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Names associated with each book, including authors, editors, translators, attributed authorship etc (but not printers/publishers for which there is a separate index). Also included are occasional 'name in title' headings as used by ISTC/Goff.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC, with cross references from the variant forms frequently found in other catalogues of incunabula; other cross references are given from Library of Congress forms of headings (as used in the rare books search records). Dates are supplied mainly from Bod-inc's 'Index of authors, translators, editors, dedicatees' (vol. 6, pp. 2749-2831); it should be noted that these dates sometimes differ from the dates given for the same person by Library of Congress.

References are to authorship of works, unless otherwise stated.



Abano, Petrus de -- see Petrus de Abano

Abd al-’Aziz b.’Uthman al-Kabîsî al-Hasan -- see Alchabitius

’Abd al-’Azīz ibn ’Uthmān -- see Alchabitius

Abiosi, Giovanni Battista -- see Abiosus, Johannes Baptista

Abiosus, Johannes Baptista (1463- ca. 1523)


Editor: R.3.4 & By.2.21

Abrāhām ben-’Ezrā & Aben -- see Abraham ibn Ezra

Abraham ben Schem Tob -- see Abraham Tortuosiensis

Abraham ibn Ezra (1092-1167)

BD7-f.13 (item 4)

Abraham Judaeus of Tortosa -- see Abraham Tortuosiensis

Abraham Tortuosiensis (fl. late 13th century)

Translator: Bx.3.26; RCPSG: Bookstore IBN(1)W.2.11 (item 1)

Abulcasis (d. ca. 1013)


Abū al-Qāsim Khalaf ibn ʻAbbās al-Zahrāwī -- see Abulcasis

Abū Maʻshar -- see Albumasar

Acciaiuoli, Donato -- see Acciaiuolus, Donatus

Acciaiuolus, Donatus (1429-1478)

Translator: Be.2.8 (item 1) & Bh.1.2 (item 1)

Accursius (ca. 1185-1263)

Glossator: Bg.1.5

Accursius, Bonus (1400-ca. 1478)


Editor: BD7-b.4; Bf.2.4; Bf.2.16By.3.16 & By.3.32; Ds.2.6-7

Acro, Helenius [pseudo] -- see Acron, Helenius [pseudo-]

Acron, Helenius [pseudo-]


Actius Syncerus -- see Sannazaro, Jacopo

Adam, Alderspacensis -- see Adam, Magister

Adam Genuensis -- see Adamus de Montaldo

Adam, Magister (fl. 1230-1260)


Adamus de Montaldo (fl. 1456-1493)


Adelard of Bath -- see Adelardus Bathoniensis

Adelardus Bathoniensis (ca. 1080-ca. 1152)

Translator: By.2.12 & BD9-c.5

Adrianus Carthusiensis (d. 1411)


Adrianus de Brielis (fl. 1470)

Editor: Bv.1.8

Aegidius (Columna) Romanus (ca. 1243-1316)

Eg5-a.16 (item 1)

Aegidius Corboliensis (ca. 1140-1224)


Aegidius Delphus -- see Delphus, Aegidius

Aelianus Tacticus (1st-2nd century AD)

Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428; E.1939.65.1438 (item 3)

Aelius Donatus -- see Donatus, Aelius

Aelius Lampridius -- see Lampridius, Aelius

Aelius Spartianus -- see Spartianus, Aelius

Aemilianus, Quintus -- see Cimbriacus, Elius Quintius Aemilianus

Aemilius probus

Attributed name:   BD9-d.10 & Be.3.2

Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini -- see Pius II, Pont. Max.

Aeschines [pseudo-]


Aesop -- see Aesopus


BD2-f.27BD7-e.17By.3.21; By.3.16 & By.3.32By.3.41

Afer, Publius Terentius -- see Terentius Afer, Publius

Agathemeros, Alexander -- see Bondinus, Alexander

Agraetius -- see Agroecius

Agricola, Rudolphus (1443?-1485)

Bf.3.15 (item 2)

Agroecius (5th century)


Agroetius -- see Agroecius

Ailly, Pierre d' -- see Alliaco, Petrus de

Aimeric de Campen -- see Heimericus de Campo

Albanzani, Donato degli (fl. before 1328 - after 1411)

Translator: Bf.2.7

Alberti, Bernardo -- see Albertis, Bernardus de

Alberti, Leo Baptista (1404-1472)

BC28-f.7; Be.3.11 & 167501

Alberti, Leone Battista -- see Alberti, Leo Baptista

Albertis, Bernardus de (15th century)

