Avicenna: Canon medicinae. Lib. I-V. [Latin]

Translated by Gerardus Cremonensis.   Add:  De viribus cordis.  Translated by Arnoldus de Villa Nova.   Tabula.

Pavia:  Antonius de Carcano and Hieronymus de Durantibus, 16 Sept. 1482 - 16 Apr. 1483.
Fol. πa4 a-i8 [k]2 l-q10 r-s8 t6 2a-t10 2u6 2x8 2y4 A-I10 k10 aa-dd10 ee-ff6.   The signature of the unsigned eleventh gathering is given as “k” in the register.   [520] leaves, the first blank.
In seven parts, dated: I) 16 Sept. 1482;  II) [9 Sept. or 23 Oct.] 1482;  III) 16 Apr. 1483;  IV & V) undated;  VI) 27 Mar. 1483;  VII) undated.   Book II is dated 'xxiii kalendas Octobris'.
ISTC ia01420000; GW 3118; Goff A1420; BMC VII 997 (IB. 31331); CIBN A-810

GIP number: A131
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Hunterian Bg.3.6 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: The unsigned gathering [k] (i.e. the index of drugs of tract II of Book II) is misbound and is inserted at the end of the manuscript gathering s described in Annotations.
Provenance: Johannes Baptista Bugnis (fl. 1511), physician of Genoa:  see Annotations below.
Ebenezer Brown (d.1828), M.D., Inspector General of Hospitals:  presented to the Hunterian Library in March, 1852 (cf. University of Glasgow Library, Museum records, MR37/14, 15) by Miss Marjory Ettles of Stirling from the library of her late brother-in-law, Dr Ebenezer Brown, a matriculated student in the Greek Class at Glasgow University in 1786 (cf. James Coutts, 'A history of the University of Glasgow from its foundation in 1451 to 1909', pp. 404-5;  W. Innes Addison, 'The matriculation albums of the University of Glasgow from 1728 to 1858', no. 4573).
Marjory Ettles (fl. 1852) of Stirling:  see above.
University of Glasgow:  presented in 1852 (see above);  Hunterian Museum bookplate on front pastedown, with former shelfmark “E.2.8” (a later addition to the Hunterian Library with no connection to William Hunter’s original collection).
Binding: Italy(?), 16th/17th-century parchment;  title written in ink on spine.   Size:  291 x 215 mm.
Leaf size: 281 x 210 mm.
Annotations: Frequent marginal annotations in 16th-century hands, mainly in brown ink but occasionally in red;  occasional manicules and “nota” marks;  occasional running headings.  Inserted after quire r, are eleven leaves of paper ruled in ink in two columns containing the text, written in an early 16th-century hand, of the missing quire s (i.e. the conclusion of Book II);  a twelfth leaf is ruled but without text;  the supplied manuscript text ends with the colophon "Expletus e[st] liber [secundus] canonis quem princeps auicenna d[e] m[edici]nis simplicib[us] edidit", after which the scribe/owner has identified himself:  “Et scriptor har[um] cartar[um] fuit mag[iste]r Johannes bap[tis]ta bugnis ianue[n]sis artium [et] me[dici]ne scolaris anno i5ii die iiij ienuarij i[n] papia, et die 20 augusti i5ii asumpsit insignia doctoractus i[n] artib[us] [et] medicina in Inclita ciuitate Janue”. Foliated “i-303” in brown ink in an early hand from 2a1 to end of volume (the foliation includes the inserted manuscript text but ignores quire [k]).
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf a1, and quires s-t, 3a, 2b-t, u-y (leaves [147]-[368]).

Missing text supplied in manuscript in Avicenna: Canon medicinae. Lib. I-V. [Latin]