Nicolaus de Lyra:  Moralia super totam Bibliam.

Cologne:  Johann Koelhoff, the Elder, 1478.
Fol.  a-q8 [r]8 s-x8 y-z68 [1-58 610 7-118 126].   [284] leaves (a1, 12/6 blank).
ISTC in00111000;  GW M26484;  Goff N111;  BMC I 222 (IC. 3516);  CIBN N-62;  BSB-Ink N-120.

GIP number: N6
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Bk5-b.3 (see main library entry for this item)
Provenance: University of Glasgow:  inscription on a2r “Ex Libris Bibliothecae Universitatis Glasguensis 1727” with Library’s early 18th-century shelfmark “N.2.14”;  source unknown;  later 18th-century shelfmark “U.5.13” on University Library book-plate matching entry in A. Arthur, Catalogus impressorum librorum in Bibliotheca Universitatis Glasguensis (Glasguae: 1791).
Binding: Low Countries(?), 15th/16th-century calf (rubbed) over oak boards, tooled in blind to a panel design;  see J.B. Oldham, Notes on bindings in the Hunterian and general libraries in Glasgow University (1938), p. 4bis.  On both covers intersecting triple fillets form a centre panel and three frames.  The panel is divided by diagonal intersecting fillets into lozenges and triangles (the former decorated with a square stamp of an angel, the latter with a smaller square stamp of a lion rampant);  the inner frame is decorated with a circular stamp resembling a portcullis;  the middle frame is decorated with the lion rampant stamp of the centre panel;  the outer frame is undecorated;  spine covering lost.  Five brass bosses on each board;  remains of a single brass clasp, catch plate on front board.  Original endpapers lost.  Binding restored, June 1966, by Anthony Gardner, with his apologia written on rear free endpaper;  a small copper strip now riveted to the inside of the rear board is accompanied by A. Gardner’s note ‘This, found under the original paste-down was evidently the fixing for a chain’.   Size:  380 x 268.
Leaf size: 366 x 254 mm.
Annotations: Occasional marginal annotations and manicules in a 16th-century hand;  on a2r a 15th/16th-century shelfmark “H.xviii.” (“H” in blue ink, “.xviii.” in red).
Decoration: Initials supplied in red or in red and reserved white on a2r-d3r, and in some cases the body of an initial is washed in yellow;  capitals washed in yellow from a2r-x7r.
Imperfections: Wanting c7-d2 and the blank leaves a1 and 12/6.

Binding of  Nicolaus de Lyra: Moralia super totam Bibliam