Boethius [pseudo-]: De disciplina scholarium.

Commentary by [Pseudo-] Thomas Aquinas (Thomas Waleys?).

Cologne:  Heinrich Quentell, 1490.
4to. aa-bb8 cc-kk6.  [64] leaves.
ISTC ib00821000;  GW 4596;  Goff B821;  BSB-Ink B-623.

GIP number: B89
Shelf-mark: Sp Coll BC14-c.11 (see main library entry for this item)
Bound with: The second of three incunabula bound together.  Bound with: (1) Boethius, De consolatione philosophiae. Deventer: Jacobus de Breda, 19 Mar. 1491 (B88);  (3) [Pseudo-] Aristoteles, Problemata. [Cologne: Heinrich Quentell, ca. 1490] (A94). 
Provenance: Cyriacus Trendelbach, of Ascania, Saxony, (16th/17th century) - possible owner:  inscription on π1r (title-page) of first item in volume “Ciriac[us] Trendelbach de ascania”.
Johannes [...] (fl. 1649) - possible owner:  partially deleted inscription on π1r of first item in volume “Sum Johannis [...] 18 Maij 1649”.
I.B.P.S. (second half of 17th century):  initials “I B P S” and date 1668” stamped in black on front cover.
Unidentified, 19th-century German bookseller:  tipped onto front flyleaf is an extract (price not included) from a 19th-century German bookseller’s catalogue:  item 794 listing all three works in the volume, the final item described as “Ohne Druckort und Jahr” and the binding as “Pgbd”.
Sir William Hamilton (1788-1856), Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh:  source unknown - but perhaps bought from the above catalogue.
University of Glasgow:  Hamilton collection donation, 1878. 
Binding: Germany, 17th-century parchment;  initials “I B P S” and date “1668” stamped in black on front cover;  manuscript spine titles;  remains of leather tabs;  dark green-edged leaves.   Size:  190 x 139 mm. 
Leaf size: 182 x 130 mm.
Annotations: Occasional brief marginal annotations in a 16th-century hand;  frequent underlining and manicules throughout;  leaves foliated “j” to “lxiij” in a 16th-century hand from aa2r to end.
Decoration: Six-line initial “O” on aa1v supplied in red with brown pen-and-ink decoration;  outline of five-line initial “V” in brown ink on aa2v;  other initials, capital strokes and paragraph marks supplied in red up to ee4r;  small marginal pen-and-ink drawing of personification of the winds on dd5r (cf. a similar drawing in the Tabula of the first item in the volume), of the sun with human face on dd6r, and of the human eye and field of vision on hh5r.
Imperfections: None. 

Decorated initial in Boethius [pseudo-]: De disciplina scholarium