Biblia. [Latin]

[Lyons]:  Mathias Huss, 1494.
Fol. a8 b6 c-z888 A-Y8 Z6 Aa6 aa6 bb-cc8.  [408] leaves.
Woodcut initials.
ISTC ib00596000;  GW 4273;  Goff B596;  Bod-inc B-304;  CIBN B-419.
The GW transcription does not distinguish r rotunda.

GIP number: B64
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Euing Dp-e.4 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Christopher Inkpen (16th century):  inscription in dull red ink on a1r “Liber Christopheri Inkepennj ['Inkepennj' lightly scored through] Teste worthingtono [...] Anno 1550(?)”.
Worthington (16th century) - see above.
Richard Garrion (fl. 1569):  inscription in black ink on a1r “Thys ys f[or] Rycharde garrion ys bocke a curate of suyer [possibly Swyre in Dorset?] In the yere of our lorde god 1569 be me Richarde garri[on]”.
Thomas Gradig/Gradyg (16th century):  signature on a1r “Thomas Gradyg”.
Robert Powell (17th century):  signature on cc2r “Robertus Powell”.
Thomas Arthur (fl. 1856-1876), bookseller, London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Arthur 15 Jan. 1872 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note and price code “15 1 72 Arthur ch/-” on a1r;  Euing’s inventory number “No 88” and shelfmark “V-a-9” on front pastedown (the inventory number repeated on a1r).
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: England, 17th-century calf;  covers decorated with a double blind-fillet border;  rebacked in 19th/20th century and given new endpapers (original spine covering and endpapers unrecorded);  red-edged leaves;  number “2” written on fore-edge.   Size:  268 x 202 mm.
Leaf size: 262 x 195 mm.
Annotations: Marginal annotations and underlining in faded red ink in the early books of the Old Testament, written in the same 16th-century hand that wrote the Inkpen ownership inscription on a1r;  in the same hand several Old Testament references written on the final blank page (cc8v) together with a quotation from Corinthians in a different hand;  other marginal annotations in black ink in a different 16th-century hand, mainly in the early books of the Old Testament, often giving English translations of Latin words;  a few monetary annotations (18th century?) in sterling on a1r;  19th-century price “£1.18.0” and price code “o/-”, both in pencil, on front pastedown.
Decoration: Seven-line initial “F” on a2r supplied in red and blue with reserved white;  other initials throughout supplied in red or in red and reserved white, except for a single initial in blue on a2r;  pen-and-ink drawings of caricature men on bb6r and cc1r.
Imperfections: None.

Title-page with ownership inscriptions in Biblia latina