Incunabula provenances and other names index

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Alphabetical list of names (surname order) associated with the incunabula, primarily relating to provenance. Including names of former owners, donors, and other names where the exact relationship to the book is unknown. Booksellers are listed in a separate index.

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See also the institutions provenances index and the booksellers index.


D.[...] Gul[ielmus]. (fl. 1832)


D., P. -- see P. D.

D., R. -- see R. D.

D., S. -- see S. D.

D. P. (16th century)


Darbye (17th/18th century)


Dasoust(?), Jacques (16th/17th century)


Davidson, Andrew (fl. 1539-1550)
Rector of Kinnettles, Angus, Scotland: see See Durkan & Ross: 'Early Scottish libraries', p. 88.


Dawson, John (16th century)


De la Grange -- see Villedonné, Seigneur de

De la Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme -- see Verdière, Tussanus Michael Jerosme de la

De Missy, César -- see Missy, César de 

Deane, Henry (1838-1894)
Fellow of St. John’s College, Oxford


Decligny, Bonaventure (17th century)
Curate of St Maurice


Delfinoni, Annibale (16th century)
Of Milan; See Paolo Sangiorgio & Francesco Longhena, 'Cenni storici sulle due università di Pavia et di Milano' (Milano:  1831) p. 238;  Paul Oskar Kristeller, 'Iter italicum', vol. 1 (London:  1963) p. 318.


Delphinus, Hannibal -- see Delfinoni, Annibale

Deodatus, Frater (16th/17th century)
Gesuati/Jesuats (Clerici apostolici Sancti Hieronymi/Apostolic Clerics of Saint Jerome)


Desentianus(?), Petrus (16th century)

Be.3.29 (item 1); Be.3.29 (item 2)

Devonshire, 6th Duke of -- see Cavendish, William George Spencer

Diamond, Hugh Welch (1809-1886)
Psychiatrist and photographer; see ODNB.

Am-z.40 (?)

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall (1776–1847)
Bibliographer; see ODNB.

Bc.2.23; Bf.1.5Bx.3.34

Diemert, Georges (early 19th century)
Installed as curé of the Église Saint-Georges, Haguenau, in 1828


Dietrich, Beatus (15th/16th century)
Of Wissembourg, Alsace


Donà dalle Trezze family

Bf.3.2; Bg.3.10

Donato, Tommasso -- see Donatus, Thomas, OP

Donatus, Thomas, OP, (d. 1504)
Patriarch of Venice, 1492-1504;  see P.B. Gams, 'Series episcoporum ecclesiae catholicae quotquot innotuerunt a beato Petro apostolo' (Ratisbonae:  1873) p.792.


Douglas-Hamilton, Alexander 10th Duke of Hamilton -- see Hamilton, Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of

Drudi, Lorenzo Antonio
Physician and Librarian of the Biblioteca Gambalunghiana at Rimini from 1797 to 1818 (see


Du Boys, Nicolaus (16th century)


Du Prat family
Auvergne, France


Du Prat, Antoine (d. 1535)
Chancellor of the Duchy of Milan in the second decade of the 16th century, later Bishop of Meaux, Archbishop of Sens, and in 1527 created a cardinal

Bf.1.18 (probable)

Du Saussay, André (1589-1675)
Bishop of Toul (1655-1675)


Dubois, Nicolaus -- see Du Boys, Nicolaus

Duboys, Nicolaus -- see Du Boys, Nicolaus

Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie (1861-1916)
Professor of Theoretical Physics at Bordeaux


Duly, John (16th century)
See Durkan & Ross: Early Scottish libraries, p. 91.

Bk5-g.13 (item 1: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 2: probable); Bk5-g.13 (item 3)

Duncan, Andrew (fl. 1550)
See Durkan & Ross: Early Scottish libraries, p. 139.


Dundrennan, Lord -- see Maitland, Thomas, Lord Dundrennan

Dunlop, William (1654-1700)
Principal of the University from 1690 to 1700; see University of Glasgow story entry; usually signed books in his capacity as Principal.

Bm1-e.8 (item 1)

Dunn Gardner, John -- see Gardner, John Dunn

Dunn, George (1865-1912)
Of Woolley Hall, Maidenhead

Ah-b.27; Mu27-e.4

DuSaussay, André -- see Du Saussay, André

Duverger, Charles (17th/18th century)