Bernardus Parmensis: Casus longi super quinque libros decretalium.

Edited by Antonius Corsettus.

Bologna:  Henricus de Harlem and Johannes Walbeck, 29 Nov. 1487.
Fol.  a10 b-g8.6 h-n6.8 o-p6 q8 r66 ſ8 s6 t8 v6 u6 x8 y6 z8668 A-C6.  [220] leaves (a1 blank).
ISTC ib00459000;  GW 4099;  Goff B459;  BMC VI 830 (IB. 28775);  CIBN B-331;  BSB-Ink B-345.

GIP number: B32
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Mu11-y.2 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Bifolium d3.6 misbound between d4.5.
Variant: a2r, col. 1, line 6:  “... coꝛſectū ...” as in GW and BMC, not “... corſutū ...” as in Pell 2196 and Hain 2934*;  C6r, line 6 of colophon:  “gloſatoꝛis” as in BMC, GW and Pell 2196, not “gladiatoris” as in Hain.
Provenance: Alfred John Horwood (1821-1881), barrister, of the Middle Temple:  inscription on front pastedown "Alfred J. Horwood Temple";  lot 1104 in Catalogue of the historical, legal and antiquarian library of the late Alfred John Horwood ... (London:  Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1883);  sold to J. Salkeld for £0.10.0 according to the BL annotated copy of the Horwood sale catalogue - shelfmark S.C.S. 854(2).
John Salkeld, bookseller, London (1827-1908):  see above.
David Murray (1842-1928), Glasgow lawyer, antiquary and bibliographer:  source unknown.  
University of Glasgow:  Murray library donation, 1927.
Binding: Scotland, ca. 1984, full russet goatskin by Ian Maver (restoration binder, Special Collections Department, University of Glasgow) replacing an unrecorded binding;  original front pastedown preserved and earlier red-edging of leaves retained.   Size:  308 x 213 mm.
Leaf size: 297 x 205 mm.
Annotations: Occasional 19th/20th-century marginal pencil annotations by David Murray;  possible 19th-century shelfmark in pencil on front pastedown “VIII.5”.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank a1.


Title incipit of Bernardus Parmensis: Casus longi super quinque libros decretalium