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Alphabetical list of names (surname order) associated with the incunabula, primarily relating to provenance. Including names of former owners, donors, and other names where the exact relationship to the book is unknown. Booksellers are listed in a separate index.

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People A-G


A. E. (16th century)


Albergotti (18th century)
Tuscan family



Alexander, Fergus
Perhaps Fergus Alexander (d. 1689) M.A. Glasgow, 1635, tutor of Dalreoch, minister at Kilmud in Ireland and then at Barr, Ayrshire; see Cosmo Innes, ed., 'Munimenta alme Universitatis Glasguensis', and H. Scott, 'Fasti ecclesiae scoticanae ... New ed.'.


Aloisius, Dominus (fl. late 15th/early 16th century)
Of the Camaldolese Monastery of S. Michele di Murano, Venice.


Aloysius, Frater (15th/16th century)
Benedictine of S. Justina, Padua.


Ambroise de Cambrai (Cambray) -- see Ambrosius de Cambrai (Cambray)

Ambrosius de Cambrai (Cambray) (d. 1496)
Dean of Meaux and Chancellor of the University of Paris


Amerbach, Johann (ca. 1441-1513)
Printer in Basel.


Anthonius Rogant/Rogantus -- see Rogant/Rogantus, Anthonius

Aouroldos, Petros (16th century)


Apoveda, Juan (16th/17th century)


Arnold, William (16th century)
Probably William Arnold, student at Christ Church, Oxford, 1573, later rector of Melcombe Horsey, Dorset; see Joseph Foster 'Alumni Oxonienses, 1500-1714'.


Arnoult, Joseph (late 18th century)
Professor of Medicine at Nantes


Ashburnham, Bertram,  4th Earl of Ashburnham (1797-1878)
Sales of the Ashburnham Library took place on 25 June, 6 Dec. 1897, 9 May, 13 Dec. 1898; see S. De Ricci 'English collectors of books & manuscripts, 1530-1930', p. 132.


Askew, Anthony (1722-1774)
Physician and classical scholar (see ODNB)

Be.3.15; Bf.2.1Bf.2.10Bg.2.23Bw.1.5Bw.3.24; Bw.3.25; Bx.3.7 (item 1); Bx.3.7 (item 2); Bx.3.21Bx.3.24; By.3.23Ds.2.6-7

Astorga, Marqués de
Probably Astorga, Marqués de, Vicente Isabel Osorio de Moscoso (17th Marques, 1777-1837). See Paul Needham, IPI.


Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1773-1843)
See ODNB and 'Bibliotheca Sussexiana: catalogue of the extensive and valuable library of His Royal Highness the late Duke of Sussex …'  6 parts (London: Evans, 1844-46).

An-y.26; BD7-c.10BD7-d.21; Eg6-d.18



Baillie, Robert (1602-1662)
Church of Scotland minister and Principal of University of Glasgow


Bandetius?, F. (fl. 1560)

Eg6-d.8 (item 1);  Eg6-d.8 (item 2: probable)

Barrile, Joannes de  (16th century)

RB 3058

Bartholomeus, Magister Dominus (16th century)

S.M. 105

Bartolomeio (16th century)


Batt[ist]a(?), Joannes (16th century)

BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 6); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8)

Bava, Giovanni --see Bava, Joannes

Bava, Joannes (16th century)


Bearzi, Jean-Baptiste de, chevalier (19th century)


Beaupré, Jean-Nicolas (ca. 1792-1869)
Magistrate and antiquary, Nancy.

Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.26 (item 3)

Bell, William (16th century)


Bellingen, Antoine Joseph van -- see Van Bellingen, Antoine Joseph  

Bentivoglio family (15th century)
Of Bologna


Berselius, Paschasius  (ca. 1480-1535)
Of Liège, correspondent of Erasmus; see P.G. Bietenholz & T.B. Deutscher, eds. 'Contemporaries of Erasmus: a biographical register of the Renaissance and Reformation', 3 vols (Toronto: 1985-87), vol. 1, p. 140-141.


