Université de Lorraine, France

The Université de Lorraine has over 50,000 students including 7,924 foreign students, i.e. 15% of the student population.

The Lorraine region was already an independent duchy in the Northeast of France when it created its university in 1572. Throughout History, the region was divided several times into a "French" part and a "German" part, before being reunited and included in France in the beginning of the 20th century. The University is 1.5 hours away from Paris by TGV.

Mobility partner 

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  • Estimated number of mobility places: 1-3 full-year or 2-6 semester places

Available Subject Areas

Please ensure that you research the courses available to you as an exchange student, and check with your subject coordinator(s) that these courses are suitable for your Glasgow degree programme. Please note that partner course offerings may change on a yearly basis.

Please research course level; content and assessment structures; partner academic pre-requisites for exchange students; whether enough courses / credits are available in your degree subject(s) to meet your Glasgow degree credit requirements; language of teaching and for Joint Honours students, whether the partner has any restrictions on taking courses from different Schools/Faculties.

  • French

Key facts

  • Grade system: 20-1
  • Campus life
  • UofG students should ensure that all required courses are taught in a language in which they are at least proficient at B2 level.

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