Dante Alighieri: La Commedia.

With commentary of Christophorus Landinus. Add: Marsilius Ficinus: Ad Dantem congratulatio [Latin & Italian].

Brescia: Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia, 31 May 1487.
Fol. &8 a-i8 K6 l-r8 aa-mm8 nn4 A6 B8 C-L6.  310 leaves (L6 blank).
ISTC id00031000;  GW 7968;  Goff D31;  BMC VII 971 (IB. 31103);  Bod-inc D-014;  CIBN D-15.

GIP number: D3
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll RF 1183 (see main libary entry for this item)
Variant: The woodcut on h1r, Sepulchres of the heretics, is in the second state, the inscription “ANASTASIO || PAPA || GVARDO” having been removed from the raised headstone, and printed in a space in the centre of the cut from which the original design has been excised - cf. Bod-inc D-014 (second copy).
Provenance: Professor William Robert Scott (1868-1940), Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy, University of Glasgow:  source unknown;  bequeathed to the University of Glasgow as part of a collection of Renaissance prints, 1940;  Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow (GLAHA 8500-8542);  transferred to the Special Collections Department in the University of Glasgow Library, 2016.
Binding: Unbound.
Leaf size: Various sizes.
Annotations: None.
Decoration: Initials supplied in alternate red or faded blue on most leaves.
Imperfections: 43 separate leaves only out of a total of 310, each leaf containing a woodcut illustration: b1, f3, f7, h1, i7, K5, l2, m4, m7, n2, o2 (two copies), o6, p5, p8 r1, aa2, bb2, bb5, cc1, cc4, dd2, dd5, dd8, ee4, ee6, ff1, ff6, gg1, gg4, gg7, hh2, hh5, hh8, ii2, ii5, ii7, kk4, ll2, ll5, ll8, mm3, mm6.

Woodcut from Dante Alighieri: La Commedia.