Biblia. [Latin]

[Basel:  Johann Amerbach], 1479.
Fol.   a-y10 A-T10 U12 X-Y10 1-810 9-108. [538] leaves (a1 blank).
ISTC ib00561000;  GW 4236;  Goff B561;  BMC III 745 (IB. 37256);  Bod-inc B-270;  CIBN B-394;  BSB-Ink B-433.

Without the Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum sometimes found with copies of this edition, which are in fact from the 1481 edition (Goff B571).

Quire Y omitted in the GW and Bod-inc collations.

GIP number: B51
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll  Euing Dq-c.11 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: 9/8v (f. 530v), col. 2, line 21, without “nūc” - cf. GW 4236 Anm.
Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloss (1787-1854), physician, Frankfurt:  book-label overlaid with University Library bookplate;  Kloss’s annotations on front pastedown “Editio prima bibliarum:  Fontibus ex Graecis” and his reference to Panzer;  lot 716 in Catalogue of the library of Dr. Kloss of Franckfort a.M. … (London:  Sotheby, 1835).
John Petheram (1807-1858), antiquary, publisher and bookseller in London:  sold book to William Euing – see below.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  acquired 1 Sept. 1847;  Euing’s acquisition date, price code and abbreviated name of his supplier in pencil on front pastedown “1-9-47 cb/ Peth”;  an early Euing inventory number “No. 2” and his shelfmark “VI.y.4” in pencil on front pastedown.
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: Switzerland, 16th-century blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards;  covers decorated with intersecting fillets to form three concentric rectangles, which are in turn decorated with floral rolls, and a roll with biblical(?) figures (all heavily worn);  heavily worn tooling in spine compartments;  remains of two brass clasps;  catch plates on front board;  faded early title in ink on front cover beginning ‘biblia ...’;  19th-century endpapers with the watermark ‘H. Oser. in Basel’.   Size: 315 × 215 mm.
Leaf size: 295 x 207 mm.
Annotations: Frequent 16th and 17th-century marginal annotations in Latin in several hands, mainly in brown ink but occasionally in dull red ink;  occasional underlining;  partially erased 19th-century pencil number “144” on front pastedown;  date in pencil on rear pastedown “7/5/[18]35” with price “2/2/-” and description “[Basileae J. de Amerbach] 1479 Ed. Prima Fontibus ex Graecis, with Marginal Notes” and a 19th-century pencil price code(?) “soo/-”;  19th-century pencil annotation “33/b” on 10/8v (f. 538v).
Decoration: Initials and paragraph marks supplied in red throughout;  initial capital letter of running headings stroked in red throughout.
Imperfections: Wanting y8-10, A1-3.

Manuscript annotations in Biblia latina