Pius II, Pont. Max.: Epistolae in Pontificatu editae.

Milan:  Antonius Zarotus [for Marco Roma et socii], 25 May 1473.
4to.   [1-610 74 8-1510 1612 1710 1814 194].   [184] leaves, the first and last blank.
ISTC ip00724000; GW M33684; Goff P724; BMC VI 709 (IB. 25916); Bod-inc P-325; CIBN P-406; BSB-Ink P-528.

GIP number: P60
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll T.C.L. f2 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: 19/1r (f. 181r), line 1:  “[T]ITVLI Epiſtolarum Pii Secūdi. Pont. Maxi”, not as in BMC “[T]ITVLI Eiſtolarum Pii Secundi. Pont. Maxi” - cf. Polain 3164.
Note: Printer's pin-holes visible.
Provenance: Würzburg, Bavaria, Jesuits:  inscription on 1/2r “Bibliothecae Collegij Herbipolensis Soc: Iesu”.
Fleischmann (18th/19th century):  inscription on 1/2r “Fleischmann”.
Trinity College Library, Glasgow (formerly Free Church College Library, founded 1856:  source unknown;  pencil shelfmark of Trinity College Library “45D” on 1/2r.
University of Glasgow:  Trinity College Library placed on permanent deposit in University of Glasgow Library in 1974 by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.
Binding: Scotland, c.1984, full russet goatskin by Ian Maver (restoration binder, Special Collections Department, Glasgow University Library) replacing a binding of pasteboards covered with portions of leaves from a copy of Ulrich Pinder, 'Der beschlossen Gart des Rosenkrantz Marie' (Nuremberg: Friedrich Peybus for Ulrich Pinder, 1505);  that earlier binding now separately preserved as the covers of a blank book.   Size: 290 × 204 mm (modern binding);  284 × 204 mm (earlier binding). 
Leaf size: 279 x 197 mm.
Annotations: Frequent 16th-century marginal annotations in Latin mainly in faded red ink (occasionally in brown);  occasional “nota” marks and manicules;  arabic numerals “1” to “4” (corresponding to the printed numbering in roman numerals of the Epistolae) supplied in faded red ink at top corner of recto leaves from 1/2r-3/5r (ff. 2r-25r).
Decoration: Opening initial of each Epistola supplied in alternate blue and red throughout.
Imperfections: Wanting the first and final blank leaves and bifolium 2/1.10.


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