Petrus Comestor: Historia scholastica.

[Augsburg:]  Günther Zainer, 1473.
Fol.   [16 2-910 106 11-2310].   [6], I-CCXIIII, [2] leaves, the last two blank.
Woodcut initials and border ornament.
ISTC ip00458000; GW M32161; Goff P458; BMC II 319 (IC. 5460); Bod-inc P-184; CIBN P-223; BSB-Ink P-301.

GIP number: P26
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD9-b.1 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: 20/6v (f. 188v), col. 2, penultimate line:  “... Priuſqum gallus || bis vocem dederit Ter me es negaturus” as in Bod-inc copy 2, not as in Bod-inc copy 1 “Poſtqum gall[us] bis || vocem dederit. Ter me es negaturus es”.
Note: In the blank space at the foot of col. 2 on 1/6r are blind impressions of type from part of col. 2 of 1/4v.
Provenance: H. B. (16th century):  ligature initials “H B” on 2/1r (f. 7r).
Johannes Cammerer (fl. 1536), of Aichen, Bavaria:  inscription on front pastedown “d[omi]n[u]s Iohannes Cam[m]erer capellan[us] in Aechen & consanguine[us] me[us] hoc volume[n] cum Moralib[us] sup[er] tota[m] Bibliam f[ratris] Nicolaj de Lira donadedit iiij feria 2.a p[ost] Reministere anno d[omi]nj 1536 [...]”.
Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Franciscans, S. Maria assumpta (founded 1275, dissolved 1802):  inscription in the top margin of 1/1r “Ad PP. Franciscano[rum] Ingolstadij Bibl[iothecam]” with shelfmark  “Cl 1 [...] 5 L12” written in the lower margin.
Munich, Royal Library (now Bayerische Staatsbibliothek):  duplicate - “Duplum” and “Inc. Typ. Nro 721” both in ink on front pastedown (the number “721” scored through and replaced with “2663” in red crayon);  “2663” repeated in pencil on rear pastedown.
Asher & Co., booksellers, Berlin & London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Asher 4 Dec. 1868 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note with price code on 1/1r “4 12 68 Asher cx/;  Euing’s pencil inventory number “No 3877” on 1/1r matching entry in Euing’s acquisitions inventory (University of Glasgow Library, MS Euing 49), together with his earlier inventory number “120”.
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing in 1872 according to one of two University Library bookplates on front pastedown.
Binding: Germany, 16th-century blind-tooled pigskin (worn) over wooden boards;  covers divided by fillets into four rectangles each with a wide border, and each rectangle divided by fillets into two, four, or six triangles - the rectangles and their borders further decorated with two different square stamps (of a griffin?) and a scroll stamp (lettering unread);  remains of two clasps;  evidence from nail holes at the outer corner of both boards of four now missing metal corner-pieces;  vestiges of a paper title label in top spine compartment;  title with shelfmark(?) written in ink on top edge of text block “V V Historia scolastica”;  paper pastedowns pasted over parchment manuscript originals (small sections of which are exposed on both boards);  evidence of parchment manuscript guard strips.   Size:  407 x 274 mm.
Leaf size: 391 x 270 mm.
Annotations: Occasional marginal annotations in a 16th-century;  very occasional marginal annotations and “nota” marks in red crayon in a later hand;  lengthy note on the author and his writings on front pastedown, written in the same hand that provided the Cammerer ownership inscription.
Decoration: Large woodcut initials coloured in red and yellow, smaller outline initials throughout coloured in red;  capital strokes and underlining throughout in red;  inscription by the rubricator(?) in red ink on 13/6r (f. 118r) “Martin[us] Knelling [...] In pennen Inco[r]porat hu[n]c libr[um]”.
Imperfections: Wanting the final two blank leaves.

Rubricator’s note in  Petrus Comestor: Historia scholastica