Lewis and Clark College, USA

Lewis and Clark College is a private liberal arts college located in Portland, Oregon, a mid-sized city with easy access to the mountains, beaches and deserts of the Pacific Northwest. With over 75% of its 3500 student body living on campus, the forested Palatine hill bustles with over 100 clubs and organisations. The campus boasts a strong commitment to sustainability, sourcing its electricity exclusively from wind power and has a diverse student populace, home to students from 75 different countries.

Only six miles from Portland, a free shuttle bus gets students from campus to the city, which offers a thriving music scene and a wealth of cultural attractions.

Available Subject Areas

Please ensure that you research the courses available to you as an exchange student, and check with your subject coordinator(s) that these courses are suitable for your Glasgow degree programme. Please note that partner course offerings may change on a yearly basis.

Please research course level; content and assessment structures; partner academic pre-requisites for exchange students; whether enough courses / credits are available in your degree subject(s) to meet your Glasgow degree credit requirements; language of teaching and for Joint Honours students, whether the partner has any restrictions on taking courses from different Schools/Faculties.

  • Law

Please note that this is available for single semester exchange, not full year

Key facts

  • Suitable for Law students only
  • Only available for single semester, not full year exchanges
  • Calendar
  • Grading system
  • Estimated number of places: 1-3 full-year or 2-6 semester places
  • Credit guidance: credit range per semester = 12-19 (may exceed 19 if GPA > 3.0) 
  • Entry requirements

Travel and costs

  • University of Glasgow Financial Support
  • Cost of living
  • Travel: Portland International Airport (PDX) is the closest airport.
  • USA Immigration: protocol states that students applying to a US partner usually in March/April must provide evidence that they have sufficient funds to cover all expenses while in the United States. Full information of the financial sum required will be found on the US partner webpages and on the US Embassy webpages for their home country.

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