Lambertus de Monte: Copulata tractatuum Petri Hispani et parvorum logicalium etiam Syncategorematum, cum textu, secundum doctrinam Thomae Aquinatis.

[Cologne]: Ulrich Zel, 4 Apr. 1490.
4to.   a-e8 f-l6.6.8 m8 n-q6 r-s8 t-v6 x8 y-z68 A-B6 C-D8 E-N6.6.8 O-Q6 aa8 bb6 cc8 dd-ii6.6.8 kk-ll8 mm6 nn8 oo-pp6 qq-vv8 xx6.   [424] leaves, irregularly numbered (Q5-6, xx6 blank).
ISTC ij00238500;  GW M32358;  BMC I 198 (IA. 3050);  BSB-Ink L-22.

Though ascribed to Johannes XXI, Pont. Max. (formerly Petrus Hispanus) and so entered by many incunable authorities, the authorship of the commentaries is ascribed to Lambertus de Monte - cf. BSB-Ink L-22.

Printed for use in the Bursa of Lambertus de Monte;  see S. Corsten, in Book and text in the fifteenth century (Hamburg: 1981) pp. 189-99.

GIP number: L7
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Veitch Eg7-c.10 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: a1r, lines 2-4:  “...  Sinca||thegereumatū [et (erased in this copy)] Paruorꝝ || logicaliū ...” as Hain, not as BMC “... Synca||thegorematū et Paruorꝝ [no line division] logicaliū ...”. 
Note: Blind impressions of full pages of type on the blank leaves Q5 and Q6. 
Note: Signature D misbound:  D3, D4, D1, D2, D7, D8, D5, D6. 
Provenance: Joannes Piscator/Johann Fischer (16th century): inscription on a1r “Ioannis piscator[is]” and on a2r “Ex libris fr[atr]is Io: pisc Qui in lipzick 6 Grossis emit”.
John Veitch (1829-1894), Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, University of Glasgow: source unknown; number “213” written in blue pencil in top left corner of front pastedown (a numbering common to many books in the Veitch collection and probably an inventory number).
University of Glasgow: Veitch collection donation, 1895.
Binding: Early 19th-century half calf, marbled paper sides;  zodiacal sign for Leo impressed into top edge of text block at an early date.   Size:  215 x 147 mm. 
Leaf size: 203 x 140 mm. 
Annotations: Frequent marginal and interlinear annotations in a 16th-century hand. 
Decoration: Nine-line initial “C” supplied in pen-and-ink on a2r;  portions of the woodcut on e7v washed in yellow. 
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf xx6. 

Woodcut diagram and manuscript annotations in Lambertus de Monte: Copulata tractatuum Petri Hispani et parvorum logicalium ...