Molitoris, Ulricus: De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribus.

[Strassburg:  Johann Prüss, not before 10 Jan. 1489]
4to.   a-b8 c-d6.   [28] leaves (d6 blank).
ISTC im00794000;  GW M25188;  Goff M794;  BMC I 126 (IA. 1723);  Bod-inc M-301;  BSB-Ink M-551.

Date taken from ISTC, Bod-inc and Sack (Freiburg) 2493.  The text is dated 10 Jan. 1489.  BMC dates [ca. 1488-93].

GIP number: M50
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Ferguson An-y.35 (see main library entry for this item)
Bound with: Originally part of an early 16th-century Sammelband, of which the first item Libellus de modo poenitendi et confitendi, Deventer:  Pafraet, 11 June 1491 (ISTC im00769000) is now in the Kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen.  The Libellus bears the signature of Conradus Wubberdingk with the date 1512 and is foliated in manuscript “1”-“21”, and on the verso of its title-page Wubberdingk has listed the contents of the entire volume (eleven tracts in all) and has included in his listing references to his foliation of the individual items.  Using this evidence (kindly supplied by Susanne Budde of the Kongelige Bibliotek), the present locations of four more items from the same Sammelband have now been identified, all signed by Wubberdingk and with his date 1512:  (1) the British Library’s copy of Cordiale quattuor novissimorum, Deventer: Pafraet, 16 Dec. 1494 (ISTC ic00899000), with manuscript foliation “52”-“105”;  (2) Cambridge University Library’s copy of Dialogus inter clericum et militem, Cologne:  Quentell, [ca. 1493] (ISTC id00155000), with manuscript foliation "142"-"150";  (3) University of Glasgow Library’s copy of Stella clericorum, [Cologne:  Heinrich Quentell, between 1489-93] (S54ISTC is00770700), with manuscript foliation “195” to “204”;  (4) University of Glasgow Library’s copy of Ulricus Molitor, De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribus [Strassburg:  Prüss, not before 10 Jan. 1489] (ISTC im00794000), with manuscript foliation “205” to “232”.
Provenance: Conradus Wubberdingk, of Rinteln, Lower Saxony (fl. 1512):  inscription on d5v “Conradus Wubberdingk de Rynnttllenn 1512”;  with Wubberdingk’s manuscript foliation “205” to “232".
Johann Edmund Blumenberg (1769-1831), Professor at Hildesheim:  inscription on a1r “Edm. Blumenberg” (lightly scored through).
Breslauer & Meyer, booksellers, 134 Leipzigerstrasse, Berlin:  sold book to John Ferguson.
John Ferguson (1837-1916), Professor of Chemistry, University of Glasgow:  Ferguson’s acquisition note in pencil on inner front cover “John Ferguson 2 Nov 1905” together with his bibliographical notes;  on inner rear cover Ferguson’s note of his supplier “Breslauer Berlin”.
University of Glasgow:  Ferguson collection purchase, 1921.
Binding: Germany, 18th/19th-century decorated paper covers with floral design;  spine strengthened with blue paper;  circular paper label on front cover with the ink number “525”;  housed in a modern brown buckram case.   Size:  207 x 143 mm.
Leaf size: 206 x 140 mm.
Annotations: Foliated "205" to "232" by Wubbderdingk - see Provenance;  on inner front cover the ink number “699” scored through and replaced by “695”;  ink inscription “liber rarissimus vid. Bauer  Cat.” and an unread signature(?);  at head of a1r  “Ulricus Molitoris + circa 1492” written in ink.
Decoration: The seven full-page woodcuts are coloured by hand in red, dark brown and pale yellow (except for that on a7r which is coloured in red and yellow only);  printed initial “D” on a1r decorated in red;  initial “E” on a2r supplied in red and black;  capital strokes, paragraph marks and underlining supplied in red throughout.
Imperfections: None.

Hand-coloured woodcut illustration in Molitoris, Ulricus: De lamiis et phitonicis mulieribus