Incunabula: woodcuts index

This index includes books with illustrations (woodcuts and metalcuts), substantial woodcut borders and woodcut initials. Printer's devices are also noted. Please note that those books that contain only minor ornamentation are not documented here.

See those books with:

Woodcut illustrations 

Printed in colour

BD7-f.13 (item 1); Bf.2.18 (genealogical table); Bx.3.41 (some partly printed in colour)

Coloured/embellished by hand

167528 (some washed in yellow, green or dull pink); 167529 (many coloured in dull red, green and yellow); 895900 (hand coloured throughout); Ag-x.13 (12 of 20 woodcuts coloured); Ag-y.9 (a few cuts are sparsely coloured);  An-y.35; BC33-d.11 (several cuts hand-coloured); BC33-e.21 (cut on c5v crudely coloured in red); BD1-g.4 (red pen-and-ink decoration added to several woodcuts); BD7-f.13 (item 2: some woodcuts coloured by hand); BD9-b.2 (some woodcuts hand-coloured); BD9-c.5 (water-colour decoration in red, yellow, green and brown); BD9-d.18 (several woodcuts partially coloured by hand); BE6-c.3 (zodiac symbols added in ink); Bg.2.27Bk5-g.13 (item 1: brown pen-and-ink decoration added to one diagram); Bm9-d.11 (woodcuts hand-coloured in pink, green, yellow and red); Bv.2.18 (one woodcut coloured); Bw.3.5; Bx.3.19 (item 3: some of the woodcut faces of the sun/moon washed in shades of grey); By.1.12, 13 (including genealogical tables: painted by hand in several colours); Cm.1.3 (some woodcuts washed in pale yellow, a few in yellow, red and green); Ds.2.3 (woodcuts hand-coloured in dark red, dark green, pale blue, buff, grey, beige and reddish purple); Dw-g.16 (some woodcuts partially decorated with yellow washes); Eg7-c.10 (partially washed in yellow); Euing Add. f52 (woodcuts throughout are painted in several vibrant colours); E.x.52 (faintly printed lines of a few woodcut diagrams filled-in by pen and ink); S.M. 104; S.M. 645 (partially coloured and some enclosed within a compass-drawn brown ink circle); S.M. 1985 (a few woodcuts lightly decorated with red pen-work); T.C.L. f5 (occasionally decorated in red)


4.1 Bible160419163761; 167507 (diagrams); 167508; 167518Af-a.45Af-y.33; Ag-y.22; Ah-b.25 & Ah-b.26Ah-e.80 & Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ai-a.17Ai-a.26 (item 2); Al-c.8; An-x.20An-y.13An-y.14An-y.21; An-y.31An-y.33; An-y.34; An-y.39; BC2-f.6; BC32-g.13; BC33-d.14; BC33-e.21; BD1-c.41BD2-f.20 (item 2); BD7-b.11; BD7-c.12BD7-d.7BD7-e.9; BD7-e.16BD7-e.32; BD7-f.13 (item 3); BD9-e.12 & BE6-c.3BD9-e.19; BD12-a.13, 14Be.1.10Be.3.14 (item 1); Bf.3.6, 7 (diagrams); Bf.3.17; Bg.1.1Bg.2.26; Bg.2.31; Bh.1.17 (item 1); Bh.2.14Bh3-e.13 (item 2); Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428 (diagrams); Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10; Bh8-e.1; Bi7-h.21; Bk5-g.22 (item 3); Bk7-e.11 (diagrams); Bl5-e.2Bl1-d.11; Bl9-g.25; Bm4-e.2; Bn6-d.12 (item 1); Bo1-d.1, Bo1-d.3Bo1-d.4; Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1 SchedelBv.2.1 & Bv.2.12Bv.2.7Bv.2.13Bv.2.17; Bv.2.24; Bv.2.30Bv.3.4; Bw.3.4 & BC18-a.2; Bw.3.9 & BD16-e.4; Bx.1.1-4Bx.3.6Bx.3.38; Bx.3.41 bisBx.3.48By.2.12; By.3.1; Dq-b.10; Ds.2.2; Ds.2.4 (printed using rubbing process); E.1939.65.2549Ea7-x.8 (item 1); E.c.38E.c.43E.c.44; E.c.63; Eg5-a.16 (item 1); Eg7-b.3; Eg7-y.15E.x.52; E.x.58; E.x.59K.T. f1 (item 2); Mu6-x.16; Mu11-y.1; Mu36-a.12Mu48-b.2; Mu48-b.3Mu48-b.4 & Eg6-d.8 (item 2) & Bk5-g.13 (item 3); R.3.4 & By.2.21R.6.16; RF 1183S.M. 105; S.M. 220S.M. 1435 & BD7-f.18S.M. 1947; S.M. 1959; S.M. 1986S.M. 1987; T.C.L. f1


