Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus: Pharsalia.

Parma:  Deiphoebus de Oliveriis, 22 May 1483.
Fol.   a-n8 o6.   [110] leaves (a1 blank).
ISTC il00300000;  GW M18848;  Goff L300;  BMC VII 943 (IB. 30323);  Bod-inc L-157;  CIBN L-235.

GIP number: L35
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD9-d.11 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Carlo Bocca (19th century), bookseller, Turin:  bookseller’s ticket on front pastedown “Se vend chez Charles Bocca Libraire, rue neuve, N.o 5, Turin.”
Joseph Lilly (1804-1870), bookseller, 19 King St., Covent Garden, London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Lilly 10 Nov. 1863 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note with price on front pastedown “10 11 63 Lilly £2.12.6” and with his inventory number “No 1587” on a2r (a superseded Euing inventory number “89” appears on front pastedown and on a front flyleaf);  source confirmed in Euing’s acquisition inventory (University of Glasgow Library, MS Euing 49).
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing in 1872 according to one of two University Library bookplates on front pastedown.
Binding: 19th-century buff paper-covered boards, calf spine;  front and rear flyleaves have watermark of a fleur-de-lys with the initials “E D P M” below.   Size:  296 x 200 mm.
Leaf size: 287 x 192 mm.
Annotations: Extensive marginal and interlinear annotations in various humanist hands in books I, II, IV and V;  occasional manicules.
Decoration: Five-line initial “B” on a2r supplied in purple with blue and green infill and set on a square ground of dull gold edged with black, with floral decoration in red, green, purple and dull gold extending into the margin;  other initials supplied in red or in red with black pen-work embellishment.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf a1.


Decorated initial in Lucanus, Marcus Annaeus: Pharsalia