Augustinus, Aurelius: De civitate dei.

Commentary by Thomas Waleys and Nicolaus Trivet.

[Strassburg: Johann Mentelin, not after 1468]
Fol. [a-e10 f8 g-r10 s8 t-z10 A10 B-C8 D-K10 L8 M6]. [336] leaves, the last blank.
ISTC ia01239000; GW 2883; Goff A1239; BMC I 52 (IC. 513, 514); Bod-inc A-525; CIBN A-677; BSB-Ink A-853.

Text and commentary given separate entries in BMC.

GIP number: A114
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian By.1.1 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Bifolium [A5.6] (leaves [231] and [232]) misbound between [s4] and [s5] (leaves [172] and [173]).
Provenance: Galterius Illeuillensis/Gautier, of Illeville-sur-Montfort, Normandy (16th century), Deacon of Pont-Audemar, Normandy: inscription on [a1r] (leaf [1r]) “Galterius Illeuillensis pontisaudomaris Decan[us]”.
Goccelus(?), presbyter of Montfort-sur-Risle, Normandy (16th century): inscription on [C8v] (leaf [253v]) “Gocceli(?) p[res]b[yte]r[i] curatiui(?) de Montisfortin”; inscription (scored through) “Gocceli(?) [...]” on [a1r].
Johannes Marye (16th century): inscription on [u10v] (leaf [196v]) “Johannes Marye huius volum[inis] est possesor”.
Paris, Jesuits: inscription on [a1r] “Collegij Parisiensis Soc Jesu”; see also Binding; probably lot 569 “S. Augustinus de Civitate Dei, editio perantiqua sine Notâ loci, in-fol. C.M. cum Notis Mss” in 'Catalogue des livres de la bibliothèque des ci-devant soi-disans Jésuites de Collège de Clermont' (Paris: 1764); sold for 25 livres 1 sou according to the priced copy of the sale catalogue in University of Glasgow Library.
Louis Jean Gaignat (1697-1768), Secretary to King Louis XV: Gaignat sale, 1769; lot 238 in Guillaume de Bure, 'Bibliographie instructive: supplément ... ou catalogue des livres de feu M. L.J. Gaignat', 2 vols (Paris: 1769).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist: purchased by Hunter at the Gaignat sale through his agent, Jean-Baptiste Dessain, for 11 livres 19 sous; see 'Dessain-Hunter correspondence' (University of Glasgow Library, MS Gen. 36, f.24v).
University of Glasgow: Hunterian bequest, 1807; Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Ag.5.15”.
Binding: France, 18th-century calf; covers decorated with a triple gold fillet, a small gold fleuron at each corner: gold-tooled spine with the Jesuit stamp “IHS”, a small armorial stamp and cipher ΦΦ - the last two in recognition of Nicolas Fouquet (1615-1680), French minister of finance, who donated money to the Jesuit College in Paris for the purchase of books (see Olivier, pl. 1398, nos 3, 4, 5); red-edged leaves; front flyleaves have watermark of an inverted bunch of grapes with initials “G G” at the left - cf. Heawood 2202 for similar (but without the heart between the initials); rear flyleaves have watermark of a bunch of grapes within a double circle, with the name “COVBEIR” (or perhaps “GOVBEIR”) - cf. Heawood 2430-2432 for similar but with different lettering. Size: 402 x 304 mm.
Leaf size: 389 x 287 mm.
Annotations: Copious marginal annotations and corrections of text in a 15th/16th-century hand;  on o10v (leaf [138v]) is a manuscript copy, written in two columns in a 15th/16th-century hand, of the text of St. Augustine, 'Retractationes', 2, XLIII, XLIV; short bibliographical note by William Hunter referring to De Bure pasted in on front flyleaf; doodles and pen trials on [z8r] (leaf [224r]); foliated in a 15th/16th-century hand “fo pm”-“cclj”;  running book numbers and title in a 15th/16th-century hand;  price “Emptus 340ll” (17th century?) in ink on [a1r]; 18th-century shelfmark in ink “G70.2.” on front pastedown.
Decoration: On [a1r] a seven-line initial “G” is supplied in gold - the initial infilled with carmine with added white tracery and set on a rectangular blue ground, from which a floral border extends into portions of the inner and upper margins;  other principal initials supplied in a similar style;  smaller initials (often with manuscript guide-letters in brown ink visible) are supplied in alternate red and blue (the blue almost invariably washed-out);  chapter numbers supplied in red;  many of the marginal annotations are prefixed with a paragraph mark in red.
Imperfections: Wanting [C7] (leaf [251]) and gatherings [D]-[M] (leaves [253]-[336]).

Illuminated initial and provenance inscriptions in Augustinus, Aurelius: De civitate dei