Incunabula: binders index

Incunabula: binders index

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Alphabetical listing of binders known to have worked on copies of our books. Includes both individuals (in surname order) and firms in one listing.


Aitken, F. & T. (19th Century)

S.M. 1984

Anderson, Fiona (20th Century)
Craft bookbinder employed by the University of Glasgow: 1972-1981.

Bk7-e.11 (repaired: 1981)

Ashman, John (20th Century)
Glasgow University Library Conservation Unit



Bedford, Francis (1799-1883)


Brockman, James
Craft bookbinder (of the Brockman bindery, Oxford) used by the University of Glasgow: 1980s.

Bw.1.12; Bw.3.24

Buchbender, Frantz (fl. 1641)



Carss, J., & Co. (19th Century)
31, Argyle Street, Glasgow

BD1-c.28BD1-c.41; BD1-d.4; BD7-b.5; BD7-b.14; BD7-c.2; BD7-c.5; BD7-c.11BD7-c.14; BD7-d.2; BD7-d.13; BD7-e.3; BD7-e.11; BD7-e.12BD7-e.17; BD7-f.10BD7-f.15BD7-f.16; BD9-a.8; BD9-a.10; BD9-a.11; BD15-a.26; BE6-h.8; BE6-h.13 (item 1: ?); BE6-h.13 (item 2: ?); Bh8-e.10 (item 1); Bh8-e.10 (item 2); Bl1-d.11 (sample from previous binding); Bm1-e.9 (sample from previous binding); Bm9-d.11Bm9-e.14; Da-a.13, 14; Dn-b.7, 8

Chapman, Christopher (fl. 1704-56) or Elliott, Thomas (fl. 1718-29) - *these entries are currently in course of revision*
Christopher Chapman, bookbinder in Duck Lane, London, 1720-31, later in Paternoster Row. Thomas Elliott, bookbinder at Portugal Street, London, 1718-29. These two binders were both employed by Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford, and his son Edward, the 2nd Earl, and are responsible for most of the Harleian bindings. These two binders were once thought to have been partners but in fact they were rivals. Although many of our books have been identified as Harleian bindings (see J.B. Oldham, 'Notes on bindings in the Hunterian and general libraries in Glasgow University' (University of Glasgow Library MS Gen. 75)), the work of the two men has not usually been differentiated.

Be.1.2, 3Be.1.5; Be.1.14 (previous binding, retained); Be.2.9; Be.2.19; Be.3.4 (previous binding; front cover retained); Be.3.21; Be.3.25Bf.2.9; Bf.2.15 (item 1), Bf.2.15 (item 2) & Bf.2.15 (item 3); Bf.3.3; Bf.3.4; Bf.3.5; Bh.2.16Bh10-d.9Bh10-d.10; Bh10-d.11; Bh10-d.12Bh10-d.13Bv.1.1; Bv.1.2Bv.1.3Bv.1.4Bw.1.2, 3Bw.1.6Bw.2.4; Bw.2.13; Bx.2.9; Bx.2.16; Bx.2.18; By.2.7; By.2.10; By.2.15;

Cockerell, Douglas, & Son (founded 1924)

Al-b.86Am-z.45; An-y.15; An-y.18An-y.32; Be.3.4Bf.3.5 (restore & reback); Bh8-d.4; Bl1-d.11; Bl6-e.2Bm1-e.9; Bm8-g.10; Bv.2.10 (restored & rebacked, Jan. 1958); Bv.2.18 (repair & reback, Feb. 1961); Bv.2.31 (item 1) & Bv.2.31 (item 2) (Mar. 1962); Bv.3.4; Bw.2.4 (reback); Bw.3.21 (item 1) & Bw.3.21 (item 2) (repair & reback); Bx.2.18 (repair & reback); Bx.2.20 (restore & reback); Bx.2.22 (repair & restoration); Bx.2.23 (repair, reback & restoration); Bx.2.24 (repair & reback, 1962); Bx.3.6 (repair & reback); Bx.3.19 (item 1), Bx.3.19 (item 2), Bx.3.19 (item 3) & Bx.3.19 (item 4); Bx.3.27 (restore & reback); Bx.3.41; Bx.3.41 bisBx.3.48; By.2.21By.3.41; Cm.1.3 (restore & reback); Ds.2.4 (restored & rebacked, Nov. 1965); Eg6-d.18; Mu7-x.5


'Demon Binder', The (15th/16th century)
Cambridge, England


Derome (unidentified member of the family of bookbinders)


Derome, Jacques-Antoine (1698-1760)

Be.3.20; Bg.2.12

Derome, Nicolas-Denis, le jeune (1731-ca. 1788)

Bf.2.12; Bw.3.20; By.1.9, 10

Dunn & Wilson

167501; 167524; 167527


37 Tavistock Square, London


Elliott, Thomas (fl. 1718-29) *these entries are currently in course of revision* -- also see Chapman, Christopher (fl. 1704-56) or Elliott, Thomas (fl. 1718-29)
Thomas Elliott, bookbinder at Portugal Street, London, 1718-29. Employed by Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford, and his son Edward, the 2nd Earl.

