Hieronymus, S.: Epistolae [Italian]. Vita, epistole de sancto Hieronymo vulgare. 

Add:  Lupus de Oliveto (Olmeto):  Regula monachorum ex Epistolis S. Hieronymi excerpta [Italian].   De la observatione del culto de la vera religione (translated by Mattheo da Ferrara).

Ferrara:  Laurentius de Rubeis, de Valentia, 12 Oct. 1497.
Fol.   π4 a10 b-i8 K8 l-m8 n-o6 p-r8 ſ-x6.8 y-z6 &666 A-N6.  [6], III-CCLXIX, [1] leaves.
Woodcuts and woodcut initials.
ISTC ih00178000;  GW 12437;  Goff H178;  BMC VI 614 (IB. 25759);  Bod-inc H-093;  CIBN H-109;  BSB-Ink H-257.

The Regula monachorum is elsewhere found as an anonymous work entitled Aureola ex floribus S. Hieronymi contexta (B. Lambert, Bibliotheca Hieronymiana manuscripta, IIIb (Steenbrugis, 1970) no. 552). 

GIP number: H21
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll S.M. 1947 (see main library entry for this item)
Variants: On a1v, in place of the woodcut of Saint Jerome present in most copies, is a dedication to Eleonora Estensis dated 1495 (cf. GW 12437 Anm. 2);  on the recto of f. CCXXXXIIII the penultimate word reads “catne” (cf. BMC VI 614, IB.25759) not “carne” (cf. GW 12437 Anm. 3).
Provenance: Sir William Stirling Maxwell, 9th baronet, (1818-1878), art historian and collector:  armorial bookplate printed in blue on front pastedown, with mottoes “Gang forward”, “Chi dura vince”, “I am ready” and “Poco a poco”;  book label “Arts of design Keir” on rear pastedown;  Stirling Maxwell pencil shelfmarks “11B” on rear pastedown and “G.5” on front pastedown;  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Sir John Stirling Maxwell, 10th baronet, (1866-1956), Sir William's son, bequeathed a portion of the Stirling Maxwell library to the University of Glasgow Library in 1956 (received in 1958).
Binding: England, 19th-century brown goatskin;  arms and monogram in gilt of Sir William Stirling Maxwell on front cover with a different version on rear cover;  gilt spine title;  gilt-edged leaves;  binder’s stamp “Leighton Brewer St. W.” on front pastedown.   Size:  342 x 238 mm.
Leaf size: 332 x 222 mm.
Annotations: Minor corrections of text in an early hand on ff. CLXXXV verso and CLXXXVI recto.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting the preliminary quire.


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