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Names associated with each book, including authors, editors, translators, attributed authorship etc (but not printers/publishers for which there is a separate index). Also included are occasional 'name in title' headings as used by ISTC/Goff.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC, with cross references from the variant forms frequently found in other catalogues of incunabula; other cross references are given from Library of Congress forms of headings (as used in the rare books search records). Dates are supplied mainly from Bod-inc's 'Index of authors, translators, editors, dedicatees' (vol. 6, pp. 2749-2831); it should be noted that these dates sometimes differ from the dates given for the same person by Library of Congress.

References are to authorship of works, unless otherwise stated.


Baco, Johannes -- see Johannes Baco

Bacon, John -- see Johannes Baco

Baconthorpe, John -- see Johannes Baco

Bade, Josse -- see Badius Ascensius, Jodocus

Badius Ascensius, Jodocus (ca. 1461-1535)

Commentator: BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BD9-d.18; Bl1-d.11

Editor: Bl1-d.11; Bn6-d.12 (item 1); Eg7-b.16

Badius, Jodocus -- see Badius Ascensius, Jodocus

Baebius Italicus (fl. AD 90)


Attributed name: BD7-f.16

Bagellardo, Paolo -- see Bagellardus, Paulus

Bagellardus, Paulus (d. 1492/4)

By.3.4 & Bx.3.5

Baglionus de Monte Ubiano (15th century)


Bagnacavallus, Philippus -- see Philippus Bagnacavallus

Balbi, Giovanni -- see Balbus, Johannes

Balbi, Pietro -- see Balbus, Petrus

Balbus, Johannes (d. 1298)


Balbus, Petrus (1399-1479)

Translator: Be.1.14; Bg.3.17; Bn6-d.1

Baldach, Canamusali de -- see Canamusali de Baldach

Balma, Henricus de -- see Henricus de Balma

Baptista Mantuanus (1448-1516)

BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BC4-c.22 (item 1); BC4-c.22 (item 3); BC15-e.1

Baptista Siculus (15th century)

Be.3.11 & 167501

Barbaro, Ermolao -- see Barbarus, Hermolaus

Barbarus, Hermolaus (1453-1493)


Editor: By.3.13

Bartholomaeus Anglicus (d. 1250)

Ag-x.11; Ag-x.13; Ag-y.8; Ag-y.9; Ag-y.21 & 167503Ag-y.22; Ah-y.18 & Ag-y.10; BD9-c.4; Bw.2.5; RCPSG: Bookstore BAR

Bartholomaeus Brixiensis (fl. 1258)


Bartholomaeus de Bellatis -- see Bellatis, Bartholomaeus de

Bartholomaeus Fontius -- see Fontius, Bartholomaeus

Bartholomaeus Girardinus (15th century)

Editor: Be.3.3

Bartholomaeus Merula -- see Merula, Bartholomaeus

Bartholomaeus Platina -- see Platina, Bartholomaeus

Bartholomaeus Sibylla -- see Sibylla, Bartholomaeus

Bartholomew, the Englishman -- see Bartholomaeus Anglicus

Bartolo of Sassoferrato -- see Bartolus de Saxoferrato

Bartolomeo da Brescia -- see Bartholomaeus Brixiensis

Bartolus de Saxoferrato (1313/14-1357)

Bv.1.1Bv.1.2; Bv.1.3; Bv.1.4

Attributed name: Mu38-c.17 

Barzizius, Christophorus [‘medicus’] (d. 1445)


Commentator: By.2.1

Barzizius, Gasparinus (ca. 1360-1431)

Bf.3.15 (item 2); By.3.17

Barzizius, Guinfortus (1406-1463)

Bf.3.15 (item 2)

Barzizza, Cristoforo -- see Barzizius, Christophorus [‘medicus’]

Barzizza, Gasparino -- see Barzizius, Gasparinus

Barzizza, Guiniforte -- see Barzizius, Guinfortus

Basil, Saint, Bishop of Caesarea -- see Basilius Magnus

Basilius Magnus (ca. 330-379)


Bassinis, Johannes Antonius -- see Bassinus, Johannes Antonius de

Bassinis, Johannes Antonius de (fl. 1461-1494)

Editor: Bx.1.13By.2.1

Baume, Henri de -- see Henricus de Balma

Beauvais, Vincent of -- see Vincentius Bellovacensis

Bebel, Heinrich -- see Bebelius, Henricus

Bebelius, Henricus (1472-?1516)


