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Names associated with each book, including authors, editors, translators, attributed authorship etc (but not printers/publishers for which there is a separate index). Also included are occasional 'name in title' headings as used by ISTC/Goff.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC, with cross references from the variant forms frequently found in other catalogues of incunabula; other cross references are given from Library of Congress forms of headings (as used in the rare books search records). Dates are supplied mainly from Bod-inc's 'Index of authors, translators, editors, dedicatees' (vol. 6, pp. 2749-2831); it should be noted that these dates sometimes differ from the dates given for the same person by Library of Congress.

References are to authorship of works, unless otherwise stated.


Macer, Floridus

Attributed name: Bw.3.8

Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius -- see Macrobius, Aurelius Theodosius

Macrobius, Aurelius Theodosius (fl. 430)

Bf.2.12; K.T. f1 (item 2)

Madius, Petrus (15th century)

Editor: Bh.1.19

Madjousi, Ali Ibn-Abbas al -- see Haly, Abbas

Maggio, Giuniano -- see Maius, Junianus

Magister, Johannes -- see Johannes de Magistris

Magistri, Martinus

BC33-d.8 (item 1)

Magistris, Johannes de -- see Johannes de Magistris

Magister, Martinus -- see Magistri, Martinus

Magni, Jacobus (ca. 1360-1414/5)


Magninus Mediolanensis (d. 1368)

An-y.36By.3.18 (item 1); By.3.31

Attributed name: BD9-d.13 & S.M. 1984; S.M. 1985; S.M. 1986

Magnus, Albertus -- see Albertus Magnus and Albertus Magnus [pseudo-]

Maio, Giuniano -- see Maius, Junianus

Maître, Jean le -- see Johannes de Magistris

Maius, Junianus (d.1493)

Bf.1.10; Bg.1.12

Majūsī, ʻAlī ibn al-ʻAbbās -- see Haly, Abbas

Malatesta, Sigismondo Pandolfo, signore di Rimini (1417-1468)

Dedicatee: Be.1.10

Malerbi, Niccolò -- see Malermi, Niccolò

Malermi, Niccolò (1422-1481)

Translator: By.1.9, 10; Bx.1.8

Mamoris, Petrus (15th century)


Mancinelli, Antonio -- see Mancinellus, Antonius

Mancinellus, Antonius (1452-ca. 1505)

BC3-f.30; Mu50-e.33

Editor: Bl7-e.1

Mancinus, Dominicus (d. by 1514)

T.C.L. 451

Manducator, Petrus -- see Petrus Comestor

Manfredi, Girolamo -- see Manfredis, Hieronymus de

Manfredis, Hieronymus de (d.1493)


Manilio, Sebastiano (fl. 1492-1494)

Translator: P.3.10

Manilius, Marcus (fl. 1st century AD)

Bh6-d.4, Bh.2.2 & Bh.3.10

Manilius Romanus, Sebastianus -- see Manilio, Sebastiano

Mantuanus, Baptista -- see Baptista Mantuanus

Manutius, Aldus, Romanus (1449 or 50-1515)


Editor: Bh.2.4 & Bh10-d.9Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10; Bh.2.6 & Bh10-d.11; Bh.2.7, 8 & Bh10-d.12 & Bl10-d.10Bh.2.9 & Bh10-d.13Bh.2.19Bh.3.21

Marcellinus, Ammianus -- see Ammianus Marcellinus

Marcello, Pietro -- see Marcellus, Petrus

Marcellus, Nonius -- see Nonius Marcellus

Marcellus, Petrus (ca. 1376-1428)


Marchese, Francesco Elio -- see Marchisius Parthenopeius, Franciscus Aelius

Marchesinus, Johannes (fl. 1280-1300)

BD7-e.2; Bf.1.2

Marchesius, Franciscus Aelius -- see Marchisius Parthenopeius, Franciscus Aelius

Marchisius Parthenopeius, Franciscus Aelius (d. 1517)

