Gerardus de Harderwyck: Epitomata, seu Reparationes totius philosophiae naturalis Aristotelis.

Cologne:  Heinrich Quentell, 29 Feb. 1496.
4to.   Part I:  a-q6 r4 s-y6 z4 aa6 bb4 A-F6. [180] leaves (bb4 blank).  Part II:  Aa-Kk6. [60] leaves (Kk6 blank).  Part III:  aa-ii6 kk4 a-g6. [100] leaves (g6 blank). 
ISTC ig00168000;  GW 10674;  Goff G168;  BMC I 285 (IA. 4646);  CIBN G-99;  BSB-Ink G-107.

GIP number: G25
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Mu48-b.2 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: On the fore-edge, in black ink on a red background, is part of a letter “C” - a continuation of the markings present on the fore-edge of another incunable owned by David Murray:  Orbellis, Nicolaus de, Cursus librorum philosophiae naturalis [Aristotelis] secundum viam Scoti.  Basel:  Michael Furter, 1494 (O8/3) and evidence that the two were once bound together at an early date.
Provenance: David Murray (1842-1928), Glasgow lawyer, antiquary and bibliographer:  bookplate on front pastedown;  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Murray library donation, 1927.
Binding: England, 19th/20th-century parchment;  gilt spine title;  binder's stamp "Bound by Ramage London".   Size:  214 x 148 mm.
Leaf size: 209 x 140 mm.
Annotations: None.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Imperfect copy (94 out of 340 leaves) containing only quires aa-ii6 kk4 (i.e. an incomplete part III:  Reparationes librorum De generatione et corruptione, Meteorologicorum) followed by quires A-F6 (i.e. an incomplete part I:  Reparationes libri De caelo et mundo).


Title-page with woodcut illustration from Gerardus de Harderwyck: Epitomata, seu Reparationes totius philosophiae naturalis Aristotelis