Hortus sanitatis.

Mainz:  Jacob Meydenbach, 23 June 1491.
Fol.   A-C8 D-Z6.8 a-m6.8 n8 o-z6.8 8 aa-hh6.8 ii-ll6 χ86 2A8 2B-E6.   [454] leaves (2E6 blank).   Quire m signed with a capital letter M.   First four leaves of the quire represented by χ numbered "i-iv", first three leaves of the quire represented by 2χ numbered "v-vii".
ISTC ih00486000;  GW 13548;  Goff H486;  BMC I 44 (IB. 343);  Bod-inc H-220;  CIBN H-294;  BSB-Ink H-388.

GIP number: H40
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll T.C.L. f5 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: Dortmund, Westphalia, Dominicans, S. Johannes Baptista (dissolved 1816):  inscription on A2r “Con[ven]tus Tremoniensis sacri ordinis Praedicatorum” in an 18th-century hand;  inscription repeated on m8v.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  a pencil inventory number “58” (underlined twice) on verso of the modern front flyleaf, closely resembling the inventory numbering used by William Euing;  possibly his acquisition date in ink “1/21 41” on A2r;  source unknown.
Free Church College Library, Glasgow (later Trinity College Library), founded 1856:  presented to the Free Church Library by William Euing, April 1867 (see GUL MS Euing 50);  oval embossed ownership stamp “Free Church College Library, Glasgow” on A2r;  various Trinity College Library shelfmarks in pencil on recto and verso of modern front flyleaf “21/2” (scored through), “41 A/1”, “20/1” (scored through).
University of Glasgow:  Trinity College Library placed on permanent deposit in University of Glasgow Library in 1974 by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
Binding: 16th-century blind-tooled calf over wooden boards;  covers decorated with intersecting fillets to form a panel design;  the front cover additionally decorated with several separate tools including a roundel of a saint holding a palm leaf, a fringed foliage ornament set within a Rautengerank design, and a lozenge-shaped turnip-like stamp;  the rear cover also decorated with several separate tools including a roundel of a winged horse, a lozenge-shaped stamp of an eagle, and a lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lys stamp;  remains of two clasps;  two nail holes for a now lost metal plate at top edge of rear cover;  16th-century hand-written title on parchment pasted onto front board;  parchment manuscript pastedowns are leaves from a liturgical manuscript giving the text of Psalms 53-55 and the opening of Psalm 56, the parchment ruled in ink, and the text, which is rubricated, in two columns;  rebacked in calf in 19th century, with leather title label "HORTUS SANITATIS TOM I" and with "MOGUNT 1491" tooled in gold directly onto spine;  modern flyleaves added.   Size:  307 x 218 mm.
Leaf size: 300 x 207 mm.
Annotations: 19th-century number “9459” and letters “X.T.E.” in ink on front pastedown.
Decoration: Initials supplied in red throughout (some silvered);  capital strokes and paragraph marks in red throughout;  paragraph marks and capital strokes in red added to printed running headings throughout;  some signatures stroked in red;  occasional line-fillers in red;  occasional woodcuts decorated in red.
Imperfections: Wanting A1 and all after t5 (i.e. wanting the final three leaves of the Tractatus de animalibus and all of the Tractatus de avibus, Tractatus de piscibus, Tractatus de lapidibus, and Tractatus de urinis;  woodcuts on s3r (col. 2) and on s3v (col. 1) mutilated.
Note: This copy of the Hortus sanitatis, at the time it was acquired by the Free Church College Library, comprised two separate volumes, of which this is the first (see Imperfections above).  Its companion second volume is now in the Wellcome Library, London - identifiable by the presence of the embossed ownership stamp of the Free Church College Library - and bound at the end is a copy of Simon Genuensis, Clavis sanationis, Venice: Guilelmus Anima Mia, Tridinensis, 13 Nov. 1486 (cf. Poynter, 309 & 552).  The Wellcome volume has a blind-tooled binding identical to that of the Glasgow University Library volume, has the same manuscript title on parchment pasted onto the front cover, and its spine is marked ‘TOM. II’.  Like the Glasgow University Library volume it also has liturgical manuscript pastedowns, similar rubrication, the same provenance inscription of the Dominicans of Dortmund and the same 19th-century pencil shelfmarks.  Evidently disposed of by the Free Church College Library (for some unknown reason) early in the 20th century, this companion volume was purchased by the Wellcome Library from Hodgson & Co., 9 Dec. 1905, for £4.2.6 (ex inf. Dr Elma Brenner, Wellcome Medical Library).

Full page woodcut in Hortus sanitatis