Terentius Afer, Publius: Comoediae.

With the commentaries of Aelius Donatus, Johannes Calphurnius, Guido Juvenalis, Jodocus Badius Ascensius.   Add:  Vita Terentii de dictis Petrarcae excerpta.

Strassburg:  Johann (Reinhard) Grüninger, 1 Nov. 1496.
Fol.   a6 b-c8 d-z6 A-E6 F8.   [180] leaves, the last blank;  leaves 7-179 numbered “Folium I” - “Fo. CLXXVI”, with errors.
Woodcuts;  first two words of title on a1r cut in wood;  woodcut initial on a6r.
ISTC it00094000; GW M45481; Goff T94; BMC I 110 (IB. 1437); Bod-inc T-046; CIBN T-83; BSB-Ink T-103.

GIP number: T3
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll  BD9-d.18 (see main library entry for this item)
Variants: a1r (title-page):  “īterlineali”, “Comētarijs”, “Vocabulorū”, as in BMC, not as in Polain(B) 3667 “īterlineari”, “Cōmētarijs”, “Vocabularū”;  a6r, lines 1 and 2:  “THERENTII” and “PETRARCHA”, not as Polain’s “TERENTII” and “PETRARCA”;   F7v, first line of colophon:  “... ac vrbe libera ...” not as in BMC and Polain “... ac libera vrbe ...”
Provenance: William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Euing bequest, 1874.
Binding: Scotland, 20th century;  rebound in the University of Glasgow Library ca. 1990 in oak boards, brown blind-tooled goatskin spine, gilt title;  new endpapers and flyleaves;  previous binding unrecorded.  Housed in a brown buckram-covered case.   Size:  314 x 222 mm.
Leaf size: 301 x 210 mm.
Annotations: “Phormio” (gatherings x-B) profusely annotated in a 16th/17th-century hand;  occasional annotations elsewhere;  cropped inscription “... Vxore benigna ...” in a 16th-century hand running parallel to fore-edge on a1r.
Decoration: Four-line initial “S” on b1r supplied in pale green and gold;  several woodcuts partially coloured by hand.
Imperfections: Wanting the final blank leaf;  quires a-g heavily wormed. 


Woodcut illustration and illuminated initial in Terentius Afer, Publius: Comoediae