Ficinus, Marsilius: De vita libri tres (De triplici vita); Apologia; Quod necessaria sit ad vitam securitas et tranquillitas animi.

Add:  Poem by Amerigus Corsinus.

Florence:  Antonio di Bartolommeo Miscomini [for Philippus Valor], 3 Dec. 1489.
Fol. π2 a-d8 e6 f-k8 l6 m4.  [90] leaves.
Woodcut printer’s device.
ISTC if00158000;  GW 9882;  Goff F158;  BMC VI 639 (IB. 27180);  Bod-inc F-050;  CIBN F-74;  BSB-Ink F-116.
Note: BSB-Ink adds Philippus Valor as publisher.

GIP number: F9
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD9-d.12 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: π1r:  first two lines of the heading are printed in upper case as in BMC and GW, not as in Polain(B) 1480 and Pell 4799.
Provenance: Thomas Arthur (fl. 1856-1876), bookseller, London:  sold book to William Euing.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  purchased from Arthur 8 June 1869 according to Euing’s pencil acquisition note with price code on π1r “8 6 69 Arthur ad/-” together with Euing’s inventory number “No 4194”;  source confirmed in Euing’s acquisitions inventory (University of Glasgow Library, MS Euing 49).
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing in 1872 according to one of two University Library bookplates on front pastedown.
Binding: 18th/19th-century brown sheep, undecorated.  Size:  291 x 205 mm.
Leaf size: 279 x 196 mm.
Annotations: Leaves from a1 onwards foliated in ink “1” - “88” in an 18th-century(?) hand;  early 19th-century shelfmark(?) “C.8.” in ink and price £24 (i.e. lire) on rear pastedown;  19th-century price in pencil “14/-” on front pastedown and a price code “a/e”;  pencil number “7” also on front pastedown;  extract from an unidentified 19th-century English bookseller’s catalogue (item 1009 captioned “This esteemed work ...” and with price excluded) pasted onto front pastedown.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: None.


Colophon and printer’s device in Ficinus, Marsilius: De vita libri tres (De triplici vita)