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Names associated with each book, including authors, editors, translators, attributed authorship etc (but not printers/publishers for which there is a separate index). Also included are occasional 'name in title' headings as used by ISTC/Goff.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC, with cross references from the variant forms frequently found in other catalogues of incunabula; other cross references are given from Library of Congress forms of headings (as used in the rare books search records). Dates are supplied mainly from Bod-inc's 'Index of authors, translators, editors, dedicatees' (vol. 6, pp. 2749-2831); it should be noted that these dates sometimes differ from the dates given for the same person by Library of Congress.

References are to authorship of works, unless otherwise stated.


Gabriel Brebia -- see Brebia, Gabriel

Gaetano, Benedetto -- see Bonifacius VIII, Pont. Max.

Gaffurius, Franchinus -- see Gafurius, Franchinus

Gafurius, Franchinus (1451-1522)

E.c.38E.x.58; E.x.59

Gaguin, Robert -- see Gaguinus, Robertus

Gaguinus, Robertus (1433?-1501)


Galbiati, Giorgio -- see Galbiatus, Georgius

Galbiatus, Georgius (fl. 1490-1497)

Editor: Bf.2.1

Galen -- see Galenus, Claudius

Galenus, Claudius (129-?199/216)


Galenus, Claudius [pseudo-]

Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; RCPSG: Bookstore IBN(1)W.2.11 (item 1)

Galeottus, Martius (1427-1497)


Galfridus Anglicus (15th century)


Galfridus Grammaticus -- see Galfridus Anglicus

Gallicanus, Vulcatius


Gallici, Guillelmus -- see Guillelmus Gallici

Gandavo, Johannes de -- see Johannes de Janduno

Garland, John of -- see Garlandia, Johannes de

Garlandia, Johannes de (ca. 1195-ca. 1272)

BC14-a.1 (item 1); BC14-a.1 (item 2); BC14-a.1 (item 4); BC14-a.1 (item 6)

Attributed name: Bl3-g.7 (item 3)

Garlandia, Johannes de [pseudo-]

BC14-a.1 (item 5); Bx.3.15

Gautier de Metz -- see Gossuin de Metz

Gaza, Theodorus (ca. 1400 - ca. 1475/8)


Translator: Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428; By.2.4; E.1939.65.1438 (item 3)

Gazes, Thedoros -- see Gaza, Theodorus

Gazio, Antonio -- see Gazius, Antonius

Gazius, Antonius (1461-1528)


Geber [pseudo-]

An-y.10 & Ah-a.73

Geilhoven, Arnoldus de -- see Arnoldus de Geilhoven

Gellius, Aulus (ca.123-ca.165)

BD9-d.14; Be.2.4; Bh3-e.13 (item 1); Dr.2.11 (item 1)

Geminos of Rhodes (1st century BC)

Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10

Genua, Franciscus de -- see Franciscus Moneliensis

Gentile da Foligno -- see Gentilis Fulginas

Gentilis de Fulgineo -- see Gentilis Fulginas

Gentilis Fulginas (d. 1348)

Be.1.1; Dk.2.8 (item 3)

Commentator: An-y.15

Genuensis, Simon -- see Simon Genuensis

George of Trebizond -- see Georgius Trapezuntius

Georges de Bruxelles -- see Georgius Bruxellensis

Georgio, Johannes Antonius de Sancto -- see Sancto Georgio, Johannes Antonius de

Georgius Bruxellensis (d. 1510)


Georgius de Ferrariis -- see Monteferrato, Georgius de

Georgius de Monteferrato -- see Monteferrato, Georgius de

Georgius de Spathariis -- see Spathariis, Georgius de

Georgius Purbachius (1423-1461)

BD7-f.13 (item 2); Bx.3.41

Georgius Trapezuntius (1396-1484)


Translator: Bx.2.7 & T.C.L. f4

Georgius, Vincentius

Editor: By.3.8

Geraldus Odonis -- see Odonis, Geraldus

Gerard of Cremona -- see Gerardus Cremonensis

Gerardo da Cremona -- see Gerardus Cremonensis

Gerardus Cremonensis (1113/14-1187)

Bk5-g.22 (item 3)

Translator: Am-z.44 & Bw.3.24; Bg.3.6; RCPSG: Bookstore IBN(2)W.2.11 (item 1)

Gerardus de Harderwyck (d. 1503)


Gerardus de Vliederhoven (d. ca. 1402)

Attributed name: BD7-f.17; Bv.2.21

Germanicus, Julius Caesar (15 BC-AD 19)

Translator: Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10

Gerson, Jean -- see Gerson, Johannes

Gerson, Johannes (1363-1429)

An-y.20An-y.23 (item 1); An-y.23 (item 2); An-y.24BD7-e.12; BD9-c.8; BD15-c.25; BD15-i.20; BD15-i.23; Bx.3.31 (item 2); Bx.3.31 (item 3); Bx.3.31 (item 4); Bx.3.31 (item 5); By.3.20 (item 2)

Attributed name: Eg6-e.20 (item 3)

Gerson, Johannes [pseudo-]


Gherardo da Cremona -- see Gerardus Cremonensis

Giamblico -- see Jamblichus

Giamboni, Bono (13th century)

Translator: Bw.3.19 (erroneously attributed)

Gilbert de La Porrée, Bishop -- see Gilbertus Porretanus

Gilbert of Hoyland -- see Gilbertus de Hoilandia

Gilbertus de Hoilandia (d. 1172)


Gilbertus Porretanus  [pseudo-]

Bf.3.18; Mu51-b.16

Giles, of Rome -- see Aegidius (Columna) Romanus

Gilles de Corbeil -- see Aegidius Corboliensis

Gillis van Delft -- see Delphus, Aegidius

Giovanni Baptista Spagnuoli -- see Baptista Mantuanus

Giovanni d'Andrea -- see Andreae, Johannes

Giovanni di Fidanza -- see Bonaventura, S.