Beccadelli, Antonio -- see Beccadelli Panormita, Antonius

Beccadelli, Thomas (fl. 1502)

Bw.3.9 & BD16-e.4S.M. 220

Beccadelli Panormita, Antonius (ca. 1394-1471)

Bf.3.15 (item 2)

Beccaria, Antonio -- see Beccaria, Antonius

Beccaria, Antonius (ca. 1400-1474)

Translator: Bk5-g.22 (item 2)

Beckenhaub, Johannes (fl. 1479)

Editor: 167504 

Beckenhub, Johannes -- see Beckenhaub, Johannes

Beda [pseudo-]


Bede, the Venerable, Saint -- see Beda and Beda [pseudo-]

Beisselius, Jodocus -- see Beysselius, Jodocus

Belcari, Feo (1410-1484)

Translator: Be.3.5Bw.3.15

Bellatis, Bartholomaeus de (d. 1479)

Editor: By.2.3167513

Bellovacensis, Vincentius -- see Vincentius Bellovacensis

Bellunensis, Urbanus -- see Bolzanius, Urbanus

Benedetto da Norcia -- see Benedictus de Nursia

Benedictus Brognolus -- see Brognolus, Benedictus

Benedictus de Nursia (late 15th century)

An-y.37Bx.3.12 (item 1); Bx.3.19 (item 1)

Benedictus Riguardatus -- see Benedictus de Nursia

Benevento, Marco da -- see Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento

Benevento, Marcus Alexandreus de -- see Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento

Benivieni, Girolamo (1453-1542)


Benvenuto da Imola (1330s-1387/8)

Bf.1.4 (attributed)

Benvenutus de Campesanis (1250/2-1323)


Benzi, Ugo -- see Hugo Senensis (Bentius)

Benzo, Ugo -- see Hugo Senensis (Bentius)

Berardi, Cristoforo -- see Berardi da Pesauro, Cristoforo

Berardi da Pesauro, Cristoforo (15th century)

Editor: Bf.1.4

Bercheur, Pierre -- see Berchorius, Petrus

Berchorius, Petrus (ca. 1290-1362)

167504BD7-c.2; BD9-a.12

Berçuire, Pierre -- see Berchorius, Petrus

Berengarius de Landora

BD7-c.10 & 167514 (attributed)

Bérenger, de Landorre -- see Berengarius de Landora 

Bergamo, Paulus de -- see Paulus de Bergamo

Bergamo, Petrus de -- see Petrus de Bergamo

Bernard, de Gordon -- see Bernardus de Gordonio

Bernard of Clairvaux, Saint -- see Bernardus Claravallensis and Bernardus Claravallensis [pseudo-]

Bernard Silvestris -- see Bernardus Silvestris

Bernardo (Lapini) da Siena (ca. 1430-after 1474)

Commentator: Be.3.7, 8Bf.1.1S.M. 1959

Bernardus Claravallensis (1090-1153)

BD7-c.11; Bf.3.15 (item 2)

Bernardus Claravallensis [pseudo-]

BD7-e.8; Bx.3.11; By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.26 (item 1)

Bernardus de Albertis -- see Albertis, Bernardus de

Bernardus de Gordonio (fl. 1285-1320)

Bg.2.4; Bx.3.42 & RCPSG: Bookstore BER; Dk.2.8 (item 2)

Bernardus de Parentinis (14th century)

Be.3.9 (item 2)

Bernardus Parmensis (d. 1266)


Commentator: Bm5-f.16 

Bernardus Silvestris (ca.1100-1160)

Bx.3.11; By.3.20 (item 1); By.3.26 (item 1)

Beroaldo, Filippo -- see Beroaldus, Philippus

Beroaldus, Philippus (1453-1505)

BD7-e.7; Bh.3.24Bw.1.5

Editor: Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428; Bw.3.10; Dr.2.11 (item 2) & Bg.3.2

Bersuire, Pierre -- Berchorius, Petrus

Bertapaglia, Leonardo da -- see Leonardus Bertapalia

Bertapalia, Leonardus -- see Leonardus Bertapalia

Berthorius, Petrus -- see Berchorius, Petrus

Bessarion, Johannes, Cardinal (ca. 1403-1472)

An-x.13 & Bf.2.8; Bx.3.4

Translator: Bx.3.4

Beysselius, Jodocus (fl. 1474-1494)

Author of manuscript verses bound in with volume: Eg6-e.20

Biel, Gabriel (ca. 1410/15-1495)


Bindo de Senis (d. 1390)