Woodcut music

BD9-b.2; E.c.43E.c.44; E.c.63; ; E.x.59

Woodcut border (usually on title-page/opening page of text)

Printed in colour

Bh.1.4; Bw.2.14

Coloured by hand

BD9-a.12; BD9-c.5 (water-colour decoration in red, yellow, green and brown); BD9-d.10; Bv.1.9; Bw.3.4 (pen-and-ink heraldic additions made to the blank shield); By.3.40 (partially washed in green and brown); T.C.L. f65


167526Bc.2.1BC18-a.2; BD7-d.16; BD7-f.13 (item 1); Be.3.9 (item 1); Bf.2.7; Bh.1.24; Bh.2.3; Bh.3.21Bh8-e.1; Bh20-a.13 & Bh.2.15; Bw.2.15; ; Da-a.13, 14E.x.59; Mu36-a.12

Woodcut initials

Printed in colour

BD9-c.1 (one initial); BD12-a.8 & Bw.1.11; Bh.1.4Bn6-h.4; Bx.3.2

Coloured/decorated by hand

167526 (decorated in red); Ai-a.17An-y.21; An-y.31 (decorated with red pen-work); An-y.35; BC33-d.11 (some cuts hand-coloured); BD9-a.12; BD9-b.1 (in red and yellow); BD9-c.1 (crude pen-work added); BD9-c.5 (water-colour decoration in red, yellow, green and brown); BD9-d.10Be.2.9Be.3.9 (item 1: woodcut outline initials painted in red); Bf.2.14; Bh.2.4 (outline of the seven-line woodcut initial “Ο” highlighted in dull gold); Bh.2.5 (seven-line woodcut initial “Ε” is decorated in dull gold and deep blue, and several letters in the text are highlighted in deep blue); Bh.2.7, 8 (six-line woodcut initial Π is decorated in deep blue and dull gold); Bk5-g.22 (item 2); Bk5-g.22 (item 3); Bl9-g.25; Bv.1.9 (some initials coloured by hand); Bv.2.10 (some initials very lightly washed in red); Bw.2.14, 15; By.3.5 (one initial partially washed in faded red); By.3.40 (partially washed in green and brown); Dw-g.16 (some woodcuts partially decorated with yellow washes); S.M. 104; S.M. 1985 (one initial lightly decorated with red pen-work); T.C.L. f65


160421167506; 167507; 167508167519; 167520; 167523Af-f.81; Af-g.54; Ag-f.18; Ag-y.22; Ah-b.24Ah-e.80 & Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ak-a.14Ak-x.38; Al-c.10; An-x.20An-y.2 & An-y.7; An-y.3; An-y.14An-y.26; An-y.39; Bc.2.1; BC2-f.6BC2-x.15BC7-y.11 (item 4); BC15-e.1BC28-f.7; BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BD7-b.11; BD7-c.12; BD7-d.16; BD7-d.19; BD7-e.3BD7-e.5; BD7-e.7BD7-e.9BD7-e.16; BD7-e.32; BD7-f.13 (item 1); BD7-f.13 (item 2); BD7-f.13 (item 3); BD7-f.16; BD9-d.18; ; BD15-c.25; Bf.1.14 (pasted in); Bf.2.17Bg.2.27 (probably stamped in); Bh.1.24; Bh.2.3; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13Bh.2.14Bh.2.21; Bh.3.21Bh3-e.13 (item 2); Bh9-d.9 (item 2); Bh10-d.9Bh10-d.10; Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10Bh20-a.13 & Bh.2.15; Bl7-e.1Bl9-g.25Bm1-d.3; Bm6-d.12; Bn6-h.4; Bn8-d.2Bv.2.7Bv.2.13; Bv.2.14Bv.2.18; Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.2.30Bv.3.14; Bw.3.8 (item 2); Bw.3.9 & BD16-e.4Bx.3.3; Bx.3.6; Bx.3.9Bx.3.15; Bx.3.27 & Ak-a.27Bx.3.33; Bx.3.38; Bx.3.41Bx.3.42 & RCPSG: Bookstore BER; Bx.3.46 (item 1); Bx.3.48; ; By.2.18; By.3.1; By.3.5; By.3.13By.3.14; Cm.1.1 (item 2); Cn.1.2; Da-a.13, 14 (including one historiated); Dp-e.4; Ds.2.2; Dw-e.18; Ea7-x.8 (item 1); Ea7-x.8 (item 2); E.c.43; Eg5-a.16 (item 1); Eg7-b.6E.x.59; Mu6-x.16; Mu36-a.12Mu50-e.33; Mu51-b.16; R.3.4 & By.2.21RB 3058; S.M. 105; S.M. 645S.M. 1435 & BD7-f.18; S.M. 1947; S.M. 1986T.C.L. 389; W.2.11 (item 1); X.2.15