Editor: Bx.2.20

Marco da Benevento -- see Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento

Marco, da Rimini (15th century)


Marcus Alexandreus de Benevento (ca.1465-ca.1522)

Editor: Eg8-a.9

Marianus Volaterranus


Marliani, Raimondo -- see Marlianus, Raimundus

Marlianus, Raimundus (15th century)

BD7-c.13; BD9-c.1Bx.2.22

Marmita, Gellius Bernardinus (fl. 1440)

Bh9-d.9 (item 2)

Commentator: BD7-b.7; Bh9-d.9 (item 2)

Editor: BD7-b.7

Marmitta, Gellio Bernardino -- see Marmita, Gellius Bernardinus

Maro, Andreas (1474-1527)


Marochitanus, Samuel -- see Samuel, Rabbi

Marrochinus, Dominicus -- see Dominicus Marrochinus

Marsupinus Aretinus, Carolus (1398-1453)

Translator: By.3.9

Attributed translator: BC28-f.7

Marsuppini, Carlo -- see Marsupinus Aretinus, Carolus

Marsus, Petrus (1442-1512)

Commentator: 167506

Martial -- see Martialis, Marcus Valerius

Martialis, Marcus Valerius (ca. 40-ca. 104)

Bf.3.16; Bg.2.22; By.3.29

Martin, of Braga, Saint -- see Martinus de Braga

Martínez de Ampiés, Martín  (15th century)

Translator: By.3.1

Martinus de Braga (ca. 520-580)


Martinus, Magistri -- see Magistri, Martinus

Marzio, Galeotto -- see Galeottus, Martius

Mataratius, Franciscus (d. 1518)


Commentator: Bg.3.15

Mateusz, z Krakowa, Cardinal -- see Matthaeus de Cracovia

Matheolus Perusinus (d. 1470/80)

Bw.3.1 (item 1)

Matteo, da Ferrara -- see Mattheo da Ferrara

Matthaeus de Cracovia (1345-1410)

Attributed name: BD7-e.8

Mattheo da Ferrara (15th/16th century)

Translator: S.M. 1947

Mattiolo da Perugia -- see Matheolus Perusinus

Maturanzio, Francesco -- see Mataratius, Franciscus

Maurus, Honoratus Servius -- see Servius Maurus, Honoratus

Maurus, Terentianus -- see Terentianus, Maurus

Mayno de Mayneri -- see Magninus Mediolanensis

Mayno de Mayneriis - see Magninus Mediolanensis

Mazolus, Alexander (15th/16th century)


Mazzoli, Alessandro -- see Mazolus, Alexander

Mechlinia, Cornelius Roelans de -- see Roelans de Mechlinia, Cornelius

Meder, Johannes (d. 1518)


Mediolano, Jacobus de -- see Jacobus Mediolanensis

Mediolano, Lanfrancus de -- see Lanfrancus Mediolanensis

Mela, Pomponius (fl. 40-45 AD)

An-y.21; Bk5-g.22Bx.3.2; By.3.13

Menardus Eisnacensis -- see Menardus Monachus

Menardus Monachus (15th century)

Da-a.2; Da-a.13, 14Da-b.1 & Euing Add. f45; Dw-a.14

Merlin, Jacques -- see Merlinus, Jacobus

Merlinus, Jacobus (15th century)

Editor: RB 3058

Merula, Alexandrinus -- see Merula, Georgius

Merula, Bartholomaeus (15th century)

Editor: 167508

Merula, Giorgio -- see Merula, Georgius

Merula, Georgius (1430/1-1494)

Bf.3.10 (item 2); Bg.2.17, 18

Editor: Bf.2.1Bf.2.13; Bg.2.17, 18; Bg.2.22; Bw.2.3

Messana, Boniohannes de -- see Boniohannes de Messana

Mesue, Johannes [pseudo-]