BD7-b.6; Bo2-i.15; Bx.3.39

Bindus de Senis -- see Bindo de Senis

Bindus Guerri, Senensis -see Bindo de Senis

Biondo Flavio -- see Blondus, Flavius

Birago, Lampugnino -- see Biragus, Lampugninus

Biragus, Lampugninus (d. 1472)

Translator: Bf.2.19 & Bg.3.13

Blesensis, Petrus -- see Petrus Blesensis

Blois, Peter of -- see Petrus Blesensis

Blondus, Flavius (1392-1463)

Be.2.6; Bg.3.24

Blondus, Gaspar (1423/43-1493)

Editor: Be.2.6

Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313?-1375)

Be.1.12 (item 1); Be.1.12 (item 2); Be.3.19; Bf.1.4; Bf.1.9Bf.2.20; Bg.1.11Bg.2.26; Bm8-g.10; Bn6-h.4; Bn7-b.4

Translator: Bh.1.19

Boendale, Jan van -- see Clerk, Jan de

Boethius (ca. 480-524)

BC14-c.11 (item 1); Bg.1.10; Bw.2.1; E.x.52; Mu6-x.16; Mu51-b.16

Translator and commentator: Bf.3.18

Boethius [pseudo-]

BC14-c.11 (item 2); Mu6-x.16

Bolzanio, Urbano -- see Bolzanius, Urbanus

Bolzanius, Urbanus (1443-1524)

Editor: Bh.2.19

Bologni, Girolamo -- see Bononius, Hieronymus

Bonaciolus, Ludovicus (15th cent.)


Bonacciuoli, Luigi -- see Bonaciolus, Ludovicus

Bonaccursius de Montemagno -- see Montemagno, Bonaccursius de

Bonaguida Cremonensis (fl. 1370)

Editor: 167510

Bonatti, Guido -- see Bonatus, Guido

Bonatus, Guido (d. 1296/8)

BD9-e.12 & BE6-c.3

Bonaventura, S. (1221-1274)

BE6-h.13 (item 1: attributed); BE6-h.13 (item 2: attributed); E.1939.65.2549

Commentator: T.C.L. f53

Bonaventura, S. [pseudo-]

BD7-b.8; BD7-c.8; Be.3.23 (item 1); BE6-h.13 (item 1); Bv.2.24Bx.3.31 (item 1)

Bonaventura de Castello (b. ca.1200)

Bh.1.17 (item 1)

Bondini, Alessandro -- see Bondinus, Alexander

Bondinus, Alexander (d. after 1505)

Editor: Bh.2.4 & Bh10-d.9

Boneto, Giovanni Battista (15th century)

Editor: Bx.3.1

Bonifacius VIII, Pont. Max. (ca.1235-1303)

BD9-a.10; BD9-a.11; Bx.1.6; Bx.1.7

Bonihominis, Alfonso -- see Alphonsus Boni Hominis

Boninsegni, Jacopo Fiorino de (1430/40-ca. 1497)


Boniohannes de Messana (fl. first half of 14th century)


Bonisoli, Ognibene -- see Leonicenus, Omnibonus

Bonjohannes, de Messana -- see Boniohannes de Messana

Bono, Giamboni -- see Giamboni, Bono

Bononius, Hieronymus (1454-1517)

Editor: BD7-c.13; BD9-c.1; Be.2.2; Bg.3.19; Bx.2.22

Borgo San Sepolcro, Luca di -- see Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri

Borgognoni, Teodorico -- see Borgognonus, Theodoricus

Borgognonus, Theodoricus (ca.1205-1298)

Bh.1.17 (item 1)

Borro, Gasparino (d. 1495/8)


Bosone de Gubbio -- see Busone da Gubbio

Bossius, Donatus (1436-after 1502)


Bosso, Matteo -- see Bossus, Matthaeus

Bossus, Matthaeus (ca. 1427-1502)

BD7-f.10; Bh.3.24

Bottoni, Bernardo -- see Bernardus Parmensis

Bottonus, Bernardus -- see Bernardus Parmensis

Braccesi, Alessandro -- see Braccio, Alessandro

Braccio, Alessandro (1445-1503)

Translator: Bw.3.33

Bracciolini, Jacopo -- see Poggio, Jacopo de

Bracciolini, Poggio -- see Poggius Florentinus

Bracius, Gabriel (fl. 1498)

Editor: By.3.41

Braga, Martinus de -- see Martinus de Braga

Brant, Sebastian (ca. 1458-1521)

BD1-g.4; Bw.3.9 & BD16-e.4Bx.3.38; S.M. 220

Brebia, Gabriel (b. 1450s)