Editor: Be.3.11 & 167501

Albertus, Bernardus -- see Albertis, Bernardus de

Albertus de Saxonia (ca.1316-1390)


Albertus, Leo Baptista -- see Alberti, Leo Baptista

Albertus Magnus (ca. 1200-1280)

Ah-x.12; Be.2.20; Be.3.9 (item 1); Bw.1.7 & BD9-a.9

Commentator: Bf.3.18

Attributed name: BD7-e.8; By.3.3

Albertus Magnus [pseudo-]

Af-f.81; Af-f.84; Af-g.54; Ah-a.29; Ah-a.30; Ah-a.31Ah-b.23 & Ah-a.22 ; Ah-b.24; Ah-b.25 & Ah-b.26; Ah-b.27; Ah-e.80 & Ai-a.26 (item 1); Ah-f.55; Ai-a.11Ai-a.17; Ai-a.22 (item 2); Ai-a.26 (item 2); Ai-a.27; Ai-a.28; Ak-x.24 & Al-b.19Al-b.86; An-y.27

Albertus Parvus -- see Albertus de Saxonia

Albignani, Pietro -- see Albinianus Trecius, Petrus

Albinianus Trecius, Petrus (fl. 1479-1513)

Editor: Bw.1.12

Albinus Platonicus (fl. 150)


Albinus [pseudo-]

Bg.3.17; Bn6-d.1; By.2.18

Albuchasis -- see Abulcasis

Albumasar (787-886)


Alcabitius -- see Alchabitius

Alchabitius (d. ca. 967)

BD7-f.13 (item 3)

Alcinous (fl. 2nd century)

Bg.3.17; Bn6-d.1; By.2.18

Aldegatus, Marcus Antonius (15th century)

Additions: BD7-f.10

Alderotti, Taddeo -- see Thaddeus de Florentia

Aldobrandino da Siena (d. 1287)


Alexander Anglus -- see Alexander Carpentarius

Alexander Aphrodisiensis [pseudo-]

BD7-b.12 & Bh.2.16; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10

Alexander Carpentarius (fl. 1429)

Bm3-c.13; Sp Coll f235

Alexander de Nevo (ca. 1419-1484)


Editor: Bw.1.12

Alexander de Roes (fl. 1280-1288)


Alexander Magnus [pseudo-]

An-y.10 & Ah-a.73; Bx.3.32

Alexander, the Great -- see Alexander Magnus [pseudo-]

Alexander von Roes -- see Alexander de Roes

Alexandreus, Marcus, de Benevento -- see Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento

Alexandrinus, Georgius -- see Merula, Georgius

Alexandrinus, Simon -- see Simon Alexandrinus

Alfonso X, the wise, King of Castile and Leon -- see Alphonsus X, Rex Castellae

Alfonso de Espina -- see Alphonsus de Spina

Alfonsus Bonihominis -- see Alphonsus Boni Hominis

Alfonsus de Corduba -- see Alphonsus de Corduba

Ali Ibn-Abbas al-Madjousi -- see Haly, Abbas

‘Alî ibn ‘Isâ, al-Kaḥḥal -- see Jesus filius Hali

Alighieri, Dante -- see Dante Alighieri

Alliaco, Petrus de (ca. 1350-1420/1)

BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 6); Bm1-e.10Bx.3.41 bis; RB 3058

Commentator: Bh8-e.1

Alphonso de Espina -- see Alphonsus de Spina

Alphonsus X, Rex Castellae (1221-1284)


Alphonsus Boni Hominis (d. before 12 Aug. 1353)

Translator: Bx.3.19 (item 2)

Alphonsus de Corduba


Alphonsus de Soto -- see Soto, Alphonsus de

Alphonsus de Spina (d. after 1491)


Alt, Georg (ca. 1450-1510)

Translator: 895900

Alvernus, Guilelmus -- see Guillermus Alvernus, Episcopus Parisiensis

Ambrose, Saint, Bishop of Milan -- see Ambrosius

Ambrose of Camaldoli -- see Traversarius, Ambrosius

Ambrosius (ca. 340-397)

BD7-e.19; Be.2.9Bw.2.11; Bw.3.23

Ambrosius Camaldulensis -- see Traversarius, Ambrosius

Ambrosius Traversarius -- see Traversarius, Ambrosius

‘Ammar al-Mau il -- see Canamusali de Baldach

Ammiano Marcellino -- see Ammianus Marcellinus

Ammianus Marcellinus (ca. 330-395)

Bh.1.5 & Bl7-e.2

Ammonius [pseudo-]