Metz, Gautier de -- see Gossuin de Metz 

Metz, Gossuin de -- see Gossuin de Metz

Michael Scotus (d. ca. 1236)

Ak-a.40 & Al-a.75Ak-a.41 & Al-b.16; Al-a.6 & Al-c.9; Al-a.23 & Al-a.76Al-a.71; Al-b.17 & Al-b.47 & An-e.21Al-b.45Al-b.46 & Al-c.7 & Bx.3.29; Al-b.48; Al-b.54; Al-c.8Al-c.10; An-c.20; An-e.20

Translator: An-y.2 & An-y.7

Middelburgo, Paulus de -- see Paulus de Middelburgo

Miélot, Jean (d. 1472)


Milan, Lanfranco of -- see Lanfrancus Mediolanensis

Millano, Giovanni Battista -- see Millanus, Johannes Baptista

Millanus, Johannes Baptista (15th century)


Minutianus, Alexander (1450-1522)

Editor: Bi2-b.4

Minuziano, Alessandro -- see Minutianus, Alexander

Modestus [pseudo-]

Bg.3.9; Bh3-e.13 (item 3), BC17-x.1 (item 1), Bg.3.14 & E.1939.65.1428; Bx.3.47 & E.1939.65.1381; E.1939.65.1438 (item 4)

Molitor, Ulrich -- see Molitoris, Ulricus

Molitoris, Ulricus (1440-1507/8)

An-y.13An-y.33; An-y.34; An-y.35

Mombritius, Boninus (1424-1500)


Mombrizio, Bonino -- see Mombritius, Boninus

Monachus, Menardus -- see Menardus Monachus

Mondellus, Ludovicus (d. after 1510)

Editor: By.3.35

Mondino de' Liuzzi -- see Mundinus

Moneliensis, Franciscus -- see Franciscus Moneliensis

Montaldo, Adamo -- see Montaltus, Adam

Montaltus, Adam (fl. 1456-1493)

Editor: Be.1.13

Monte, Lambertus de -- see Lambertus de Monte

Monteferrato, Georgius de


Glossator: R.6.16

Montemagno, Bonaccursius de (ca. 1391-1429)

Bx.3.12 (item 3)

Monte Rochen, Guido de -- see Guido de Monte Rochen

Monte Rutilo, Samuel de -- see Samuel de Monte Rutilo

Monte Ubiano, Baglionus de -- see Baglionus de Monte Ubiano

Moravus, Augustinus -- see Augustinus Moravus 

Moretti, Matteo -- Moretus, Matthaeus

Moretus, Antonius (fl. 1470-1512)

Corrector: Bg.2.32

Editor: BD7-c.7 (item 1)

Moretus, Matthaeus (15th century)

Editor: Bh.1.11; By.1.14

Morsiano, Petrus Andrea (15th century)

Editor: Dk.2.8 (item 4); Ds.2.2

Morsianus, Petrus Andreas -- see Morsiano, Petrus Andrea

Moschus, Johannes (ca. 550-619/634)


Moulins, Guyart de -- see Guyart des Moulins

Mousouros, Markos -- see Musurus, Marcus

Mügeln, Heinrich von -- see Heinrich von Mügeln

Müller, Johann, of Königsberg -- see Regiomontanus, Johannes

Mundinus (d. 1326?)

Bg.2.1; By.3.8Dk.2.8 (item 4); Ds.2.2

Mure, Conradus de -- see Conradus de Mure

Musurus, Marcus (ca. 1470-1517)


Editor: BD12-a.8 & Bw.1.11; Bh20-a.13 & Bh.2.15; Bl9-g.15, 16, Bc.2.25, 26 & Bb.2.29

Mutianus Scholasticus (6th century)

Translator: 167519

Mutius, Prosdocimus (15th cent.)

Corrector: Am-z.44 & Bw.3.24

Mutius, Avenantius (15th cent.)

Editor: An-y.15

Mutius, Venantius -- see Mutius, Avenantius