Aristoteles: Opera. [Latin]

Augsburg:  Ambrosius Keller, 15 Sept. - 8 Nov. 1479.
Fol.   4 parts.   Part I:  [1-510 6-76 8-1310].   [122] leaves, the first blank.   Part II:  [1-210 36 410].   [36] leaves, the last blank.   Part III:  [110 2-38 4-910 108 1110].   [104] leaves, leaf 26 blank.   Part IV: [110 28 3-46 510 68 710 8-96 1010 118 1210].   [98] leaves, the first blank.
Woodcut initials.
ISTC ia00960000; GW 2335; Goff A960; BMC II 361 (IB. 6221-4); Bod-inc A-385; CIBN A-505; BSB-Ink A-699.

The four parts dated: I) 15 Sept. 1479; II) 13 Oct. 1479; III) 21 Oct. 1479; IV) 8 Nov. 1479.

Collation adapted from Bod-inc.

Contents:  Part I:  Porphyrius:  Isagoge in Aristotelis Praedicamenta.   Aristoteles:  Praedicamenta,  De interpretatione.  Pseudo- Gilbertus Porretanus:  Liber sex principiorum.   Boethius:  Divisiones.   Aristoteles:  Analytica priora.   Part II:  Aristoteles:  Analytica posteriora.   Part III:  Aristoteles:  Elenchi.  Topica.   Part IV:  Aristoteles:  Physica.

GIP number: A81
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll  Mu51-b.16 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Part I only;  the first blank leaf is mounted.
Associated with: Presumably once a companion to the now separated copy of part III ('Elenchi' and 'Topica'), which is in the Frank McClean collection at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and which also has an inscription (see Provenance below) by Johannes Stain (transcribed as Stinn) “Bidellus Notarius publicus” and with the same quotation (see Annotations below) in red ink from Proverbs I (see C.E. Sayle, 'Fitzwillam Museum, McClean bequest:  catalogue of the early printed books bequeathed to the Museum by Frank McClean' (Cambridge:  1916), no. 83, p. 31).
Provenance: Johannes Stain (ca. 1492-1502), notary, University of Ingolstadt:  inscription on 7/6v (f. 62v) “... Johannes Stain Bidellus Notarius publicus subscripsit.”
Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem (1861-1916), Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bordeaux:  book label on 1/1v.
David Murray (1842-1928), Glasgow lawyer, antiquary and bibliographer:  bookplate on front pastedown;  Murray’s supplier unidentified, but an extract from a British bookseller’s catalogue (ca. 1920) advertising this copy is pasted onto front pastedown (item 631, price £6.15.0).
University of Glasgow:  Murray library donation, 1927.
Binding: Late 19th/early 20th-century blind-tooled pigskin in two shades of brown, covers decorated with a geometric design of squares and rectangles;  marbled endpapers;  green, red, and yellow silk bookmark.   Size:  298 x 208 mm.
Leaf size: 288 x 199 mm.
Annotations: Inscription in red ink on 2/1r (f. 11r) “Sapientiam atq[ue] docrina[m] stulti despiciu[n]t. p[ro]u[er]b. j.” (Prov. I: 7);  occasional early marginal annotations, interlinear corrections, underlining and “nota” marks in brown ink.
Decoration: Initials supplied in red throughout, some with marginal flourishes;  paragraph marks supplied in red on 2/2v and 2/3r (ff. 12v and 13r);  underlining in red of incipits, which are set in capitals.
Imperfections: Wanting quires 8-13 (ff. 63-122) of part I, and all of parts II-IV.   The lower margin of 1/2 has been excised - probably to remove an ownership inscription.

Manuscript inscription in Aristoteles: Opera [Latin]