Biblia latina.

Venice:  Franciscus Renner, de Heilbronn and Nicolaus de Frankfordia, 1475.
Fol.  [1-810 9-1112 12-1810 19-2012 21-2810 29-3212 33-3510 3612 37-3910 4012 4110 4212 4310 (43/7+χ1)].  [455] leaves (1/1 blank).
ISTC ib00541000;  GW 4216;  Goff B541;  BMC V 193 (IB. 19845);  Bod-inc B-251;  CIBN B-377;  BSB-Ink B-419.

Two copies held by the University of Glasgow

Copy 1

GIP number: B43/1
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Euing Dp-b.3 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Stub showing between 43/3 and 43/4.  The final leaf of the Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum (43/11) is mounted and is smaller than the rest;  it does not have the supplied paragraph marks in alternate red and blue found in the rest of the Interpretationes (see Decoration) - suggesting that it may derive from a different copy.
Provenance: R. A. (16th century):  in the lower margin of 1/2r is an unidentified painted coat of arms:  bendy of six, or and sable (with tinctures appearing to have an overlay of reddish varnish), surmounted by a narrow, elongated flag(?) showing a blue cross on a red background;  the coat of arms is flanked by the initials “R” and “A” in grey which are placed on a circular blue background decorated with stars in grey and framed with a green laurel wreath.
Joseph Sams (1784-1860), bookseller, Darlington & London.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Sams 2 July 1849;  Euing's very faint pencil note with price code '2 7 49 acb/ Sams' on front pastedown;  an early Euing inventory number 'No 23' in pencil also on front pastedown;  Euing’s shelfmark “X.a.22” in pencil on a slip of paper attached to front pastedown.
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: 16th-century blind-tooled sheepskin over wooden boards;  both covers (worn and damaged) are decorated with fillets to form a centre panel surrounded by three mitred frames.  The centre panel has a reticulated design formed from repeated interlocking crescents, the first frame is undecorated, the middle frame is decorated with a single chain formed by repeated use of a separate quatrefoil tool;  the outer frame is undecorated.  Spine undecorated;  evidence from nail holes of two fore-edge clasps (both now lost);  middle leaves of each quire guarded with thin manuscript parchment strips;  front pastedown is a parchment leaf from a manuscript with ruled, rubricated text in two columns (Justinian, Digest, 43.24.13-16);  rear pastedown is from the same manuscript (Justinian, Digest, 44.7.52-61) and is heavily glossed;  15th/16th-century manuscript title ‘BIBLIA’ on upper and lower edges of text block.   Size: 302 × 207 mm.
Leaf size: 290 x 195 mm.
Annotations: Evidence of early manuscript signatures;  16th-century manuscript foliation from 1/2-43/10 “i”-“452” (13/8 i.e. f. 134 has been by-passed by the foliator);  early (ownership?) inscription scored through in upper margin of 1/2r.
Decoration: Fourteen-line initial “F” on 1/2r supplied in blue on a square gold ground edged with black, the body of the letter embellished with pink, green and blue floral decoration, which extends into the inner and upper margins, and the decoration of the inner margin also includes a green parrot;  in the lower margin of 1/2r is a painted coat of arms within a green laurel wreath (see Provenance above);  other initials throughout supplied in alternate red and blue;  the entries in the Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum are prefixed by paragraph marks supplied in alternate red and blue.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf 1/1.


Unidentified coat of arms in Biblia latina

Copy 2

GIP number: B43/2
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Euing Ds-e.14 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Frater Bernardus (15th/16th century):  hidden within red pen-work decoration on 1/2r is the inscription “AD VSVM FRATRIS BERNAR[DI]”.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  source unknown;  Euing’s shelfmark “V-a-13” in pencil on front pastedown together with an early Euing inventory number “No 23” (the latter repeated on verso of front free endpaper).
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: 18th-century calf, rebacked in 19th century and given new endpapers (no evidence preserved of earlier endpapers);  gold-tooled spine;  sprinkled red and brown-edged leaves.   Size:  267 x 197 mm.
Leaf size: 256 x 185 mm.
Annotations: Manicule on 12/1r (f. 117r);  partially erased annotation on 40/2r (f. 412r).
Decoration: On 1/2r a fourteen-line initial ‘F’ is supplied in heavily washed-out blue and set on a square ground of red pen-work decoration, which extends into the margins;  other initials supplied in red or heavily washed-out blue;  occasional paragraph marks in red or washed-out blue.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf 1/1 and the final leaf.

Ownership inscription in Biblia latina