Astesanus de Ast: Summa de casibus conscientiae.

[Strassburg: Johann Mentelin, not after 1473]
Fol. [1-910 1012 11-1710 1812 19-2810 298 3010 3110 (31/7+1) 32-4310]. [433] leaves (403 blank).
Collation follows that of GW, not BMC (i.e. final gathering is of 10 leaves, not 12).   Traces of stamped signatures referring to the folding of the sheets rather than to the gathering sequence, with multiple repetition of the letter “a”:  see, for example, lower right-hand corner of leaves 4/1-4/5, 6/1-6/5, 10/1-10/6, 37/1-37/5.
ISTC ia01162000; GW 2751; Goff A1162; BMC I 57 (IC. 568); CIBN A-632; BSB-Ink A-795.

GIP number: A107
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bw.1.13 (see main library entry for this item)
Variants: 1/1r, col. 1, lines 4-6:  as in GW’s main transcription, not as in GW Anm;  40/9v (f. 402v), final line:  fifth word reads “n” [with comma above] as in CIBN A-632, not as in GW “u” [with comma above].
Note: The final gathering 43 is bound at the beginning.
Provenance: Peter (16th century): inscription “Ich [...] Peter” in red ink within an elaborate initial letter “S” of the running book number “Septimus” on 32/1r (f. 314r).
William Hunter (1718-1783), physician and anatomist: source unknown.
University of Glasgow: Hunterian bequest 1807; Hunterian Museum bookplate and book label on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “Z.3.19”.
Binding: 18th-century gold-tooled red goatskin;  covers have a centre panel formed by a floral roll, with an ornament at each outer corner of the panel, and a border formed by a gold fillet, the same floral roll, and a foliate roll;  gold-tooled spine;  marbled endpapers;  gilt-edged leaves.  Size:  402 x 275 mm.
Leaf size: 390 x 265 mm.
Annotations: Marginal correction in an early hand on 2/1v (f. 11v).
Decoration: On 1/1r a ten-line initial “V”, which is supplied in buff and brown to resemble foliage, is set on a square dark blue ground with a pomegranate at its centre, and the page is bordered with floral stems in pink, blue, buff and green, from one of which is suspended a grotesque head with elongated ears; on 1/2r at the opening of book I an eight-line initial “D”, which is supplied in shades of pink to resemble foliage, is set on a square saffron-coloured ground with a pink flower in the body of the initial, and the page has two borders of floral stems which incorporate four birds and two ape-like creatures; seven and eight-line initials at the beginning of books II-VIII are supplied in a wide range of colours on patterned square grounds including an initial “E” on 23/7r (f. 231r), which features a parrot and a magpie, and an initial “C” on 32/1r (f. 314r), which features an owl capturing a parrot; on 43/1r (f. 424r) a seven-line initial “C”, which is supplied in shades of purple to resemble foliage, is infilled with a flower set on a patterned blue background; other initials throughout supplied in red, blue, or green, some with decorative pen-work; capital strokes and paragraph marks supplied in red throughout; running headings “Liber” || “Primus” - “Liber” || “Octauus” supplied in red or occasionally in blue; foliated in red ink “1”-“135” in an early hand from 1/2-14/4 (ff. 2-136).
Imperfections: None. 

Marginal decoration in Astesanus de Ast: Summa de casibus conscientiae