Valascus de Tarenta: Practica, quae alias Philonium dicitur.

Add:  Hieronymus Ferrera:  Epistola cancellario Universitatis Montispessulanae ceterisque lectoribus.

Lyons:  Johannes Trechsel, 19 May 1490.
4to.  π4 a-z8 A-Y8.   [4], CCCLX leaves.
Woodcut printer’s device in red.
ISTC iv00006000; GW M49060; Goff V6; BSB-Ink V-3.

GIP number: V1
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bw.3.14 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Cornelius Roelans (1450-1525?), Flemish physician:  inscription on π1r “Est m[a]g[ist]rj cornelij Roelans de mechli[ni]a medicine doctoris bononiens[is] in no[m]i[n]e Ihesu Marie s[ancte] Anne” (followed by a transcription of the inscription in a 16th-century hand).
R.M. (16th/17th century):  initials “R M” (beneath which is an unread group of letters) on π1r probably in the same hand that supplied the above transcription;  that hand has also added two mottoes on π1r “Qui timet Do[m]i[num] Doctri[n]a[m] accipit” and “Initiu[m] ſapie[n]tie timor d[omi]ni” plus, on Y8v, a quotation from Ovid’s 'Heroides', Epist. I, “frigidius glacie pectus ama[n]tis erat”.
Gualterus Servienus (16th/17th century):  inscription on π1r “Ex libris Gualteri Servieni”.
Joseph Letherland (1699-1764), physician:  Letherland’s shelfmark “Y. 7/10” in pencil on front pastedown (cf. J.B. Oldham, ‘Shrewsbury School Library’, 'The Library', 5th series, vol. XIV, (1959) p. 95);  lot 1052 in 'A catalogue of the genuine and truly valuable library of ... Dr. Joseph Letherland ... which will be sold by auction, by Samuel Baker ... on Thursday, March the 14th 1765 ...' [London:  1765].
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist:  purchased by Hunter at the annotated Letherland sale for £0.7.0 according to the BL copy of the Letherland sale catalogue - shelfmark S.C.S. 6 (2).
University of Glasgow:  Hunterian bequest 1807;  Hunterian Museum bookplate and book label on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Z.8.9”.
Binding: 18th-century half calf, marbled sides.   Size:  254 x 183 mm.
Leaf size: 245 x 173 mm.
Annotations: Frequent marginal annotations in several 16th-century hands;  occasional underlining, "nota" marks and manicules;  possible 18th-century price “1-0” in pencil on π1r.
Decoration: Nine-line initial “D” on a1r supplied in blue with reserved white and set on a square ground of red pen-work decoration, which extends into the margin;  other initials supplied in alternate blue and red throughout;  capital strokes in red throughout.
Imperfections: None.

Colophon and printer’s device in Valascus de Tarenta: Practica, quae alias Philonium dicitur