

BD15-g.18; Dp-e.6

Payne, Thomas, the Younger (1752-1831) 
Bookseller, London

Euing Add. f45

Pearson, John  (late 19th century)
Private bookseller, 38 Sussex Street, Pimlico, London


Petheram, John (1807-1858)
Antiquary, publisher and bookseller in London; see ODNB.

BD7-b.10; BD9-a.4; BD9-d.9 (item 1); BD9-d.9 (item 2); BD12-a.5Dq-c.11; T.C.L. f10, 11

Pickering & Chatto
Booksellers and publishers, London (firm founded in 1820 by William Pickering, continued by his son, Basil Montagu Pickering, and purchased by Thomas Chatto in 1878)

157519; 167520; 167521; 167522; 167523Af-y.33; Ah-y.8; Al-a.75Al-b.45An-y.17; BD7-c.3; BD7-f.12; BD9-a.5, 6BD9-c.1Mu50-e.33; T.C.L. e2

Piper, Edward (fl. 1843)



Quaritch, Bernard (1819-1899)
Bookseller, London

Ag-y.22Ah-a.25; Ah-a.29Ah-a.30; Ai-a.22 (item 1) & Ai-a.22 (item 2); Al-b.47; An-x.20An-y.14An-y.17; An-y.25; An-y.41Dq-b.10; E.1939.65.1430


Rappaport, Carl Ewald (firm founded 1906)
Bookseller, Rome


Reader, Arthur (active at end of 19th century)
Bookseller and publisher, London

Af-f.84 (tentative)

Ridler, William (fl. 1877-1904)
Bookseller, 45 Booksellers’ Row, The Strand, London;  previously assistant to Thomas Arthur, 45 Booksellers’ Row, the Strand, London, q.v.

Ag-y.10Al-a.23; An-y.41; Eg5-x.1; Mu16-d.43

Rosenthal, Jacques (1854-1937)
Bookseller, Munich

Ah-b.24Ai-a.27; Ai-a.28; An-y.10

Rosenthal, Ludwig (1840-1928)
Bookseller, 16 Hildegardstrasse, Munich



Salkeld, John (1827-1908)
Bookseller, London

BD7-c.13; Mu11-y.1; Mu11-y.2

Sams, Joseph (1784-1860)
Bookseller, Darlington & London; see ODNB.

BD9-b.11; BD9-c.5; Dp-b.3

Samuel, J. (fl. 1855-1866)
Bookseller, 41 Great Randolph Street, Camden, London (see William Henry Hodson, 'Hodson’s booksellers, publishers and stationers’ directory for London and country', London:  1855)

BD1-d.4; BD7-b.11

Sotheran, Henry Cecil (1861-1928)
Bookseller, London


Stark, John Mozley (fl. 1851-1888)
Bookseller, stationer, printer, and publisher, Hull & London

167514Ah-y.18BD7-b.6; BD7-b.14; BD7-c.1 (item 1) & BD7-c.1 (item 2); BD7-c.8; BD7-d.22; BD9-a.8; BD9-a.11; BD9-b.6; BD9-c.4; BD15-i.23; Dr-d.6Dt-d.14; T.C.L. 285

Stibbs, Edward (19th century)
Bookseller, London


Straker, William (fl. 1810-1854)
Bookseller, London

BD9-b.7; BD9-c.1; Dt-a.9T.C.L. e2

Stuart, Robert (1812-1848)
Bookseller, 159 Ingram Street, Glasgow

167506; 167507; 167508


Tait, Charles Bertram (1800-1852)
Bookseller and auctioneer, Edinburgh:  see 'Catalogue of the extensive and valuable private library ... of the late Mr. C.B. Tait ... which will be sold by auction, by Messrs. C.B. Tait & T. Nisbet ...' (Edinburgh:  1852).


Thorpe, Thomas (1791-1851)
Bookseller, London


Tregaskis, James (1850-1926)
Bookseller, London

Af-f.81; An-y.7; An-y.22; An-y.40

Triphook, Robert (1781/2-1868)
London bookseller



Unidentified bookseller


Unidentified English bookseller (19th century)


Unidentified German bookseller (early 19th century)


Upham & Beet
Booksellers, 46 New Bond St., London



Voynich, Wilfrid Michael (1865-1930)
Bookseller, London

Ah-b.23; Ah-e.80Al-c.8Al-c.10; An-c.39; An-y.2; An-y.3; An-y.19An-y.27; An-y.28An-y.36; An-y.37Mu27-e.5


Willis, George (1813-1895)
Bookseller, London

BD7-d.16; BD12-a.13, 14T.C.L. f4