Bonifacius VIII, Pont. Max: Liber sextus Decretalium.  With gloss of Johannes Andreae.

Rome:  Ulrich Han (Udalricus Gallus) and Simon Nicolai Chardella, de Lucca, 13 Oct. 1472.
Fol. [14-1 2-38 4-712.6 810 910 (9/10+χ1) 1010 116 1212 136 1410 156 168 17-208.10 2112 2210 236 2410 256 26-278].  [230] leaves.
ISTC ib00979000;  GW 4851;  Goff B979;  BMC IV 23 (IC. 17284);  BSB-Ink B-701.

According to Polain(B) 829, 1/4 is a blank.

GIP number: B94
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BD9-a.10 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: M. B. (15th/16th century):  in the lower margin of 2/1r (f. 4r) on a circular purple ground within a green laurel wreath is an unidentified armorial shield: or bendwise two lines of strapwork azure;  the shield is flanked by the letters “M” and “B” and from the purple ground extend four pieces of looped cord positioned at the cardinal points.
Paulo Cassia (17th/18th century):  inscription on 27/7v (f. 229v) “Paulo Cassia”.
William Euing (1788-1874), insurance broker, Glasgow:  source unknown;  early Euing inventory number “112” in pencil on verso of front free endpaper.
University of Glasgow:  presented by Euing in 1872 according to one of two University Library bookplates on front pastedown.
Binding: Scotland, 19th-century blind-tooled calf over bevelled boards;  marbled endpapers;  red-edged leaves;  blue silk bookmark;  binder’s ticket on verso of front free endpaper “J. Carss & Co. Bookbinders, 31 Argyle Street, Glasgow”.   Size:  410 x 293 mm.
Leaf size: 395 x 281 mm.
Annotations: Evidence of early manuscript signatures in some quires;  in quires 2-4 rubrics added in black ink in top outer corners of recto leaves;  number “43/5” in pencil in a 19th-century hand on 2/1r (f. 4r) - probably a binder’s job number.
Decoration: A twelve-line initial “B” on 2/1r is supplied in gold (its edges lined with punch-dotting) and set on a square ground of white-vine decoration defined in blue, purple and green, which extends into the centre margin;  also on 2/1r a four-line initial “Q” in col. 1 and a four-line initial “B” in col. 2 of the commentary are supplied in gold and decorated with purple pen-work extending respectively into the inner and centre margins;  other initials throughout supplied in alternate red and blue (with guide-letters in brown ink frequently visible);  printed paragraph marks highlighted in red in the text of the Decretals but not in the commentary;  in the lower margin of 2/1r is a painted armorial shield (see Provenance above).
Imperfections: Wanting quire 1, and the final leaf 27/8 containing the Registrum.

Decrated page with an armorial shield in Bonifacius VIII, Pont. Max.: Liber sextus Decretalium