Caesar, Gaius Julius: Commentarii.

Edited by Hieronymus Bononius.   Add:  Raimundus Marlianus:  Index commentariorum C. Julii Caesaris.

Venice:  Theodorus de Ragazonibus, 13 July 1490.
Fol.   a-q8 r6 (leaf p2 missigned “dii”).   134 leaves (the first blank).
ISTC ic00023000;  Goff C23;  BMC V 477 (IB. 23548), XII 34 (IB. 23547);  Bod-inc C-011;  GW 5870;  CIBN C-11;  BSB-Ink C-29.

GIP number: C4
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bx.2.22 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: a2r, lines, 3-4: ‘unā in-||colunt ... Aquinati: ...’ as GW’s main transcription, not ‘unam in||colunt ... Aquitani: ...’ as GW Anm.;  a3r, line 1: ‘ ... animo. Da-’ not ‘animo Da’ as BMC IB.23547, or ‘animo Da-’ as IB. 23548;  b1r, line 1: ‘... imperauit: ne ...’ as GW’s main transcription, not ‘... imperauit ne ...’ as GW Anm;  n1r, line 46: ‘... gloriabant[ur] ... not ‘... gloribantur ...’ and ‘... pulſum’ not ‘... pulſū’ cf. GW Anm.
Provenance: Ebenezer Brown (d. 1828), M.D., Inspector General of Hospitals:  presented to the Hunterian Library in March, 1852 (cf. University of Glasgow Library MSS, Museum records, MR37/14, 15) by Miss Marjory Ettles of Stirling from the library of her late brother-in-law, Dr Ebenezer Brown, a matriculated student in the Greek Class at Glasgow University in 1786 (cf. James Coutts, 'A history of the University of Glasgow from its foundation in 1451 to 1909', pp. 404-5;  W. Innes Addison, 'The matriculation albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858', no. 4573).
Marjory Ettles (fl. 1852) of Stirling:  see above.
University of Glasgow:  presented in 1852 (see above);  Hunterian Museum bookplate, with former shelfmarks “E.2.7” and “Bg.3.22” (a later addition to the Hunterian Library with no connection to William Hunter’s original collection).
Binding: Italy, 16th-century limp parchment case (flesh side out) with flap at fore-edge;  alum thonged tie;  turn-in of case thonged together at corners with white alumed strips;  loose piece of parchment apparently attached to front cover for tie to fix to;  title written in ink in an early hand on both covers (with a second title in ink on rear cover in a later hand).   Repaired and restored, with new front and rear protection leaves of heavy paper, by Douglas Cockerell & Son, Jan. 1955;  binder’s note attached to rear protection leaf.   Housed in a cloth-covered slip case with red niger spine.   Size:  311 x 220 mm.
Leaf size: 309 x 215 mm.
Annotations: Geographical names written in a 16th-century hand in margins of p7v and p8r;  early ink doodlings on i7v and i8v.
Decoration: A few initials supplied (rather crudely) in pencil.
Imperfections: None.


Title incipit in Caesar, Gaius Julius: Commentarii