Calderinus, Domitius: Commentarii in Martialem.

With additions by M. Lucidus Phosphorus.   Add:  Defensio ad Corelium.

Venice:  Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen, [after 22 Mar.] 1474.
Fol.   πa6 a8 b-c10 d8 e-h10 I10 k10 L10 m10 n-s8 t-u6 x-z10 aa8 bb6 cc10 dd8 ee-ff10 gg12 (leaves πa1 blank, a1 signed 'a2', a2 signed 'a3' etc).   [276] leaves.
ISTC ic00037000;  Goff C37;  BMC V 230 (IB. 20220);  Bod-inc C-020;  GW 5888;  CIBN C-18;  BSB-Ink C-44.

GIP number: C8
Shelfmark: Sp Coll Bm1-e.9 (see main library entry for this item)
Variants: πa2r, πa3r and a1r are in the variant setting as recorded in GW Anm.;  setting of gathering b follows GW’s main transcription.
Note: Printer's pin-holes visible.
Provenance: Captain John Anderson (fl. 1693):  see below.
University of Glasgow:  included in a list of ‘Books bought of Capt. Anderson 1693’ in Library acounts from the Clerks’ Press (Glasgow University Achives 58021/11/18);  shelfmark ‘AX f3 n4’ on πa2r matching entry in 'Catalogus librorum Bibliothecae Universitatis Glasguensis anno 1691' lightly scored through and replaced by a mid 18th-century shelfmark ‘X.f.6.n.9’;  a later shelfmark ‘BN.6.2’ on book-plate matching entry in A. Arthur, 'Catalogus impressorum librorum in Bibliotheca Universitatis Glasguensis' (Glasguae: 1791).
Binding: England, 20th century.   Rebound by Douglas Cockerell and Son, May 1965, in quarter brown goatskin, marbled paper sides, new endpapers;  replacing a 19th-century binding, by Carss of Glasgow, of brown sheep and marbled paper sides;  19th-century sprinkled red-edging retained;  Carss binder’s ticket preserved on front pastedown;  Cockerell binder’s note tipped onto rear pastedown together with sample of previous spine covering.   Size:  283 x 203 mm.
Leaf size: 273 x 196 mm.
Annotations: Very occasional marginal annotations in 16th/17th-century hands, mainly extracting keywords;  occasional “nota” marks.
Decoration: None.
Imperfections: Wanting the blank leaf πa1.

Annotations in Calderinus, Domitius: Commentarii in Martialem