Ampiés, Martín Martínez de -- see Martínez de Ampiés, Martín

Anazarbos, Dioscorides Pedanius of -- see Dioscorides

Ancona, Augustinus de -- see Augustinus de Ancona

Andrea, Giovanni, Bishop of Aleria -- see Bussis, Johannes Andreas de

Andreae, Antonius (ca. 1280 - ca. 1320)

BC2-x.15; Eg5-a.16 (item 2)

Andreae, Johannes (ca. 1271-1348)


Glossator: BD9-a.10; BD9-a.11; Bx.1.6; Bx.1.7

Angeli, Johannes -- see Angelus, Johannes

Angelo Carletti -- see Angelus de Clavasio

Angelo da Chivasso -- see Angelus de Clavasio

Angelus, Johannes (1453?-1512)

S.M. 104; S.M. 105

Editor: BD9-e.12 & BE6-c.3; Bx.3.41 bis

Angelus de Clavasio (1411-1495)


Angelus Sabinus -- see Sabinus, Angelus

Anglicus, Galfridus -- see Galfridus Anglicus

Anglicus, Johannes (Bacho) -- see Johannes Baco

Annio da Viterbo -- see Annius, Johannes, Viterbiensis

Annius, Johannes, Viterbiensis (ca. 1432-1502)


Anonymus Neveleti

Adaptation: BD2-f.27; BD7-e.17

Anselm, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury -- see Anselmus, S.

Anselmus, S. (ca. 1033-1109)


Anselmus Laudunensis [pseudo-]

Glossator: Dn-a.3-5 & 167505

Antiochensis, Rufinus -- see Rufinus Antiochensis

Antiochenus, Stephanus -- see Stephanus Antiochenus

Antoninus Florentinus (1389-1459)

Bg.2.14, 15; Bg.2.16; Bx.3.20Mu43-a.4

Antoninus, Saint, Archbishop of Florence -- see Antoninus Florentinus

Antonio da Rho -- see Antonius Raudensis

Antonio da Tempo (fl. 1329-1338)


Antonius de Padua -- see Antonio da Tempo

Antonius Panormita -- see Beccadelli Panormita, Antonius

Antonius Raudensis (ca. 1398 - ca. 1450)

Be.2.19; Bf.3.3

Aphrodisaeus, Alexander -- see Alexander Aphrodisaeus [pseudo-]

Apollonius Dyscolus (fl. 2nd century AD)


Apollonius Rhodius (fl. 3rd century BC)

Bh.3.26 & Bh20-a.11

Apostolius, Aristobulus (1461-1535)

Editor: Bc.2.23

Appian, of Alexandria -- see Appianus

Appianus (fl. 2nd century AD)

BD7-d.16 & Bw.2.14, 15; Bf.1.17

Apuleius Madaurensis, Lucius (ca. 125 – after AD 170)

Be.1.14; Bg.3.17; Bn6-d.1

Translator: Bg.3.17Bn6-d.1

Aquileiensis, Rufinus -- see Rufinus Aquileiensis 

Aquinas, Thomas -- see Thomas Aquinas

Aquitanus, Prosper -- see Prosper Aquitanus

Aratus (fl. mid 3rd century BC)

Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10;

Aratus, Solensis -- see Aratus

Archinto, Ambrogio -- see Archintus, Ambrosius

Archintus, Ambrosius (d. 1518?)

Editor: Bn6-h.4

Ardoino, Sante -- see Ardoynis, Santes de

Ardoynis, Santes de (15th century)

Bg.1.13 (item 2)

Arduino, Sante -- see Ardoynis, Santes de

Aretinus, Carolus Marsupinus -- see Marsupinus Aretinus, Carolus

Aretinus, Franciscus -- see Griffolinus (Aretinus), Franciscus

Aretinus, Leonardus Brunus  -- see Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus

Argellata, Petrus de (d. 1423)

Bh.1.11; By.2.2; X.2.15

Argellata, Pietro -- see Argellata, Petrus de

Argentina, Thomas de -- see Thomas de Argentina

Argyropoulos, Iōannēs -- see Argyropylus, Johannes

Argyropylus, Johannes (ca. 1415-1487)

Translator: Eg7-b.3

Aristeas [pseudo-]

Be.1.2, 3Dn-b.7, 8 & Bv.1.10, 11; Dq-a.1, 2

Aristophanes (fl. 427-388 BC)

Bh20-a.13 & Bh.2.15

Aristoteles (384-322 BC)

BC2-f.14; Be.3.6; Bf.3.18; Bh.2.4 & Bh10-d.9Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13Bw.3.27; By.2.4; Eg5-x.1; Eg7-b.3; Mu48-b.2; Mu48-b.3; Mu51-b.16

