Plautus, Titus Maccius: Comoediae.

Commentaries by Joannes Petrus Valla and Bernardinus Saracenus.

Venice: Simon Bevilaqua, for Marco Firmiano, 17 Sept. 1499.
Fol. Part I: A10 b-i8 k-m6. [92] leaves.  Part II: aa6 a-z8 &8 [con]8 [Rum]A-D8 E6 F4. [256] leaves.
ISTC ip00784000; Goff P784; BMC V, 523 (IB. 23992); Bod-inc P-356.

Accession number: 251612
Provenance: Michael Rougemont (16th century): scored-through inscription “Michael Rougemont” on A1r of part I; uncancelled inscription “Michael Rougemont” on F4v of part II.
Nicolaus Du Boys (16th century): inscription “Nicolaus Du Boys me Iure possidet” on A1r of part I.
Louis Robert de Saint-Victor (1738-1822), Conseiller au Parlement de Normandie: the heraldic bookplate “D.D. Robert de St Victor”, described in A.G. Hepburn, 'Catalogue of incunables and S.T.C. books in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow' (Glasgow: 1964), item 34, is no longer present.
James Maclay (1862-ca.1925), solicitor, Glasgow: owner; source unknown.
Mitchell Library, Glasgow: Maclay donation, 1907, according to A.G. Hepburn, 'Catalogue of incunables and S.T.C. books in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow' (Glasgow: 1964); Mitchell Library accession stamp on A1r dated 30 May 1907 and with accession number E251612.
Binding: Scotland, 20th-century blind-tooled calf; new endpapers and flyleaves; earlier red-edging of leaves retained; previous binding unrecorded. Size: 317 x 225 mm.
Leaf size: 309 x 215 mm.
Annotations: Part I: brief annotations in a 16th-century hand on A2r, b2r, m4r. Part II: interlinear and cropped marginal annotations in 16th-century hands in “Amphitryon”; several lines of text lightly scored through in “Amphitryon” and “Asinaria”.
Decoration: Pen-and-ink drawing of a circle made with a compass on A1r of part I and on F4v of part II.
Imperfections: None.

Plautus, Titus Maccius: Comoediae - Marginal annotations