Bertoul, Robertus (16th century)


Bibliotheca Colbertina
Paris. The library owned successively by Jean Baptiste Colbert de Torcy (1619-1683);  Jacques Nicolas Colbert, Archbishop of Rouen (1655-1707);  and Charles Eléonor Colbert, Comte de Seignely (d. 1747). The Colbert Library was sold in Paris in 1728 (see 'Bibliotheca Colbertina: seu catalogus librorum bibliothecae, quae fuit primum J.B. Colbert ... ac demum Caroli-Leonorii Colbert' (Paris: 1728)).

Be.3.19Bx.3.6; By.2.3

Biblioteca Visnievsciana
Library of Michał Wisznievski.


Billing, John (16th century)


Biraga, Vittoria (17th century)


Blumenberg, Johann Edmund (1769-1831)
Professor at Hildesheim.


Boeghem, Conrardus (15th/16th century?)


Boncompagni, Prince Baldassarre Ludovisi (1821-1894)
Historian of mathematics and Italian aristocrat; see Enrico Narducci, 'Catalogo di edizioni del secolo XV le quali fanno parte dell insigne biblioteca appartenuta alla chiara memoria del Principe D. Baldassarre Boncompagni'.


Bonioli, Giovanni Battista (17th century)


Bonivard, François (1493-1570)
Swiss patriot and historian; see A. Lökkös 'Les incunables de la Bibliothèque de Genève' (Genève: 1982) for descriptions of 17 other incunables once owned by Bonivard.


Borch, Henrik Ter -- see Ter Borch, Henrik

Boutourlin, Dimitrij Petrovich (1763-1829)
Count, Russian senator, diplomat and museum director in St Petersburg; see 'Catalogue de la bibliothèque de son exc. M. le Comte D. Boutourlin' (Florence: 1831).

An-y.24; BD7-d.14

Boyd, W(?) (19th century)


Brancas de Lauraguais, Louis-Léon-Félicité, duc de (1733-1824)
See book sale catalogue: Guillaume de Bure 'Catalogue d’une collection de livres choisis, provenans du  cabinet de M***' (Paris: 1770).

Be.1.10; Be.2.8 (item 1); Be.2.8 (item 2); Bh.2.12; Bx.2.6Bx.2.11 (item 1); Bx.2.11 (item 2); Bx.2.11 (item 3); Bx.3.34; Bx.3.35; By.2.19; By.3.2By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.20 (item 2); By.3.22; By.3.28

Brockett, John Trotter (1788-1842)
F.S.A., lawyer; see ODNB


Brown, Ebenezer  (d. 1828)
M.D., Inspector General of Hospitals; matriculated at the University of Glasgow, 1786; see James Coutts 'A history of the University of Glasgow from its foundation in 1451 to 1909' (Glasgow: 1909) pp. 404-5; and W. Innes Addison 'The matriculation albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858' (Glasgow: 1913) no 4573.

Bg.3.5Bg.3.15; Bg.3.19Bg.3.24Bw.3.4Bw.3.32Bx.2.22; Bx.3.3

Brunyncx (late 16th century)


Buchanan, George (1506-1582)
Scottish humanist poet and historian; see ODNB.


Burmann, Pieter (1714-1778)
‘The Younger’, Professor of Poetry, Amsterdam; see book sale catalogue 'Bibliotheca Burmanniana, sive catalogus librorum ... bibliothecae Petri Burmanni Secundi ... quorum publica fiet auctio per S. et J. Luchtmans, die ... 27. Septembris & seqq. diebus 1779' (Lugduni Batavorum: 1779).

Bw.3.8 (item 1); Bw.3.8 (item 2)

Burnet, J. (17th century)
See Durkan & Ross: Early Scottish libraries, p.91.

Bk5-g.13 (item 1); Bk5-g.13 (item 2: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 3: probable)

Buturlin, Dmitrii Petrovich -- see Boutourlin, Dimitrij Petrovich



C., R. -- see R. C.

