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Names associated with each book, including authors, editors, translators, attributed authorship etc (but not printers/publishers for which there is a separate index). Also included are occasional 'name in title' headings as used by ISTC/Goff.

Headings used are mainly those favoured by ISTC, with cross references from the variant forms frequently found in other catalogues of incunabula; other cross references are given from Library of Congress forms of headings (as used in the rare books search records). Dates are supplied mainly from Bod-inc's 'Index of authors, translators, editors, dedicatees' (vol. 6, pp. 2749-2831); it should be noted that these dates sometimes differ from the dates given for the same person by Library of Congress.

References are to authorship of works, unless otherwise stated.


Da Tempo, Antonio -- see Antonio da Tempo

Danhauser, Petrus (15th century)


Editor: An-y.6; BD15-a.26

Dannhauser, Peter -- see Danhauser, Petrus

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)

167509Bf.1.4; Bf.1.5; RF 1183

Dante Alighieri [pseudo-]


Dares Phrygius [pseudo-]


Dati, Agostino -- see Datus, Augustinus

Datus, Augustinus (1420-1478)

Cn.2.21 (item 2)

David Armenicus (12th century)

Bh.1.17 (item 1)

De Lignamine, Johannes Philippus -- see Lignamine, Johannes Philippus de

De Soto, Alphonsus -- see Soto, Alphonsus de

Decadyus, Justinus (b. ca. 1472)

Editor: Bc.2.1

Decembrio, Pier Candido -- see Decembrius, Petrus Candidus

Decembrius, Petrus Candidus (1399-1477)

An-y.11; Bg.2.25

Translator: BD7-d.16 & Bw.2.14, 15; Bf.1.17

Delft, Gillis van -- see Delphus, Aegidius

Delphus, Aegidius (d. 1524)

Editor: By.3.2 & T.C.L. 450

Demades [pseudo-]


Demosthenes (384-322 BC)


Demosthenes [pseudo-]


Denis, the Carthusian -- see Dionysius Carthusiensis

Desparts, Jacques-- see Jacobus de Partibus

Diaconus, Johannes -- see Johannes Diaconus

Diaconus, Paulus -- see Paulus Diaconus

Diadochus, Proclus -- see Proclus Diadochus

Díaz, Manuel


Dictys Cretensis [pseudo-]


Dio, Chrysostom -- see Dio Chrysostomus

Dio Chrysostomus (ca. 40-after 112)


Diodorus Siculus (fl. ca. 60-30 BC)


Diogenes Cynicus [pseudo-]


Diogenes Laertius (3rd century AD)

167512Bh.2.5 & Bh10-d.10Bx.2.18 & BD7-d.20; Bx.2.20

Diogenes Laertius [pseudo-]


Diogenes Sinopensis [pseudo-] -- see Diogenes Cynicus [pseudo-]

Diomedes (4th or 5th century AD)


Dionysius Carthusiensis (1402/3-1471)


Attributed name: BD7-f.17; Bv.2.21

Dionysius Cartusianus -- see Dionysius Carthusiensis

Dionysius Cato -- see Cato, Dionysius

Dionysius Halicarnaseus (fl. 38-30 BC)

Bf.2.19 & Bg.3.13

Dionysius Periegetes (2nd century AD)

An-y.21; Bf.2.14Bk5-g.22 (item 2); Bw.2.9; By.2.10;

Dioscorides (fl. 1st century AD)


Dioscorides [pseudo-]


Dioscorides Pedanius, of Anazarbos -- see Dioscorides

Doctores Montispessulani regentes

Correctors: Ai-a.22 (item 1); Bw.3.3; Bx.3.46 (item 2)

Doering, Matthias (ca. 1390-1469)

160421160826BD12-a.13, 14Bm9-d.11 & Bo1-d.4; Bo1-d.1, Bo1-d.3; Bo1-d.2 & 160419; Bx.1.1-4

Domenico di Silvestro -- see Dominicus, Silvester

Dominici, Petrus (fl. 1372)


Dominicus, Silvester (ca.1335 - ca.1441)

Additions: Be.1.12 (item 1); Bf.2.20

Dominicus de Canali -- see Canali, Dominicus de

Dominicus de Imola (15th cent.)


Dominicus Marrochinus (fl.1271)

Translator: Bh.1.17 (item 1)

Donato, da Casentino -- see Albanzani, Donato degli

Donatus, Aelius (4th century)

Be.1.11; Bw.3.34; By.2.5

Commentator: BD9-d.18; Bl1-d.11

Duns Scotus, Johannes (ca. 1265-1308)

167513BD7-c.3; BD12-a.10By.2.3; Ea7-x.8 (item 1); Ea7-x.8 (item 2); Eg5-a.16 (item 2)

Duns Scotus, John -- see Duns Scotus, Johannes

Durand, Guillaume -- see Duranti, Guillelmus

Durant, Guillelmus -- see Duranti, Guillelmus

Duranti, Guillelmus (ca. 1230-1296)

BD7-b.15; BD7-c.16; BD12-a.9; Bf71-a.4; Bg.1.6; By.2.14

Dyscolus, Apollonius -- see Apollonius Dyscolus