Aristoteles [pseudo-]

An-y.26; An-y.40BC14-c.11 (item 3); Be.1.14; Bf.2.17; Bg.3.17; Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10; Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13Bn6-d.1By.3.34; Mu48-b.1

Aristotle -- see Aristoteles and Aristoteles [pseudo-]

Armand de Belvézer -- see Armandus de Bellovisu

Armandus de Bellovisu (fl. 1326-1334)


Armenicus, David -- see David Armenicus

Arnaldus de Bruxella -- see Bruxella, Arnaldus de

Arnaldus de Villa Nova -- see Arnoldus de Villa Nova

Arnaldus de Villanova -- see Arnoldus de Villa Nova

Arnoldus a Lude de Tungris (1467 or 8-1540)


Arnoldus de Geilhoven (d. 1442)


Arnoldus de Hollandia -- see Arnoldus de Geilhoven

Arnoldus de Rotterdam -- see Arnoldus de Geilhoven

Arnoldus de Tongem -- see Arnoldus a Lude de Tungris

Arnoldus de Villa Nova (ca. 1238/40-1311)

An-y.30; Bw.3.22

Translator: Am-z.44 & Bw.3.24; Bg.3.6

Arnoldus de Villa Nova [pseudo-]

Commentator: Ai-a.22 (item 1); Bw.3.3; Bx.3.46 (item 2)

Arnoldus Ghenlonensis -- see Arnoldus de Geilhoven

Arnoldus Tongrensis -- see Arnoldus a Lude de Tungris

Arsenios, Archbishop of Monemvasia -- see Apostolius, Aristobulus

Arsocchi, Francesco de (b. ca. 1450)


Ascensius, Jodocus Badius -- see Badius Ascensius, Jodocus

Ascoli, Cecco d' -- see Cecco d'Ascoli

Asconius Pedianus, Quintus (ca. 9 BC – ca. AD 76)


Ast, Astesanus de -- see Astesanus de Ast

Astesano -- see Astesanus de Ast

Astesanus de Ast (d. ca. 1330)

BD9-e.6; Bw.1.13

Athanasius [pseudo-]

BD7-b.12 & Bh.2.16

Auerbach, Johannes (fl. 1406-1422)

BD7-c.1 (item 2); Bm4-e.3 (item 1)

Augurelli, Giovanni Aurelio -- see Augurellus, Johannes Aurelius

Augurellus, Johannes Aurelius (1440-1524)


Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo -- see Augustinus, Aurelius and Augustinus, Aurelius [pseudo-]

Augustinus, Aurelius (354-430)

BD7-d.15; BD12-a.7 & By.1.3BD12-a.12 & By.1.2; Bh8-e.10 (item 1); Bh8-e.10 (item 2); Bi5-c.10 & 167502; Bw.2.21; Bx.3.34; By.1.1By.1.4 & T.C.L. e2; By.3.20 (item 1)

Augustinus, Aurelius [pseudo-]

BD7-e.8; Bx.3.10; Bx.3.35By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.24 (item 1)

Augustinus de Ancona (ca. 1270/3-1328)


Augustinus de Ratisbona (fl. 1495-1497)

Editor: Bn6-d.12 (item 1; possible editor); Eg7-b.16

Augustinus Hipponensis -- see Augustinus, Aurelius and Augustinus, Aurelius [pseudo-]

Augustinus Moravus (1467-1513)


Augustodunensis, Honorius -- see Honorius Augustodunensis

Aulus, Persius Flaccus -- see  Persius Flaccus, Aulus

Aunpeck, Georg -- see Georgius Purbachius

Aurbach, Johannes -- see Auerbach, Johannes

Aurelius Victor, Sextus [pseudo-]

Bk5-g.22 (item 5); Bx.3.7

Ausmo, Nicolaus de -- see Nicolaus de Ausmo

Ausonius, Decimus Magnus (ca. 310-393)

Be.3.3Bn6-c.5Bw.3.12 & Bw.3.13 ; Bx.2.2

Avenantius, de Camerino -- see Mutius, Avenantius

Avenantius Mutius -- see Mutius, Avenantius

Avenzohar (d. 1162)


Averroes (1126-1198)

Dk.2.8 (item 1); Eg7-y.15

Commentator: Eg5-x.1

Avicenna (980-1037)

Am-z.44 & Bw.3.24An-y.2 & An-y.7; Bg.3.6; Cm.1.1 (item 1)

Avienus, Rufius Festus (fl. mid-4th century AD)

Translator: Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10;