Cabrias, Petrus -- see Chabrias, Petrus 

Campbell Fraser, Archibald -- see Fraser, Archibald Campbell, of Lovat

Carr, A. (17th Century)

Cn.2.21 (item 1) and Cn.2.21 (item 2)

Cassano, Duca di  -- see Serra, Giuseppe,  duca di Cassano (d. before 1826)

César, Père (17th century)


Chabrias, Petrus (fl. 1537)

BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 6); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8)

Charles VIII (1470-1498)
King of France


Chasles, Michel  (1793-1880)
French mathematician and Académicien. See 'Catalogue de la bibliothèque scientifique ... de feu M. Michel Chasles' (Paris: Claudin, 1881).


Cherubinus, of Genoa, Frater (16th century)

Eg5-a.16 (item 1); Eg5-a.16 (item 2)

Christianus, T(?). (16th century)


Clivone, Giulio  (fl. 16th Century)
Of Vicenza, poet (mentioned briefly by Angiolgabriello di Santa Maria in his 'Biblioteca, e storia di quegli scrittori cosi della città come del territorio di Vicenza', Vicenza:  1772-82, vol. 5, p. 74).


Colbert, Charles Eléonor, Comte de Seignely -- see Bibliotheca Colbertina 

Colbert, Jacques Nicolas -- see Bibliotheca Colbertina 

Colbert de Torcy, Jean Baptiste -- see Bibliotheca Colbertina

Compton, J., Rev. (19th century)


Constantius, Ignatius (fl. 1675)


Costan(?) (16th/17th century)


Cottrell  [later Cottrell-Dormer], Clement, Sir (1686–1758)
Courtier and antiquary; see ODNB.


Cranmer, Thomas  (1489-1556)
Archbishop of Canterbury; see ODNB and David G. Selwyn, 'The library of Thomas Cranmer', no. 509, Oxford Bibliographical Society Publications, 3rd ser., vol. 1, 1996.


Crawford, William Horatio (1815-1888)
Of Lakelands, Cork


Cunliffe, Ellis, Sir, Bt. (1717-1767)
Merchant and M.P. for Liverpool.




De la Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme -- see Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme de la

De Missy, César -- see Missy, César de 

Deane, Henry (1838-1894)
Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford


Dibdin, Thomas Frognall (1776–1847)
Bibliographer; see ODNB.

Bc.2.23; Bf.1.5Bx.3.34

Diemert, Georges (early 19th-century)
Installed as curé of the Église Saint-Georges, Haguenau, in 1828


Dietrich, Beatus (15th/16th century)
Of Wissembourg, Alsace


Donato, Tommasso -- see Donatus, Thomas, OP

Donatus, Thomas, OP, (d. 1504)
Patriarch of Venice, 1492-1504;  see P.B. Gams, 'Series episcoporum ecclesiae catholicae quotquot innotuerunt a beato Petro apostolo' (Ratisbonae:  1873) p.792.


Dormer, James  (1679-1741)
Army officer; see ODNB.


Douglas-Hamilton, Alexander 10th Duke of Hamilton -- see Hamilton, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of

Duly, John (16th century)
See Durkan & Ross: Early Scottish libraries, p. 91.

Bk5-g.13 (item 1: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 2: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 3)

Dunn, George (1865-1912)
Of Woolley Hall, Maidenhead

Ah-b.27; Mu27-e.4



E., A. -- see A. E.

Esch, Eberhard (15th/16th century)
Canonicus, Karden on the Moselle.


Ettles, Marjory (fl. 1852)
Of Stirling; sister-in-law of Ebenezer Brown (see above).

Bg.3.5Bg.3.15; Bg.3.19Bg.3.24Bw.3.4Bw.3.32Bx.2.22; Bx.3.3

Euing, William (1788-1874)
Glasgow insurance broker; see Euing collection description.