Girardinus, Bartholomaeus -- see Bartholomaeus Girardinus

Giustiniani, Leonardo -- see Justiniano, Leonardo

Giustiniano, Bernardo -- see Justinianus, Bernardus

Giustino, Marco Giuniano -- see Justinus, Marcus Junianus

Glanvilla, Bartholomaeus de -- see Bartholomaeus Anglicus

Gobi, Jean -- see Gobius, Johannes (junior)

Gobius, Johannes (junior) (fl. 1323-1350)

Be.3.23 (item 2)

Godefridus of Vorau -- see Gotfridus Vorowiensis

Gomes, de Lisboa -- see Gometius Ulissiponensis

Gometius Ulissiponensis (d. 1513)


Gomez de Ulixbona -- see Gometius Ulissiponensis

Gorckheim, Henricus de -- see Henricus de Gorichen

Gordon, Bernard de -- see Bernardus de Gordonio

Gordonio, Bernardus de -- see Bernardus de Gordonio

Gorichem, Henricus de -- see Henricus de Gorichen

Gorichen, Henricus de -- see Henricus de Gorichen

Gorkum, Heinrich von -- see Henricus de Gorichen

Gossuin de Metz (fl. 1245)


Gotfridus Vorowiensis (fl. 1332)

BD7-c.10 & 167514

Gottfried of Vorau -- see Gotfridus Vorowiensis

Grammaticus, Galfridus -- see Galfridus Anglicus

Grapaldi, Francisco Mario -- see Grapaldus, Franciscus Marius

Grapaldus, Franciscus Marius (1460-1515)

BC7-y.11 (item 1)

Gratian -- see Gratianus

Gratianus (12th century)


Gratianus Brixiensis (d. 1506)


Graziano, da Brescia -- see Gratianus Brixiensis

Gregorius I, Pont. Max. (ca. 540-604)

BD9-e.5; Be.3.24; Bk6-d.1; T.C.L. 237

Gregorius IX, Pont. Max. (ca. 1148-1241)

Bm5-f.16; Bv.1.7Bw.1.6

Gregorius Tifernas, Publius (1413/4-ca. 1464)

Translator: Bg.1.4; Bl7-e.1

Gregoropoulos, Iohannes -- see Gregoropulus, Johannes

Gregoropulus, Johannes (d. 1505)

BD12-a.8 & Bw.1.11

Gregory I, Pope -- see Gregorius I, Pont. Max.


Griffolini, Francesco -- see Griffolinus (Aretinus), Franciscus

Griffolinus (Aretinus), Franciscus (fl. 1420)

Editor: By.3.38

Translator: Bf.2.6 & BD9-b.7; Bx.3.24; Bx.3.25; Bx.3.44By.3.39

Grocinus, Guilelmus -- see Grocyn, William

Grocyn, William (1446?-1519)

Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10

Gross, Erhart (d. 1450)


Grosseteste, Robertus -- see Robertus [Grosseteste] Linconiensis

Grünpeck, Josephus (ca. 1473-ca. 1532)


Gruytrode, Jacobus de  -- see Jacobus de Gruytrode

Gualtherus Anglicus -- see Anonymus Neveleti

Guarino, Veronese -- see Guarinus Veronensis

Guarinus Veronensis (1374-1460)

Translator: Bg.1.4; Bl7-e.1; Bx.3.28

Guarinus Veronensis [pseudo-]


Gubbio, Busone da -- see Busone da Gubbio

Guerri, Bindus -- see Bindo de Senis

Guglielmo da Saliceto -- see Saliceto, Guilelmus de

Guiard des Moulins -- see Guyart des Moulins

Guido, de Monte Rocherii -- see Guido de Monte Rochen

Guido de Cauliaco (ca.1300-1368)

Bh.1.17 (item 1)

Guido de Monte Rochen (fl. 1333)

BD7-f.12; BE6-h.8

Guilelmus Alvernus, Bishop of Paris -- see Guillermus Alvernus, Episcopus Parisiensis

Guilelmus Brito (d. before 1285)

160421160826BD12-a.13, 14Bm9-d.11 & Bo1-d.4; Bo1-d.1, Bo1-d.3; Bo1-d.2 & 160419; Bx.1.1-4

Guilelmus de Lanicia (ca. 1310)

BE6-h.13 (item 1)

Guilelmus Ockham -- see Ockam, Guilielmus

Guilelmus Parisiensis [pseudo-]


Guillaume de Lanicia -- see Guilelmus de Lanicia

Guillaume Gallicus -- see Guillelmus Gallici

Guillaume le Breton -- see Guilelmus Brito

Guillelmus de Ockam -- see Ockam, Guilielmus

Guillelmus Gallici (fl. 1372)

Editor: 167510

Guillelmus Horborch (ca. 1320-1384)

Editor: 167510

Guillermus Altissiodorensis (d. 1231)


Guillermus Alvernus, Episcopus Parisiensis (ca. 1180-1249)


Guillermus Parisiensis [pseudo-] -- see Guilelmus Parisiensis [pseudo-]

Gulielmus de Lavicea -- see Guilelmus de Lanicia

Guy, de Chauliac -- see Guido de Cauliaco

Guy, de Montrocher -- see Guido de Monte Rochen

Guyart des Moulins (ca. 1251-1313)

Translator: Dq-b.10