Alliaco, Petrus de: Quaestiones super libros Sententiarum Petri Lombardi.

Add:  Recommendatio S. Scripturae; Principium in cursum Bibliae;  Quaestio in suis vesperiis;  Quaestio de resumpta.   Edited by Jacobus Merlinus.

Paris:  [Jean Barbier], for Jean Petit, [1515]
8vo.   a-c8 2a-c8 d-z8  [et]8 [con]8 A-M8.   [24] ccxcv [1] leaves.
Woodcut initials; printer's device.
ISTC ia00483300; GW M32018; CIBN I p.61; BSB-Ink P-327; H 840*; IGI 391; Pell 542; Moreau II 998; Renouard, III, no. 207

Assigned to Barbier and dated [1515] by Moreau;  CIBN and Renouard ascribe to Barbier and date [ca. 1513];  IGI originally dated [ca. 1500];  Pellechet dated [1499]. 

GIP number: A48
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll RB 3058 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Joannes de Barrile (16th/17th century):  "de Barrile" and "Ad usum [...] Joannis de Barrile" (the last word partially deleted) on a1r; earlier provenance inscriptions on a1r heavily scored through.
Glasgow University:  source unknown;  accessioned in 1869;  see book-plate, with former shelfmarks ‘KK.12.31’, ‘E4-i.9’, ‘Bh24-g.11’.
Binding: 19th-century parchment;  leather spine titles, gilt.   Size: 160 x 110 mm.
Leaf size: 153 x 102 mm.
Annotations: Numerous “nota” marks in gathering K;  possible ownership inscription (cropped by binder) on 2a1;  modern pencil numbering “NO 4” and “174” on rear endpapers.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: None.


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