Woodcut volvelles/instruments

(item 1)

Woodcut typographical signs

Bl1-d.11 (nota marks, suns and moons)

Woodcut head/tail-pieces

BC4-c.22 (item 1); Bh.2.4 & Bh10-d.9Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13

Woodcut maps

895900 (hand-coloured); Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1 SchedelBy.1.12, 13 (painted in several colours)

Metalcut illustrations



167509 (before cantos 1-3)

Printers' devices

Printed in colour

167510; 167513BD7-d.10 & Be.3.22 & Bw.2.2BD7-d.21 & Bx.2.3; BD9-a.11; BD12-a.5BD12-a.8 & Bw.1.11; Bf.1.2; Bf.1.3Bf.2.5Bg.1.5; Bg.1.7; Bg.2.11Bh.1.24; Bi7-a.2; Bv.1.7; Bv.1.8Bw.1.2, 3Bw.1.6Bw.3.5; Bw.3.14; Bx.1.7; Bx.1.9Bx.3.34; Bx.3.35Bx.3.41 bis; By.1. 4 & T.C.L. e2; Cm.1.1 (item 1); Dn-b.7, 8 & Bv.1.10, 11Eg5-x.1; Eg6-b.20Eg7-b.16

Coloured/decorated by hand

Af-f.84 (partially coloured in yellow); Ag-y.9 (arms, lightly sketched in ink added to blank shield); Ag-y.22 (crudely decorated in brown ink); An-y.22 (red); BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 5: washed in light brown); BD7-b.5 (embellished in red); BD7-f.17; BD9-b.9 (crown in red ink set above device); Eg8-c.21 (capital strokes in red)


167507; 167508167512; 251612Ah-x.12; Ai-a.17Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.27Al-a.6 & Al-c.9; Al-b.45; An-y.3; An-y.14; An-y.15An-y.16; BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BC7-y.11 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 8); BC33-d.14BD1-c.28BD1-g.4BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2); BD7-b.7; BD7-c.5; BD7-c.12BD7-d.1; BD7-d.19BD7-e.9; BD7-f.10BD7-f.16; BD9-b.5BD9-c.1; BD9-d.12; Be.1.8, BD9-b.11 & Bl10-c.11; Be.2.20; Bf.3.17Bg.1.13 (item 1); Bg.3.1; Bg.3.16; Bg.3.17; Bg.3.18; Bh.1.4; Bh.3.24Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428; Bh8-e.1; Bi6-l.14; Bk7-e.11Bm1-d.3; Bm6-d.12; Bv.2.2 & BD7-b.10; Bv.2.1 & Bv.2.12Bv.2.7Bv.2.13Bv.2.18; Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.3.4Bv.3.14; Bw.3.4 & BC18-a.2; Bw.3.9 & BD16-e.4; Bw.3.34; Bx.1.1-4Bx.1.12 (engraved metal - gravure criblée); Bx.3.9Bx.3.15; Bx.2.21; By.3.5; By.3.8; By.3.37; Cm.1.1 (item 2); Cm.1.3 & 167528Dk.2.8 (item 1); Dq-b.10; Dr.2.11 (item 1); Dw-g.16; Ea7-x.8 (item 1); Ea7-x.8 (item 2); Eg5-a.16 (item 1); Eg5-a.16 (item 2); Eg6-d.8 (item 1) & Bk5-g.13 (item 1)Eg7-a.13; Eg7-c.1Eg7-y.15; Eg8-a.9; Euing Add. q27E.x.52; Mu6-x.16; R.3.4 & By.2.21RB 3058; RCPSG: Bookstore BERS.M. 105; S.M. 1985; ; Sp Coll f235; T.C.L. 389; T.C.L. f3; W.2.11 (item 1); X.2.15


Names of identified artists responsible for woodcuts:

Dürer, Albrecht (1471-1528): 895900Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1 SchedelBw.3.9 (Some attributed to)
The Master of Heintz Narr: BD1-g.4
The "Meister der Bergmannschen Offizin": Bw.3.9 (Some attributed to)
Pasti, Matteo de' (ca. 1420-ca. 1467): Be.1.12Pleydenwurff, Wilhelm (d. 1494): 895900Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1 Schedel
Wolgemut, Michael (1434-1519): 895900Bv.1.12, BD9-a.2, 32275 & 4.1. Schedel