Gotfridus Vorowiensis: Lumen animae.

Edited by Matthias Farinator.

[Strassburg:  Printer of the 1481 Legenda Aurea], 22 Mar. 1482.
Fol.   [1-38 410 5-168 176 18-338 3410].   [274] leaves (1/1, 34/10 blank).
ISTC ib00341700;  GW M16917;  Goff L396;  BMC I 97 (IB. 1257);  Bod-inc B-160;  BSB-Ink L-289.

Wrongly attributed to Berengarius de Landora.  According to Bod-inc the text is a ‘substantially altered recension of the ‘Lumen animae’ A (by Berengarius de Landora), compiled by Gottfried of Vorau in 1332’.  The text is also treated as anonymous (Goff) or found under the editor's name (BMC).

Two copies listed in Glasgow Incunabula Project;  copy 1 held by University of Glasgow Library and copy 2 held by the Mitchell Library

Copy 1

GIP number: G42
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD7-c.10 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Augustus Frederick (1773-1843), Duke of Sussex:  armorial bookplate on front pastedown with ink shelfmark “III.A.k.1” (superseding an earlier shelfmark scored out in ink);  lot 5509 in Bibliotheca Sussexiana. Catalogue of the ... library of ... the late Duke of Sussex. Part I ..., (1844);  sold for £0.10.0 according to the annotated copy of the sale catalogue in University of Glasgow Library (shelfmark BD17-e.15).
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  source unknown;  purchased by Euing 3 Nov. 1851 according to his acquisition note including price code in ink on front pastedown “3. 11. 51 ba/- Kin(?) Bl(?)”;  Euing’s early inventory number “26” in pencil on verso of front free endpaper and on Sussex bookplate.
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing in 1872 according to University Library bookplate on front pastedown.
Binding: 19th-century half calf, turquoise decorated paste paper-covered boards;  spine decoration in blind with gold-tooled title;  mottled khaki/green endpapers;  sprinkled red-edged leaves.   Size:  298 x 215 mm.
Leaf size: 289 x 204 mm.
Annotations: Occasional nota marks and manicules in black ink;  occasional underlining in black ink and also in red;  brief marginal note in an early hand on 6/7v (f. 49v);  at top margin of 1/2r in red ink in an early hand the numbers “10 . 20” underlined;  19th-century price in pencil “£1.1-” on verso of front free endpaper together with a reference to Panzer’s Annales.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaves 1/1 and 34/10.


Page of text from 'Lumen animae'. Sp Coll Euing BD7-c.10.


Copy 2

Accession number: 167514
Provenance: Wrocław/Breslau, Silesia, Augustinian Canons Regular:  inscription (18th-century) “Bibliothecae Canonicorum regulariu[m] Lateranensium S. Augustini Wratislaviae ad Divam Virginem in Arena inscriptus” on 1/2r;  printed label “Aus der Bibliothek der Augustiner Chorherrn zu Breslau” on inner front board.
John Mozley Stark (fl. 1851-1888), bookseller, stationer, printer, and publisher, Hull & London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Stark 22 Jan 1855 according to Euing’s pencil note with price code on inner front board “22 1 55 ai/- Stark”.
Stirling’s Public Library (now part of the Mitchell Library), Glasgow:  partially overlaid bookplate on inner front board inscribed “A Donation from Wm. Euing Esq”.
Binding: 16th-century blind-tooled calf over wooden boards;  front cover decorated with a double fillet to form two concentric rectangles, the inner rectangle further divided by a double fillet into numerous lozenges and triangles, the outer rectangle undecorated;  rear cover decorated with a double fillet to form two concentric rectangles, the inner rectangle divided from corner to corner by a double fillet to form four triangles, the outer rectangle undecorated;  spine undecorated;  19th-century paper label bearing number “9” affixed to top compartment of spine;  compartment below has a paper label (damaged) with title in ink;  evidence of two fore-edge clasps (both now lost);  parchment manuscript fragments visible as spine strengtheners;  without pastedowns and endpapers.   Size: 300 x 210 mm.
Leaf size: 288 x 206 mm.
Annotations: 16th-century marginal annotation in red ink on 19/6r (f. 150r);  evidence of early manuscript signatures;  16th/17th-century marginal annotations in German in brown ink in quires 3 and 5;  partially visible 18th-century(?) shelfmark “R.12 ...” in ink on inner front board (the rest obscured by bookplate);  19th-century price “31/6” in pencil on inner front board, together with the numbers “35606”, “5130” and “S12 ...” (the latter partially obscured by bookplate);  19th-century number “52” in pencil on 34/9v (f. 273v) and on inner rear board.
Decoration: Initials supplied throughout in red or in red and reserved white, frequently with marginal flourishes;  paragraph marks and capital strokes supplied throughout in red.
Imperfections: Wanting the first and final blank leaves.

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