Commentator: Df-b.28

Brescia, Bartolomeo da -- see Bartholomaeus Brixiensis

Brescia, Graziano da -- see Gratianus Brixiensis

Breton, Guillaume le -- see Guilelmus Brito

Briciis, Jacobus de -- see Jacobus de Campo

Bricot, Thomas (d. 1516)

BC33-d.8 (item 2); Eg8-a.18 (attributed)

Editor: Eg8-a.18

Brielis, Adrianus de -- see Adrianus de Brielis 

Britannicus, Johannes -- see Johannes Britannicus

Brito, Guilelmus -- see Guilelmus Brito

Brixiensis, Bartholomaeus -- see Bartholomaeus Brixiensis

Brixiensis, Gratianus -- see Gratianus Brixiensis

Brognolus, Benedictus (1427-1502)

Be.2.15 (corrector); Bw.2.18

Editor: 167512Bf.2.14; Bw.2.9; Bw.2.18; Bx.2.18 & BD7-d.20; By.2.10

Brugnoli, Benedetto -- see Brognolus, Benedictus

Brulefer, Stephanus (d. 1499)

Bk5-g.13 (item 2)

Bruni, Leonardo -- see Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus

Bruno, da Longoburgo -- see Brunus Longoburgensis

Bruno, Episcopus Herbipolensis (d. 1045)

Editor: T.C.L. 285

Bruno, Gabriello -- see Brunus, Gabriel

Bruno, Saint -- see Bruno Carthusiensis

Bruno, Saint, Bishop of Würzburg -- see Bruno, Episcopus Herbipolensis

Bruno Carthusiensis (ca. 1030-1101)


Brunschwig, Hieronymus (ca. 1450 - ca. 1512/13)


Brunus, Gabriel (d. ca. 1508)

Dw-e.18Dw-g.16Euing Add. q27

Brunus Aretinus, Leonardus (ca. 1369-1444)

BC28-f.7; Be.2.8 (item 1) & Bh.1.2 (item 1); Be.3.6; Bf.3.15 (item 2); Bg.2.12; Bh.1.19; Bm8-g.10; Bn6-h.4; Bn7-b.4; Bx.3.30; By.3.6

Translator: Be.3.6; Bw.3.27; Bx.3.28; By.2.16; Eg7-b.3

Attributed author: Bg.3.22; Bx.3.12 (item 3)

Brunus Longoburgensis (b. ca.1200)

Bh.1.17 (item 1)

Brunus von Kärthen, Bishop of Würzburg -- see Bruno, Episcopus Herbipolensis

Brutus, Marcus Junius [pseudo-]


Bruxella, Arnaldus de (d. after 1492)

Editor: By.3.38

Bruxellensis, Georgius -- see Georgius Bruxellensis

Bruxelles, Georges de -- see Georgius Bruxellensis

Buoninsegni, Jacopo Fiorino de' -- see Boninsegni, Jacopo Fiorino de

Burgo, Lucas de -- see Lucas de Burgo S. Sepulchri

Burgos, Vicente de (15th century)

Translator: Ag-y.22

Buridan, Jean -- see Buridanus, Johannes

Buridanus, Johannes (1295/1305-1358/61)

BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8); Eg8-c.21

Burlaeus, Gualtherus (ca. 1275-1344/5)

An-y.5; An-y.41Bd.2.13; BD7-f.15; BD9-d.9 (item 2); Bx.2.6By.3.15Eg8-b.10; Eg8-b.11 & Bd9-d.9 (item 1)

Burley, Walter -- see Burlaeus, Gualtherus

Burtius, Nicolaus (ca. 1450-1518)


Busche, Hermann von dem -- see Buschius, Hermannus

Buschius, Hermannus (ca. 1468-1534)


Busone da Gubbio (d. after 1316/17)


Bussi, Giovanni Andrea-- see Bussis, Johannes Andreas de

Bussis, Johannes Andreas de (1417-1475)


Editor: BD9-a.5, 6Be.1.7; Be.1.14; Be.2.3; Be.2.7Bf.2.11Bg.1.4; Bg.3.17; Bh7-b.8; Bh9-d.1; Bn6-d.1; By.1.7By.1.8By.2.19; Cm.1.5; Dn-b.7, 8 & Bv.1.10, 11; Dq-a.1, 2T.C.L. f12 & Bf.1.13

Revisor: Bf.2.2

Buzius, Petrus (15th century)

Editor: By.2.1