Biblia latina (cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et expositionibus Guillelmi Britonis in omnes prologos S. Hieronymi et additionibus Pauli Burgensis replicisque Matthiae Doering)

Add: Nicolaus de Lyra: Contra perfidiam Judaeorum.

Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1493.
Fol. Part I: Aa-Az8 Ba-Bz8 Ca-Cg8. [424] leaves. Part II: Da-Dz8 Ea-Es8 Et10. [338] leaves. Part III: A-Z8 AA-PP8 QQ6 RR8. [318] leaves, the last blank. Part IV: a-z8 aa-xx8. [352] leaves, the first and last blank. I-III) undated; IV) 12 Apr. 1493.
Woodcuts in part III.
ISTC ib00618000; Goff B618; BMC II, 436 (IB. 7447); Bod-inc B-323; GW 4293.

Accession number: 160421
Note: Lower half of A1 of part III is mounted.

Kaisheim, Bavaria, Cistercians, BVM; founded 1133, dissolved 1802: Part III: inscription on A1r “FF: de Caesarea”; inventory number/shelfmark on recto of front free endpaper “N: i2i”. Part IV: inscription on a2r “B.V.M. in Caesarea”; inscription on front free endpaper “N: i2i Fr. Fr. Caesare[ae]”.
James Morison (1816-1893), United Secession minister and a founder of the Evangelical Union: source unknown.
Mitchell Library, Glasgow: bookplate on front pastedowns recording Morison library purchase in 1894.

Binding: 18th-century speckled sheep over pasteboards;  sprinkled red-edged leaves.   Size:  339 x 240 mm.
Leaf size: 326 x 230 mm.

Part III: 19th-century number “N 543 in pencil on recto of front free endpaper; 19th-century annotation “Collationirt” in pencil on verso of front free endpaper. Part IV is similarly annotated.


Part III: on A1v a four-line initial “N” is supplied in blue with white tracery and placed on a square gold ground with punch-dotting; numerous other initials supplied throughout in red or blue, often with reserved white and a few with marginal flourishes. Part IV: on a2r a six-line initial “Q” is supplied in blue with white tracery and set on a square gold ground with punch-dotting; several other initials supplied in red or blue with reserved white.


Parts III and IV only (which are bound in two volumes); wanting the final blank leaf of part III and the first and final blank leaves of part IV; wanting parts I and II, the set completed at an early date with parts I and II from the Koberger edition of 1497.

Biblia latina (Part III) - Illuminated initial