Hund, Magnus: Codicillus proprietates terminorum et sophismatum continens.

Leipzig:  Jacobus Thanner, 7 Mar. 1499.
4to.   Part I:  A8 B-H6.  [50] leaves.   Part II:  A-M6 N8.  [80] leaves.
ISTC ih00551200;  GW 13651;  Schüling 462.

Note: The GW printed description has errors, combining quires A and B of part I with the remaining quires of part II, and vice versa;  see the corrected GW online version.
Title of part II: Secunda Codicilli pars Sophismata generalia circa terminorum proprietates.

GIP number: H45
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll Veitch Eg5-g.20 (see main library entry for this item)
Note: Blind impressions of type on A1.
Provenance: John Veitch (1829-1894), Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, University of Glasgow:  source unknown.
University of Glasgow:  Veitch collection donation, 1895.
Binding: Scotland, 20th century black goatskin, modern endpapers;  rebound ca. 1963 by John Tomlinson, craft binder, University of Glasgow Library;  no evidence of earlier binding and endpapers.   Size:  213 x 150 mm.
Leaf size: 205 x 141 mm.
Annotations: Numbers “40-72” in ink in a 19th-century hand in extreme inner margin of N7v.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting part I.

Title-page of Hund, Magnus: Secunda Codicilli pars Sophismata generalia circa terminorum proprietates