Bf.2.10; Bf.3.6, 7; Bg.1.6; Bv.2.24Bw.2.3Bw.2.6; Bw.2.14, 15Bw.3.1 (item 1) & Bw.3.1 (item 2)


Faulkner, John (1766-1846)
Stationer, bookseller and bookbinder, 28, Sweedland Court, Little Tower Hill (1805); 8, Queen Street, Tower Hill (1809-1833).

Ag-x.11 (?)

Fleming (19th century)
Bookbinder, Glasgow



G.W. -- see W.G. (or G., W.)

Gardner, Anthony (1887-1973)

An-y.22 (restored: 1967); Bh6-d.4 (restored and rebacked: 1965); Bh6-e.1 (restored: 1966); Bh8-e.8 (restored and rebound: 1965); Bi5-c.10 (restored: 1964); Bi6-l.14 (restored: 1965); Bk5-b.3 (restored: 1966); Bk5-g.22 (item 1: with 4 further items bound in; rebacked and restored: 1967); Bl3-g.7 (item 1), Bl3-g.7 (item 2) & Bl3-g.7 (item 3: restored and rebound: 1966);  Bl5-e.2 (item 1: with 2 further items bound in; rebacked and restored: 1965); Bl9-g.15, 16 (restored and rebound: 1967; Bm4-e.2 (restored, 1964); Bn6-c.5 (rebound: 1966); Bx.3.15 (1967); Mu16-f.29 (restored and rebound: 1967)

Glasgow, University of, Library -- see University of Glasgow Library


Leighton, John (1800-1883)
Brewer St., London. See ODNB entry for his son, John Leighton [pseud. Luke Limner] (1822–1912), artist and book cover designer.

S.M. 104S.M. 220; S.M. 1435; S.M. 1947; S.M. 1985


Mackenzie, John (fl. 1811-late 1840s)
'Bookbinder to the King'


Mackenzie, Joseph (fl. 1791-1796)


(Glasgow; firm began by Robert MacLehose in 1872; business liquidated in 1982)

Al-b.19An-y.33; BC32-g.13; BC33-d.14Eg6-a.11; Eg6-b.20Eg7-b.3; Eg7-b.6Eg7-c.1Eg7-y.15; Eg8-b.11; Eg8-c.21; Sp Coll 1881

Maver, Ian (20th Century)
Conservation binder employed by the University of Glasgow (1981-1984)

BC14-a.1 (item 1: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC14-a.1 (item 2: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC14-a.1 (item 3: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC14-a.1 (item 4: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC14-a.1 (item 5: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC14-a.1 (item 6: restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BC33-d.11 (restored and rebacked, ca. 1985); BD9-a.12 (restored: 1985); Be.1.14Bg.2.23 (restored); Bl9-g.25 (restored); Bn6-d.1; Bn6-d.3; Mu11-y.2; T.C.L. f2

Murton, Charles (fl. 1821-1840)



Nelson R.
(possibly Robert Nelson (fl. 1844-49) 48 Buchanan Street, Glasgow?)

BD7-b.6; BD7-c.8; BD7-c.13; BD7-d.15BD7-e.2BD7-e.7; BD7-e.8; Df-b.28E.x.52


Padeloup, Antoine Michel le jeune (1685-1758)

Bf.2.13; Euing Add. f45

Payne, Roger (1739-1797)


Picques, Claude de (b. ca. 1510)

Be.2.4; Bh.2.19

Pratt, W. (fl. late 19th century)



(London, firm. See H.M. Nixon, 'The Oldaker collection of British book-bindings in Westminster Abbey Library')

Ah-a.22; Ah-a.31; Mu48-b.1; Mu48-b.2Mu48-b.3; Mu48-b.4

Riley, Ernest

Bh20-a.13 (rebound: 1967); Bx.3.39

Riviere, Robert  & Son
Continuation of the business of Robert Riviere (1808-1882), who took his grandson, Percival Calkin, into partnership in 1881; the firm closed in 1939 (see ODNB). 

Al-b.16Am-z.41; An-y.20; S.M. 1987

Robertson, Louise
Conservator employed by the University of Glasgow (20010-)

Bv.2.24 (restored & rebacked)


Simier, Père & Fils (René and Alphonse)
Binders in Paris in first half of 19th century.


Steel, Jane (fl. 1715-1718) *these entries are currently in course of revision*
Bookbinder. Employed by Robert Harley, 1st Earl of Oxford, and his son Edward, the 2nd Earl.


Steele, Jane -- see Steel, Jane

Storr & Ridge
Of Grantham



Tomlinson, John
Craft binder, University of Glasgow Library

Bx.3.11 (rebacked and repaired); Eg5-g.20 (rebound ca. 1963)

Tuckett, Charles (fl. 19th century)
"Binder to the Queen" according to stamp.

T.C.L. 451


University of Glasgow Library
Specific conservator/binder not recorded.

Al-c.50BD7-e.32; BD9-d.18; BE6-c.3; Bm3-c.13; Eg7-a.13


W.G. (or G., W.) (16th centuty)

Dr.2.11 (item 1); Dr.2.11 (item 2); Dr.2.11 (item 3)

Wood (19th/20th century?)