Aegidius (Columna) Romanus: In Aristotelis analytica posteriora commentum.

Venice:  Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 29 Dec. 1495.
Fol.   a-q8 r6.   [1], 2-134 leaves.
Woodcut initials;  woodcut diagrams;  woodcut printer’s device.
ISTC ia00066000;  GW 7193; Goff A66; BMC V 446 (IB. 22932); CIBN A-39; BSB-Ink A-46.

GIP number: A7
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Veitch Eg5-a.16 (see main library entry for this item)
Bound with: The first of two incunabula bound together.   Bound with:  Duns Scotus, Johannes, Quaestiones in Universalia Porphyrii.  Venice:  Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, 5 Jan. 1492/93.
Provenance: Frater Cherubinus, of Genoa (16th century), possible owner:  inscription on q6v of the second work in the volume “fr[atr]i cherubino de Janua”.
John Veitch (1829-1894), Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, University of Glasgow:  source unknown;  number “67” written in blue pencil in top left corner of front pastedown (a numbering common to many books in the Veitch collection and probably an inventory number).
University of Glasgow:  Veitch collection donation, 1895.
Binding: Italy, 19th-century blue paper-covered pasteboards; remains of a manuscript spine title on white paper; Italian printed trade labels ‘Tintore’ and ‘Operai’ visible underneath the pastedowns; small fragment of a letter with partial address ‘... Square’ and partial date ‘... 3. 1875’ pasted onto front pastedown. Size: 321 x 224 mm.
Leaf size: 315 x 217 mm.
Annotations: Marginal annotations throughout in various 16th-century hands, together with occasional manicules and “nota” marks;  early manuscript title added to title-page (a1r);  19th-century number “3687 /  U.1” in pencil on front pastedown;  19th-century price in pencil “£1.11-” on front free endpaper.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: None.


Woodcut initials in Aegidius (Columna) Romanus: In Aristotelis analytica posteriora commentum