Funding for study exchanges

As part of the planning process you will need to consider how to finance your time away from Glasgow. You will need to make sure you have enough funding to cover the duration of your stay including living and travel costs.

Studying abroad does not have to be more expensive than studying in Glasgow if you budget. There are funding options that you may be eligible for to help with travel costs.

The University of Glasgow has some subject specific funded opportunities attached to a few of our priority partner universities at both undergraduate and post graduate level. Use the study exchange destinations tool to check what is available to you.

Tuition fees and student financial support

You will continue to be a registered student at the University of Glasgow and do not pay tuition fees to the host university abroad. You pay your fees to the University of Glasgow as usual.

You are also entitled to continue to receive any student loans, grants or bursaries that you are eligible for while studying at Glasgow.

If you are a US student in receipt of a federal loan you should contact Carol Barnett ( to check out your continued eligibility.

European exchanges (Erasmus+)

The Erasmus+ programme is financed by the European Commission and provides funding for students to study abroad in Europe. The Erasmus+ grant is intended to be a contribution towards the additional costs of your mobility, not a full maintenance grant. 

The UK no longer participates in the Erasmus+ programme. Remaining funding is available to support students on Go Abroad programmes in Europe until May 2023.

Turing Scheme

The University has been awarded funding for 2021/22 via the Turing Scheme which is the new UK government scheme that provides financial support for students undertaking work and study abroad as part of their degree. The Scheme is currently being implemented and students undertaking opportunities eligible for funding are being notified. 

The funding window is 1 September 2021 – 31 August 2022. Information about funding beyond this period is not currently available.

Go Abroad Travel Scholarships (International exchange)

Go Abroad Travel Scholarships are available to support students undertaking study exchange for a full year or a semester at one of our partner institutions in destinations outside of Europe where Erasmus Funding is not available. These scholarships are generously funded by alumni donations. 

Students meeting 1 or more of the University’s widening participation criteria are eligible to be considered for a Go Abroad Travel Scholarship up to £1,000. The University of Glasgow applies a range of criteria to identify students from a widening participation background. You can view how we define the criteria here 

Most students meeting these criteria will receive an award however, this is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to request supporting evidence.  

You can only receive a Go Abroad Travel Scholarship once during your studies with us. 

How to apply

As part of the application for Go Abroad Study (full year or semester) you will be asked if you believe you are eligible for a Go Abroad Travel Scholarship. We will then check your data with the University's Widening Participation Team who will confirm. You will be notified if you have been successful in March 2022.

Other scholarship opportunities

A range of scholarships are available from external organisations and charities to support student travel. Search by your criteria at scholarships and funding. This isn't an exhaustive list so make sure you do your own research.