Boethius: De consolatione philosophiae.  Commentary by [Pseudo-] Thomas Aquinas (Thomas Waleys?).

Add:  Compendiosa consolationis resumptio.

Deventer:  Jacobus de Breda, 19 Mar. 1491.
4to. π6 a8 b-r6 s4 t-z66 A-D6 (third leaf only of the preliminary quire is numbered).  [174] leaves.
ISTC ib00794000;  GW 4552;  Goff B794;  BMC IX 67 (IA. 47817);  Bod-inc B-399;  CIBN B-583.

GIP number: B88
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BC14-c.11 (see main library entry for this item)
Variant: D1r, line 3:  “... conſoſolatione ...” as in Bod-inc B-399 and Polain(B) 736, not “... conſolatione ...” as in BMC.
Bound with: The first of three incunabula bound together.  Bound with:  (2) [Pseudo-] Boethius, De disciplina scholarium. Cologne: Heinrich Quentell, 1490 (B89);  (3) [Pseudo-] Aristoteles, Problemata. [Cologne:  Heinrich Quentell, ca. 1490] (A94).
Provenance: Cyriacus Trendelbach, of Ascania (Saxony), (16th/17th century):  inscription on π1r (title-page) “Ciriac[us] Trendelbach de ascania”.
Johannes [...] (fl. 1649):  partially deleted inscription on π1r  “Sum Johannis [...] 18 Maij 1649”.
I.B.P.S. (second half of 17th century):  initials “I B P S” and date 1668” stamped in black on front cover.
Unidentified, 19th-century German bookseller:  tipped onto front flyleaf is an extract (price not included) from a 19th-century German bookseller’s catalogue:  item 794 listing all three works in the volume, the final item described as “Ohne Druckort und Jahr” and the binding as “Pgbd”.
Sir William Hamilton (1788-1856), Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh:  source unknown - but perhaps bought from the above catalogue.
University of Glasgow:  Hamilton collection donation, 1878. 
Binding: Germany, 17th-century parchment;  initials “I B P S” and date “1668” stamped in black on front cover;  manuscript spine titles;  remains of leather tabs;  dark green-edged leaves.  Size:  190 x 139 mm. 
Leaf size: 182 x 130 mm. 
Annotations: Copious underlining and numerous manicules in Tabula (quire π), less frequent underlining in text;  erroneous headline “Quintus” on z3r corrected to “Quartus”;  two biographical/bibliographical notes on π1r (title-page) in different hands. 
Decoration: Small marginal pen-and-ink drawings in Tabula e.g. S. George and dragon, head of an ass, personification of the winds. 
Imperfections: None. 

Variant reading in Boethius: De consolatione philosophiae