Biblia latina.

Mainz: Peter Schoeffer, 23 Feb. 1472.
Fol.  Part I: [1-810 9-108 11-2210 2312 (-23/3 and 23/9) 24-258]. [242] leaves.  Part II: [1-1310 1412 15-2310 246 (24/5+χ1)]. [239] leaves.  Woodcut printer’s device in red.
ISTC ib00536000;  GW 4211;  Goff B536;  BMC I 28 (IC. 168);  Bod-inc B-246;  CIBN B-369;  BSB-Ink B-415.

Goff dates 24 Feb. from the colophon 'In vigilia Mathie'.

GIP number: B42
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bw.1.2, 3 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Printer's pin-holes visible.
Note: Divided into two volumes by Schoeffer’s device following the words Explicit psalteriuʒ on 25/8v (f. 242v).
Note: Stubs of leaves 23/3 and 23/9 of part I visible;  stub showing between 24/1 and 24/2 of part II.
Variant: Part I:  1/1r, line 2 (in red): “terū: de ...” as in GW, not “terū de ...” as in BMC.
Provenance: Edward Harley (1689-1741), Lord Harley;  from 1724 2nd Earl of Oxford:  see Binding.
Thomas Osborne (d. 1767), bookseller:  purchased all the Harleian printed books;  no. 1255 in Osborne’s Catalogus bibliothecae Harleianae, vol. 3 (London: 1744) and no. 1878 in his Catalogus bibliothecae Harleianae, vol. 5 (London: 1745)
Anonymous auction sale:  lot 987 in A catalogue of a scarce collection of books, in English, French and Italian, being part of a well known library (London: Baker & Leigh, 29 April [1771?]).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist:  purchased by Hunter at the above auction for £13.0.0 according to the annotated BL copy of the sale catalogue - shelfmark S.C.S. 12(2).
University of Glasgow:  Hunterian bequest 1807;  Hunterian Museum bookplates on front pastedowns, with former shelfmarks “Ad.3.10, 11”.
Binding: England, 18th-century gold-tooled red goatskin, bound for Lord Harley by Christopher Chapman.   On the covers of both volumes triple fillets form two concentric frames:  within the outer frame is a floral roll (Nixon, ‘Harleian bindings’, pl. 13), and within the inner frame is an ornamental roll (Nixon, ‘Harleian bindings’, pl. 14, Chapman roll 4).   All covers have a lozenge-shaped centre-piece, made up of several individual tools including Nixon, ‘Harleian bindings’, pl. 15, Chapman nos 5, 8, 14a, and 14b.   The head and foot of the spines are decorated with Chapman roll 2 (Nixon, ‘Harleian bindings’, pl. 14), and the spine compartments are decorated with several individual tools, none of which is illustrated in Nixon, ‘Harleian bindings’, pl. 15;  the edges and turn-ins are decorated with Chapman roll 2.   Marbled endpapers;  flyleaves have watermark of an armorial shield with two bendlets surmounted by a fleur-de-lys and countermark of the letters “I V”.   Size:  429 x 293 mm.
Leaf size: 413 x 277 mm.
Annotations: Evidence in both parts of early signatures on first recto of some quires; very occasional brief corrections of text in an early hand in part II; deleted (ownership?) inscription on 1/1r of part II.
Decoration: Part 1:  principal initials are supplied in red with reserved white;  smaller initials, chapter numbers, capital strokes supplied in red throughout;  running headings supplied in red.  Part II:  a large initial “I” is supplied in reddish purple with added floral decoration in white and green in the inner margin of 1/1r, and an eight-line initial “P” in col. 2 of the same page is supplied in reddish purple with added white tracery;  other principal initials in part II are supplied in red and deep green with reserved white, or in red alone with reserved white;  smaller initials, chapter numbers, capital strokes supplied in red throughout;  running headings supplied in red.
Imperfections: None. 

Decorated penwork initials in Biblia latina