Aristoteles: Organon.

[Naples:  Sixtus Riessinger, ca. 1473-78]
Fol.   [1-38 46 58 610 7-108 116 12-158 16-176 18-288 296].   [224] leaves, leaf [138] blank.
ISTC ia01012000; GW 2390; Goff A1012; BMC VI 856 (IB. 29330); CIBN A-533.

Contents:  Porphyrius:  Isagoge in Aristotelis praedicamenta; translation and commentary by Boethius.   Aristoteles:  Praedicamenta; translation and commentary by Boethius.   Pseudo- Gilbertus Porretanus:  Liber sex principiorum; commentary by Albertus Magnus.   Aristoteles:  De interpretatione; translated by Boethius.   Analytica posteriora;  translated by Jacobus Veneticus, commentary by Robertus Grosseteste.   De vita Aristotelis ex libris Laertii, Leonardi Bruni Aretini et Tortelli excerpta.

GIP number: A91
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bf.3.18 (see main library entry for this item )
Provenance: Mario Maffei (1463-1537), from Volterra, Tuscany;  Bishop of Aquino 1516-25;  Bishop of Cavaillon 1525-37:  inscription on 1/1r “MARIVS MAFFEVS VOLATERRANVS” and at foot of 1/2r “De fig[liuo]li et ered[i] d[i] m Mario Maffei”.  Not listed in José Ruysschaert, ‘Recherche des deux bibliothèques romaines Maffei des XVe et XVIe siècles, La Bibliofilia, 60 (1958), 306-55.
Robert Gray (fl. 1664-1722), Doctor of Medicine, Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London 1664, Fellow 1687:  inscription on 1/1r “Ex lib: Roberti Gray colleg medicorum Londin: et Edinburg socii 1722”.
Robert Hoblyn, (1710-1756), politician:  Hoblyn's acquisition note "4s (7.) α/1745/6” on front pastedown;  Hoblyn sale, 2 Mar. 1778 onwards;  lot 4606 in 'Bibliotheca Hoblyniana ...' (London: Baker & Leigh, 1778).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist:  purchased by Hunter at the Hoblyn sale for £1.1.0 according to the annotated BL copy of the Hoblyn sale catalogue - shelfmark S.C.S. 11(4).
University of Glasgow:  Hunterian bequest, 1807;  Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Ar.3.9”.
Binding: England, 18th-century speckled calf;  covers decorated with a triple gold-fillet border;  gold-tooled spine.   Size:  299 x 217 mm.
Leaf size: 290 x 209 mm.
Annotations: All gatherings signed with early manuscript signatures;  frequent marginal annotations in humanist hands in black or brown ink - red ink used on 6/1r (f.39r);  a few “nota” marks and manicules;  at top margin of 1/2r the number “575” (last digit altered from a “6”).
Decoration: On 1/2r a five-line initial “S” in purple, dull yellow, green and blue is set on a square gold ground bordered by double black lines;  the illumination extends into the margin in the shape of a vertical gold bar bordered by double black lines and decorated with three blue and purple floral motifs;  at the head and foot of the gold bar floral motifs in blue, purple and gold extend into the top and bottom margins.   Other initials supplied throughout in red with pen-work decoration in violet, in blue with pen-work decoration in red or in violet;  paragraph marks supplied in red or blue.
Imperfections: Wanting 29/6 (f.224), which contains the register;  worming throughout with regular loss of letters.

Decorated and coloured initial and bordering in Aristoteles: Organon