Berchorius, Petrus: Repertorium morale.

Edited by Johannes Beckenhaub.

[Nuremberg]: Anton Koberger, '4 Feb.' 1499.
Fol. Part I: a-z8 aa-kk8. [3], I-CCLX, [1] leaves, the last blank. Part II: A-Z8 Aa-Rr8. [2], Foliū I-CCCXVII, [1] leaves, the last blank. Part III: AA-ZZ8 aA-iI8. [2], I-CCLIIII leaves.
ISTC ib00341000; Goff B341; BMC II 445 (IB. 7553); GW 3867.
The date 4 February in the colophon is suspected by BMC and GW since it also occurs in the preceding edition of 1489.
BMC title: Dictionarius.

Accession number: 167504
Note: Bound in three volumes.
Provenance: Oudenaarde, Flanders, Jesuits: inscription on a1r (title-page) of part I “Collegii Soc[ieta]tis Jesu Aldenardae”.
Edward Knight (fl. 1857-1874), bookseller, Islington, London: sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow: purchased from Knight 21/22 Nov. 1856 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note with price on a1r of part I “21/22-11-56 3 Vols 36/- Knight”.
Stirling’s Public Library (now part of the Mitchell Library), Glasgow: bookplate inscribed “A Donation from Wm. Euing Esq”.
Binding: 16th-century blind-tooled calf over bevelled wooden boards; covers of the three volumes uniformly decorated with quadruple fillets to form three concentric rectangles. The inner rectangle is divided by quadruple fillets into lozenge and triangular-shaped compartments and each compartment is decorated with a separate stamp including a roundel containing a paschal lamb, a roundel containing a stag at speed, a roundel containing a fleur-de-lys, a diamond-shaped flower head, a six-pointed star, and a small five-petalled rosette; the middle rectangle is decorated with a stamp of a floral spray repeated, with a circular flower head at each corner; the outer rectangle is undecorated. Spines undecorated (spine covering of vol. II is lost); remains of two engraved brass clasps on each volume with catch plates on front board; rectangular paper labels on spines of vols I and III bearing printed numbers “35” and “37” respectively. Size: 360 x 243 mm.
Leaf size: 338 x 234 mm.
Annotations: Slip of paper tipped-onto front pastedown of part I signed “J.B.S” referring to Maittaire’s 'Annalium typographicorum supplementum'; brief note in the same hand on the author and text tipped-onto a1r of part I. Front pastedown of part I has 19th-century numbers “2205” and “605” in ink and “S121” in pencil.
Decoration: Opening initial of each letter of the alphabet supplied in red; other initials elsewhere in the Dictionary supplied in red where the printer has provided only guide-letters.
Imperfections: Wanting the final blank leaves of parts I and II.

Berchorius, Petrus: Repertorium morale: Ownership inscription