BD1-c.28BD1-c.41BD1-g.4BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2); BD2-f.27; BD7-b.6; BD7-b.8BD7-b.12; BD7-b.14BD7-b.15BD7-c.2BD7-c.3; BD7-c.5BD7-c.6; BD7-c.9BD7-c.10; BD7-c.11BD7-c.12BD7-c.14BD7-d.1; BD7-d.2BD7-d.7BD7-d.14BD7-d.15BD7-d.19; ; BD7-d.23BD7-e.2BD7-e.3BD7-e.5BD7-e.7; BD7-e.8; BD7-e.9BD7-e.12; BD7-e.13BD7-e.16; BD7-e.17; BD7-e.19BD7-e.27BD7-e.32;  BD7-e.33BD7-f.3; BD7-f.8BD7-f.9; BD7-f.10BD7-f.11; BD7-f.12; BD7-f.13 (item 1); BD7-f.13 (item 2); BD7-f.13 (item 3); BD7-f.13 (item 4); BD7-f.15BD7-f.16BD7-f.18BD9-a.8; BD9-c.1BD9-d.1; BD9-d.3; BD9-d.10; BD9-d.11; BD9-d.12BD9-d.13; BD9-d.15BD9-e.2BD9-e.5; BD9-e.12BD9-e.19BD12-a.8BD12-a.9; BD15-c.25BD15-g.18BD15-i.23; BD16-e.4; Df-b.28Du-i.26; E.c.38E.c.43E.c.44; E.c.63E.x.52; E.x.58; E.x.59T.C.L. 285; T.C.L. 389; T.C.L. 450 T.C.L. 451




Fabri, Nicolas-Claude,  de Peiresc (1580-1637)
French astronomer and antiquarian; see Pierre Gassendi 'Peiresc & his books' [with an introduction by Arthur Freeman] (Boston: Godine, 1970).


Fauchet, Claude (1530-1602)
Président de la Chambre des Monnaies and Historiographe de France.


Faulconner (16th/17th century)

BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2 - probable)

Ferguson, John  (1837-1916)
Professor of Chemistry, University of Glasgow; see ODNB and Ferguson collection description.

Af-a.45Af-b.54Af-f.81Af-y.33; Ag-b.12; Ag-f.18Ag-x.13; Ag-y.10Ag-y.21; Ah-a.25; Ah-a.31; Ah-b.24; Ah-b.25; Ah-b.26Ah-b.27Ah-e.80; Ah-x.12; Ah-y.18Ai-a.11; Ai-a.17; Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.26 (item 3); Ai-a.27; Ai-a.28Ai-x.21Ak-a.14; Ak-a.27Ak-a.40; Ak-a.41; Ak-x.24Ak-x.38; Al-a.6Al-a.23; Al-a.71Al-a.75; Al-a.76Al-b.16; Al-b.17Al-b.19Al-b.45; Al-b.46; Al-b.47Al-b.54; Al-b.86; Al-c.7Al-c.8; Al-c.9Al-c.10; Al-c.50Am-z.44An-c.20; An-e.20; An-e.21An-x.18An-x.20An-y.2; An-y.5; An-y.6An-y.7An-y.9; An-y.11; An-y.12; An-y.13; An-y.14An-y.15An-y.16; An-y.17An-y.18; An-y.19An-y.20; An-y.21An-y.22; An-y.23 (item 1); An-y.23 (item 2); An-y.24An-y.25; An-y.26; An-y.27; An-y.28; An-y.30; An-y.31An-y.32; An-y.33; An-y.34; An-y.35; An-y.36; An-y.37An-y.38; Aq-y.65

Ferot, Charles Antoine (fl. 1695)


Fleischmann (18th/19th century)

T.C.L. f2

Fox, Charles James  (1749-1806)
Whig statesman; see ODNB.


Franciscus, Joannes (16th century)
Of Promenthoux


Fraser, Archibald Campbell, of Lovat (1736-1815)
Politician and diplomat; see ODNB


Frater Cherubinus, of Genoa -- see Cherubinus, of Genoa, Frater

Friedlieb (18th century)


Frimann, Christoph (19th century)


Frog, Henry (early 16th century)
Monk of Newbattle. Listed in Durkan & Ross, Early Scottish Libraries, p. 100.


Fulco, Guilelmus (16th century)
Possibly William Fulke (1536/7-1589), theologian; see ODNB.


