Mons: Pro monte pietatis consilia.

[Venice:  Johannes Tacuinus, de Tridino, between 1494 and 7 Apr. 1498]
4to.   a-e8 f6.   [46] leaves.
Woodcut initials.
ISTC im00810300; GW M25332; Goff M852; BMC V 532 (IA. 24080); CIBN A-403; BSB-Ink P-778.

Dated between 1494 and 7 Apr. 1498 in CIBN (A-403);  dated ca. 1498 in Goff, BSB-Ink and Sack(Freiburg),  dated after 8 May 1492 by Polain.

Entered by CIBN (A-403) under Johannes Annius.

Contents:  Johannes Annius:  Quaestiones super mutuo Iudaico.   Dominicus de Imola:  De monte quem de pietate vocant.   Gratianus Brixiensis:  De mutui datione.   Baptista Mantuanus:  Epistola ad Petrum Senensem.   Gometius Ulissiponensis:  Quaestio an licita sit institutio montis pietatis.   Baglionus de Monte Ubiano:  Consilium doctorum Perusiae super montem pietatis.   Consilium collegii Paduani pro monte pietatis Paduae.   Johannes Baptista de Rosellis:  Consilium.   Johannes Campegius: Consilium.   Innocentius VIII:  Bulla "Ad sacram Petri sedem" (on Mons pietatis at Mantua, 29 Nov. 1486);  Breve "Fideli ratione" (to Bernardinus Feltrensis on Mons pietatis at Mantua, 7 Dec. 1486).

GIP number: P92
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BC15-e.1 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Sir William Hamilton (1788-1856), Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh:  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Hamilton collection donation, 1878.
Binding: Italy, 18th-century parchment;  gilt leather title label on spine;  yellow-edged leaves.   Size:  210 x 151 mm.
Leaf size: 205 x 147 mm.
Annotations: Frequent early marginal annotations in Latin in an early hand (most cropped by binder);  frequent “nota” marks and manicules;  occasional underlining;  deleted early ownership inscription on a1r ;  probable ownership inscription torn from top outer corner of front flyleaf;  number “10128” in ink on front pastedown;  number “5938.P” and 19th-century price “2s. 6d” on front free endpaper;  19th-century pencil price “2/6d” on front flyleaf.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: None.


Page of text from Mons. Pro monte pietatis consilia, Sp Coll BC15-e.1.