Incunabula provenances and other names index

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Alphabetical list of names (surname order) associated with the incunabula, primarily relating to provenance. Including names of former owners, donors, and other names where the exact relationship to the book is unknown. Booksellers are listed in a separate index.

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See also the institutions provenances index and the booksellers index.


H., C. -- see C.H.

H., R. -- see R.H.

H., T. -- see T. H.

H. B. (16th century)


H. P. (16th century)


H. T. L. (16th/17th century)


H. W. (18th century?)


H. W. L. (fl. 1866)


Hacker, Joannes (fl. 1622)


Hagen, Joannes Ludovicus ab -- see Hagen, Johann Ludwig von

Hagen, Johann Ludwig von (1580-1654)


Hagenbuch, J. (18th century)

BC17-x.1 (item 1)

Hager, Johannes Christopherus (d. 1632)
Doctor decretorum, canon of Constance, episcopal and imperial councillor, provost of OSA St. Pelagius, Bischofszell


Haiswasser, Achacius (16th century)
Of Landau, priest in Ellwangen, Württemberg; bequeathed books to the Franciscans at Ingolstadt - cf. Needham IPI.


Hall, Peter (19th century)


Hametz, Mathaeus du (16th/17th century)
Frater, Le Hametz in Pas-de-Calais(?)


Hamilton, Adam (17th century)


Hamilton, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of (1767-1852)
Aristocrat; see ODNB and sale catalogue 'The Hamilton Palace Libraries.   Catalogue of the Hamilton Library, which will be sold by auction by Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge ... on .. the 1st day of May, 1884, and seven days following ...' (London:  1884). A manuscript catalogue of the library is held by University of Glasgow (MS Gen 1056).

Ah-a.30; Al-b.47

Hamilton, Sir William (1788-1856)
Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh; see Hamilton collection description and ODNB.

BC2-f.6BC2-f.14; BC2-x.15BC3-f.30; BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BC4-c.22 (item 1); BC4-c.22 (item 3); BC5-b.16BC6-h.8; BC7-y.11 (item 1); BC7-y.11 (item 4); BC12-y.17; BC14-a.1 (item 1); BC14-a.1 (item 2); BC14-a.1 (item 3); BC14-a.1 (item 4); BC14-a.1 (item 5); BC14-a.1 (item 6); BC14-c.11 (item 1); BC14-c.11 (item 2); BC14-c.11 (item 3); BC15-e.1; BC17-x.1 (item 1); BC18-a.2BC28-f.7; BC29-x.3; BC32-g.13BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 6); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8); BC33-d.11; BC33-d.14; BC33-e.21

Hammyltonn, Adam -- see Hamilton, Adam

Hardinge, Nicholas (1699-1758)
Neo-Latin poet and politician; see ODNB.


Harley, Edward, 2nd Earl of Oxford (1689-1741)
Lord Harley; from 1724, 2nd Earl of Oxford; see ODNB.

BD9-d.15Be.1.2, 3Be.1.5; Be.1.7; Be.1.14; Be.2.2; Be.2.9; Be.2.11; Be.2.19; Be.2.20; Be.3.4Be.3.21; Be.3.25; Be.3.27; Bf.1.7, 8Bf.2.1; Bf.2.9; Bf.2.10Bf.2.15 (item1); Bf.2.15 (item 2); Bf.2.15 (item 3); Bf.2.16 (probable); Bf.3.3; Bf.3.4; Bf.3.5; Bf.3.6, 7Bg.1.6; Bg.2.24Bv.1.1Bv.1.2; Bv.1.3; Bv.1.4Bv.2.13 (possible); Bv.2.16Bv.2.19 (item 1); Bv.2.19 (item 2); Bv.2.21Bv.2.24; Bw.1.2, 3Bw.1.6Bw.2.3; Bw.2.4; Bw.2.6; Bw.2.13; Bw.2.14, 15; Bw.3.1 (item 1); Bw.3.1 (item 2); Bx.2.1Bx.2.9; Bx.2.16Bx.2.17; Bx.2.18; Bx.2.20; Bx.3.27(?); By.2.7; By.2.10; By.2.15; Cm.1.4Ds.2.6-7

Harries, Thomas (17th century)

167506; 167507; 167508

Harvey, George C.  (d. before 1885)
“A gentleman long resident in Rome” according to the sale catalogue 'Catalogue of the library of the late George C. Harvey' (London:  Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge, 1885); the Bodleian copy of the auction catalogue has an annotation on the title-page noting that Harvey’s library was “left to his nephew, the Rev. H.A. Harvey of Ch. Ch., who sells them” - see Bod-inc, vol. 6, p. 2874.

An-x.20; An-y.14

Harvey, Henry Auber (1824-1910)
Reverend; M.A., Christ Church, Oxford.

An-x.20; An-y.14

Hausmann, Johannes, Frater (16th century)


Hawtrey, Edward Craven (1789-1862)
Provost of Eton College


Hay, George Henry, 8th Earl of Kinnoull (1689-1758)
(see ODNB)

Bl9-g.25Bx.2.15; By.3.38

Hay, Walter (16th century)


Heber, Richard (1774-1833)
Book collector; see ODNB.

An-y.41BC2-f.14; BC4-c.21 (item 2); BC4-c.21 (item 3); BC18-a.2BC33-d.8 (item 1); BC33-d.8 (item 2); BC33-d.8 (item 3); BC33-d.8 (item 4); BC33-d.8 (item 5); BC33-d.8 (item 6); BC33-d.8 (item 7); BC33-d.8 (item 8); BD7-b.13BD7-d.22; BD7-e.5; BD9-d.14

Hebert (19th century?)

BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2 - probable)

Hebert, Petrus (16th century)
Advocate, of Vitry-le-François

BD2-f.20 (item 1); BD2-f.20 (item 2 - probable)

Heinrich, Wilhelm (1691-1741)
Duke of Saxe-Eisenach (1729-1741)


Heisswasser, Achacius -- see Haiswasser, Achacius

Henri II (1519-1559)
King of France


Henricus Molitor -- see Molitor, Henricus 

Henricus Nivellanus -- see Nivellanus, Henricus

Herbert, J. (fl. 1714)


Herbert, William (1718-1795)
Bibliographer and printseller; see ODNB.

Ah-a.29; Ah-a.30

Hesser, Johann (16th century)
Canonicus, Pauluskirche, Worms (Rheinhessen)


Heyne, Johannes (fl. 1497)


Heynemann (18th century)


Hills, William (17th century)
Servant to Mr White


Hinderbach, Johannes (1418-1486)
Imperial diplomat, bishop of Trent from 1465

BD7-c.7 (item 1); BD7-c.7 (item 2)

Hinricus, Frater, of Aywaille(?), Liège (16th century)

BC14-a.1 (item 1); BC14-a.1 (item 2); BC14-a.1 (item 3); BC14-a.1 (item 4); BC14-a.1 (item 5); BC14-a.1 (item 6)