Fulke, William -- see Fulco, Guilelmus



G.M.S. (19th century)


Gaignat, Louis Jean  (1697-1768)
Secretary to King Louis XV; see book sale catalogue: Guillaume de Bure 'Bibliographie instructive: supplément ... ou catalogue des livres de feu M. L. J. Gaignat' (Paris: 1769).

Be.1.14Be.2.4; Be.2.15Be.2.16; Be.2.17Be.3.10; Be.3.12Be.3.14 (item 1); Be.3.14 (item 2); Be.3.18; Be.3.19Be.3.20; Be.3.23 (item 1); Be.3.23 (item 2); Be.3.24; Be.3.26Bf.1.1; Bf.1.2Bf.1.5; Bf.1.6; Bf.1.17Bf.2.5; Bf.2.7Bf.2.13; Bf.2.14Bg.1.5; Bg.2.7Bg.2.8; Bg.2.10Bg.2.11Bg.2.20 (item 1); Bg.2.20 (item 2); Bg.2.20 (item 3); Bg.2.21Bg.2.27Bg.3.22; Bh.2.11 (item 1); Bh.2.11 (item 2); Bh.2.11 (item 3); Bh.2.11 (item 4); Bw.1.8-9; Bw.1.10Bw.1.11Bw.2.7; Bw.2.10; Bw.2.11Bw.2.16Bw.2.19; Bw.2.22Bw.2.24Bw.3.16; Bw.3.17; Bw.3.20; Bw.3.23Bw.3.26Bw.3.28Bx.2.4; Bx.2.13Bx.2.21; Bx.3.4; Bx.3.10; Bx.3.12 (item 1); Bx.3.12 (item 2); Bx.3.12 (item 3); Bx.3.13Bx.3.18Bx.3.20; Bx.3.25Bx.3.28; Bx.3.29; Bx.3.31 (item 1); Bx.3.31 (item 2); Bx.3.31 (item 3); Bx.3.31 (item 4); Bx.3.31 (item 5); Bx.3.32Bx.3.33Bx.3.36By.2.3; By.2.12; By.3.5By.3.7; By.3.9; By.3.10By.3.11 (item 1); By.3.11 (item 2); By.3.11 (item 3); By.3.11 (item 4); By.3.12; By.3.17; By.3.27By.3.36; Ds.2.5

Garnett, Richard (1835–1906)
Librarian and author; see ODNB.


Gayosso, Benito Martínez (18th century)


George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland (1738-1820)


Georgios (16th/17th century)


Gibson, Henry (fl. 1553)
According to Durkan & Ross, 'Early Scottish libraries', p. 103, Henry Gibson was a “Notary in Glasgow. At Glasgow University in 1549, and at St. Andrews in 1553.”

Bk5-g.22 (item 1); Bk5-g.22 (item 2: likely); Bk5-g.22 (item 3); Bk5-g.22 (item 4: likely); Bk5-g.22 (item 5)

Gibson, John (16th century)

Bk5-g.22 (item 1); Bk5-g.22 (item 2: likely); Bk5-g.22 (item 3: likely); Bk5-g.22 (item 4: likely); Bk5-g.22 (item 5: likely)

Giovanini (16th century)


Giovanni of Aragon (1456-1485)
Cardinal, son of Ferrante I, King of Naples


Giptius, Philippus (16th century)


Girard, Aegidius, of Orléans (16th century)


Girardenghi, Cesare (17th century?)


Girardengho, Cesare -- see Girardenghi, Cesare 

Gobinet, Jean  (fl. 1695)
Theologian and early Principal of the Collège du Plessis-Sorbonne, Paris.


Grahame, William (16th century)

Bl3-g.7 (item 1); Bl3-g.7 (item 2: probable); Bl3-g.7 (item 3: probable)

Graverol, François (1636-1694)
Lawyer born in Nîmes, collector of coins and MSS; see 'Dictionnaire de biographie française', 16, cols 1107-8.


Gray, Robert (fl. 1664-1722)
Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London 1664, Fellow 1687; see William Munk, 'The roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London', 2nd ed., I (London: 1878), 454, where 1701 is suggested as date of death.

Bf.3.18; Bx.2.15

Guyon, H.  (fl. 1625)



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